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The W3C has created directions on how video should work in browsers, and it’s up to browser developers to follow those directions, so that video works the same across all browsers. Playing video in a web page may not seem so special since you can already view video on a web page through plugins like Flash Player, Quicktime, Silverlight, and RealPlayer, however this is a big step forward for standardizing video playback across web browsers and devices. In this post I will showcase to you a list of best HTML5 media players implementations around the web. The first thing to note about this video player is that it still, as yet, not been released for general use.
At first Ambilight looks like an average video player, the kind that loads standard HTML5 video. Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google which is based on Linux kernel originally designed for touch devices . Max player is non free media player for android devices for general purpose video playing it comes with support of different video formats.
Bs player is my second choice on android devices it comes with ease of use and create play list for all playable media.
From above review i recommend Mx player for your daily use it have great features and if you do not want to purchase paid app you can use VLC media player instead Mx.

Author Description [I am blogging since 2011 and running O my GOD experts i am SEO Optimizer, Computer Engineer, Blogger and Web Developer. SchwayHTML5 VIDEO PLAYER CODEStart with other web players, creating a custom skin requires a custom.
If you have downloaded some Youtube videos and want to convert them to HTML5 formats for your website, you can use this HTML5 Video Converter. Selain flash player, Streaming Icecast dan Shoutcast juga dapat di embed pada native Native HTML5 Player. Untuk sementara SHOUTcast, Icecast Native HTML5 Player hanya support format audio mp3 dan ogg.
The newest version, HTML5, includes specifications for a video tag, that is meant to allow website developers to add a video to a page the same way they would add an image.
This doesn’t always happen thanks to technology, legal, and financial choices made by browser developers, but so far no one’s varying too far from the specifications. The goal is that in the future, developers will only need to use one method for embedding a video, that’s based on open standards (not controlled by one company), and it will work everywhere.
It is built using jQuery and enables a seamless fallback to the popular JW Player for Flash.

Android have over 50 billion apps on google play store and 40% of the apps are developed by professional developers . The feature I did not  liked in this media player is that it have adds in its free version. In order for this to work, web browser developers (Mozilla, Webkit, Opera, etc.) have to build the video functionality into their browsers.
However the specifications are still being changed and refined, so browsers developers have to keep up with that as well.
The plugin automatically grabs the average colour in each area, and spreads it across the bounds of the video.
VLC is now available on android devices if you do not not want to purchase above media players you can use VLC instead of them for free. This is not a new concept, as there have been hardware ambilights as well as Flash versions of the same.

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