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Hulu customers are being greeted today by some pretty big changes to the way the streaming video service organizes all their favorite content. Here we spotlight seven alternatives to Netflix and tell you why they’re worth your time and money.
Hulu is probably the biggest contender to Netflix’s, and was launched in 2008 as a partnership between multiple TV networks.
After the introduction of the Kindle Fire, Amazon went into the streaming media business in a big way.
The dominant video sharing platform for amateurs is obviously YouTube, but did you know that the service actually hosts a pretty serious amount of legal movies and TV shows? Obviously, YouTube works with just about every device out there, and your account syncs effortlessly, making purchases available across multiple platforms. For just $20 a month, Sling gives you live streaming from a panoply of channels including CNN, Food Network, and IFC.
Both Google Play and YouTube video services support the same wireless streaming and remote control services that Netflix offers, thanks to their joint efforts in developing the protocols that drive the Google Chromecast and Android TV platforms. Owned by Walmart, Vudu has built itself into a potent player in the streaming video market, but it still has a way to go before it can be considered a viable Netflix alternative. One of the most interesting aspects of Vudu is its integration with Ultraviolet, a service that gives you digital versions of physical media you buy. Video streaming service Hulu has reportedly topped five million subscribers and will reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2013, as the company competes with a host of other rival companies. Video streaming service Hulu continues to grind away in an increasingly competitive market, as the company surpassed 5 million subscribers and is expected to reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of the year. Hulu Plus is available for $7.99 per month, which is the same price as the Netflix streaming service. Hulu and Hulu Plus now provide subscribers with almost 500 partners, 2,900 TV series, 86,000 TV episodes, and more than 68,000 hours of video.  Earlier in the year, analysts believed Hulu Plus would reach 6 million subscribers by the end of 2013 – and while that number won’t be matched – Hulu has done an admirable job competing with Netflix. Hulu Plus is available to more than 400 million Internet-connected devices in the United States alone, as the service is now available on new devices, including Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and Google Chromecast.  The company also claimed success with its original content, as shows such as “The Awesomes,” “The Wrong Mans,” and “Behind the Mask” continually rank in the top 10 watched content each week. There is a high level of competition in the online video market, with Hulu battling Netflix – and with Time Warner, Comcast, and other cable providers also promoting streaming content, consumers have a wide selection of different TV shows, movies, and premium content. The streaming service Hulu — and its premium version Hulu Plus — is essentially the yin to Netflix’s yang. Most of the popular browsers upgrade Flash Player automatically, but we still recommend checking which version your browser currently runs. The latest edition of Flash Player boosts your computer’s hardware acceleration which cuts down on its video processing needs. Although the search function on Hulu showed improvement over the years, the site still includes random matches in your search results.
Hulu’s advanced search helps refine your search results, which makes finding what you originally searched for an easier task. It may seem a menial task but setting up your Queue and Favorites list makes using Hulu much easier.
Adding your most watched shows to the Favorites list allows Hulu to add any and all episodes of those series’ to your Queue for easy access.
You can take the convenience of your Favorites list even further by setting alerts for favorite or expiring shows. The simplest of tips and tricks, sure, but having Hulu Plus gives you access to everything the site offers.
This is coming to PS3 in July and is also coming to premium HDTVs, blu-ray players, Apple’s iOS devices, and the Xbox 360 is scheduled to get this in early 2011. Netflix Instant service is great, but they definitely need some competition in that buffet style all-you-can-watch monthly subscription model.

