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Recently we wrote a post called Web Design for Hushh Online Radio in which we outline the design phases for their new website. The examples that I found were all so simple and the use of the tag itself is quite easy to understand, however, it became apparent that there were a number of issues on various browsers that a lot of people were talking about. The design that I was given for the player is shown below and it required some modifications further down the line to account for the lack off support of some features that we added (but more on this later). Now for this project simply using the default controls was not an option, this is where good’ol jQuery came into play. Those of you with a keen eye sight will also notice that I referenced another function in there; thats because the current time is shown in non-formatted seconds so lets define a nice format using minutes and seconds.
You can see the original coded version here (Yes, the image is static) and the final version from here.
It creates a playlist for your URLs and for each track it retrieves and shows data such as, the track’s artwork, track’s title, the uploader’s name, playback count and many more information. Articulate Storyline comes with a rich media player that can be utilized to run sound in a very potential manner.

One of our clients wanted to embed audios to the slide and enable learners to control individual media elements with unique player design. Using the HTML5 tag, the audio player can be integrated on to the slide in a very simple manner. Let us follow this step-by-step tutorial of how to add an HTML5 tag to add a customized audio player to your slides. This player is HTML5-supported and therefore, its look and feel are dependent on the browser or the device you use.
If you want the controls to have a different design, you are most welcome to access a plethora of information that is present free in websites. If the web object is located on the Internet or an intranet, you need security permissions to access it.
These issues mainly consisted of non-HTML 5 browsers obviously not supporting the tag, and a strange one in firefox in which a certain file type would not load and the fallback code would also not render. Every website and brand we design is totally custom and unique to your individual requirements.

It is designed based on SoundCloud technology and can be used as a replacement for SoundCloud embed players. To embed it in your web page, all you need to do is to provide a list of SoundCloud tracks’ URLs. He was interested to enable his learners to control the audio levels even from within the slide in multiple interactive sessions.
Copy the audio tag and paste it in the html file; also, place the audio folder in same folder location (see the screen below).
For starters let’s create our audio tag without controls, as well as a button to play the audio and a button to pause. Of course, there are a number of other features that you can add to the project -including volume, next and previous etc.

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