Starting today, after updating the official Hulu Plus app in Google Play, Android users are being treated to free content, courtesy of Hulu. Today we are pleased to announce an update to our Hulu app for Android that gives users a taste of our comprehensive library with a selection of free content on Android phones and tablets.
If you are a fan of free stuff, c’mon, we know you are, go grab the update and get to watching. Cable television (Comcast, Brighthouse, Etcetera) does the same thing… you pay monthly but still see commercials ! About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
You don’t have to worry about importing all your old stuff to the new Watchlist either. Some work on a subscription model, some are ad-supported, but they all deliver high-quality streaming video to your thirsty eyeballs. One thing that Hulu has that no other service can boast is current episodes of TV shows now airing, typically a day after they’re broadcast. Amazon Prime Instant Video is an interesting Netflix alternative because it comes packaged with a bunch of other stuff. We’re not talking lousy bootlegs shot by some dude with a webcam pointed at the screen, either.
Many of us would gladly cut our cable or satellite TV subscriptions if there were a way to get those channels streamed to our media devices, but the industry is slow to embrace the new reality of media consumption.
We’ve already covered YouTube in this rundown, but the Google Play store is an entirely different beast. The content is similar to what you would find on Google Play or iTunes, and Vudu apps are available for set-top boxes like Roku as well as all major game consoles. Movies purchased from any Ultraviolet retailer can be watched through Vudu, and you can share your library with up to five other users. With Netflix, users have the ability to stream various TV shows and movies online, while also having the option to rent physical DVDs or Blu-Rays. If you happen to still use an old version of Flash, upgrading offers an improvement to your overall Hulu experience. In other words it helps keep your computer from working too hard and hitching while you stream. If you know the network, season, episode number, or star of the show or movie you want to watch, just input the information and Hulu will execute the appropriate search.
Populating these lists allows for even easier navigation to your most watched shows, and cuts down the amount of searching needed.
Updating your Favorites list also lets Hulu recommend other shows based on your preferences which improves your website experience. At the top of your queue list you’ll notice two separate email alerts you can opt for which read Favorite Updates and Expiration Alerts. Rather, there are many media devices which have integrated Hulu access for your viewing pleasure. This includes the latest episodes of your favorite shows after they air on their respective networks, and a library of streamable movies. For some odd reason, Hulu has granted Android users to sample free content, just as you would on their website from anywhere you are, as long as you have a data connection.
In addition to the latest and past episodes of popular current TV shows, users will be able to enjoy a selection of content from Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino. I want to cancel my subscription and just use it for the free stuff, but if it doesnt support chromecast it’s a bust for me. But there are more than a few scrappy upstarts in the video business, and these Netflix alternatives distinguish themselves in some interesting ways.

Paying for a year of Amazon Prime gives you access to their massive library along with free two-day shipping and a bunch of other perks. One of the coolest things about Amazon Prime Instant Video is if you pay for a video rental and have buffering or other playback problems, they’ll automatically detect it and in most cases issue you a refund without any hassle. Many content providers have partnered with YouTube to offer video in both SD and HD for rental and purchase. One of the first companies to dip a toe in the water is Dish Network, who recently launched Sling TV as an alternative distribution method for many of their channels. It has adopted the iTunes model of offering a solid selection of newly-released movies and TV shows, along with a sizable backlog. Until 2010, they produced their own proprietary hardware, but that has thankfully been phased out.
Hulu on the other hand, utilizes a streaming-only formula for its customers, with a heavy focus on providing access to currently airing TV shows. Though operating Hulu — and Hulu Plus — remains simple and straightforward, there does exist several ways for you to improve your experience while streaming on the site. Adobe offers installs of the latest Flash Player through its website and the best part is, it’s completely free. After you add a show to your Favorites list, just hover your mouse over your profile name in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Favorites or Queue to access the saved selections. Select either or both of the alerts and Hulu will send you timely updates about new episodes added of your favorite show, or the impending doom of others. Devices like the Xbox One or Playstation 4, Google’s Chromecast, Roku devices, and a host of application-enabled TVs all stream Hulu content.
If you can’t wait for season 5 of Community to come out on DVD, then Hulu Plus is what you want. It includes more content, and also full length versions of what exist as limited clips on the Hulu free site. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) on your Android. As for season 3, Hulu Plus is good for watching shows the day after they actually get shown on tv. Their movie offerings are also small compared to Netflix, but boasting selections from the Criterion Collection earns Hulu points. The free library has some advantages over other services with the presence of past seasons of HBO shows, which you can’t get on Netflix. What follows is our simple guide of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Hulu and Hulu Plus. You’re even able to download the Hulu app on smartphones and watch episodes on the go. The company is also making moves into original content, most recently by commissioning a new show from the Top Gear guys. In addition, Google Play will occasionally provide individual titles from the catalog for free as part of special offers and promotions. Of course, you don’t get the latest shows, and at the moment you still need to use the special BD to stream to the PS3. And I don’t need to pay Hulu for the privilege, as NBC streams all of their shows on their website.

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