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Despite the profound changes that are going through it, the global market for hardware & video games will grow up from 2013 to attain 79 billion Euro in 2016. Following the recent announcements at the CES 2013 can we believe in a recovery of the hardware market in short or mid-term? In 2012, the home consoles market segment (hardware and software sales) could generate 37% of total video game revenues.
They now realise that their health will be determined by the level of innovation they bring to the gaming experience. Given the regular growth of the online games and mobile platform games market segments, the home console segment is expected to shrink in the coming years. The arrival of Nintendo’s Wii U, its first new generation console – pending the likely release of competing devices by Microsoft in 2013 and Sony Computer Entertainment in 2014 – is without a doubt the most pivotal event as the year approaches its end. The question remains as to which part of the console they will focus their innovation efforts on. According to IDATE, revenues from digital sales via home consoles will reach EUR 2.9 billion in 2012. This list will look at both 4A advertising agencies in Japan and local advertising agencies in Japan. In the past we have taken a look at some of the top advertising agencies in Asia and this list is designed to give a better understanding of the advertising agencies in Japan. Like its big brother, the Wii U will deliver a new gaming experience to the fickle and much sought-after consumers, be they experienced or casual gamers.
4K resolution could be an option, although this would require that gamers replace their TV sets, and 4K home cinemas are still quite pricy. So with out further delay, here is the list:Top 20 list of Advertising Agencies in JapanBIRDMANBIRDMAN is an award-winning interactive design agency from Tokyo, Japan. This machine introduces pioneering features, and there is no doubt game designers will put them to use and conjure up new gameplay. The most likely path would be to beef up their machines’ ubiquitous and multiscreen functionality, and rethink the interaction peripherals with an emphasis on voice recognition and motion sensing. Their portfolio includes some of the largest and most famous brands in the world, such as Toyota, Nikon, Honda, Adobe, Facebook and many others.
As for infrastructures for delivering services, they have no choice but to invest in the cloud as done by Sony Computer Entertainment, which acquired Gaikai for USD 380 million in mid-2012.
By 2016, IDATE reckons that income from the digital sale of content via home consoles will account for 60% of income generated by these platforms. Yet it is still too early to know whether the Wii U console will enjoy the same degree of success as the Wii. Beacon communications is a media neutral agency that specializes in creating integrated campaigns that move consumers to act. Their first company; Mondo-Books, has grown and extend its market thanks to the use of Social Media Marketing and bilingual advertising solutions developed by all members of the company. Over the years, they have adopted and develop smart strategies for marketing and advertising at very low cost, with the adequate use of Social Media networks, Japanese and foreign.
They can provide different services starting from the basic set-up for networking systems, to consulting, and training to management of social channels for marketing, advertising and branding purposes in different languages. Dentsu handles the advertising campaigns of many blue-chip companies, and major global clients have chosen the Company to act as a partner in the Japanese market.
Such connections underpin a well-balanced client portfolio.Dentsu is also the headquarters of the Dentsu Group, with a global presence spanning 124 countries across five continents. According to Advertising Age (April 28, 2014 edition), Dentsu is the world’s largest advertising company, based on non-consolidated gross profit in 2013, and as an agency group, the Dentsu Group is ranked fifth globally.
Established in early 2007 as an internationally minded team with a mission to make a difference in the competitive Japanese market, USN works with Red Bull, Electronic Arts and many others. The CEO is Takeo Yatabe who lived in NYC for a decade before he established this company based in Shibuya, Tokyo. MRM Worldwide was launched on April 1, 2002, in Japan and is now a legal entity under McCann Worldgroup. Walk through their doors and you’ll meet doers and dreamers, artists and innovators, technologists and planners. Hybrid is the concept and mission behind TokyoLab’s inception and subsequent endeavors in music and visual production.
When Wieden+Kennedy came to Tokyo, we wanted our office to have a relationship to the city unique as Tokyo itself.
This incubator has resulted in creative collaborations with electronic and hip-hop artists like Hifana, Afra, Takagi Masakatsu and DJ Uppercut.

Their ambition is to capture deep insights into the way consumers relate to brands and to create emotionally involving work that reaches into their hearts. With insight-driven ideas, they create true consumer involvement that successfully drives sales and delivers exceptional ROI. Creating expensive ads with no insight or simply using highly paid celebrities is not the way to build a brand. The commissions generated through media buying restricts their freedom in advertising because it could position they “too close” to certain media and put a priority on “selling media”. They are planning to expand our business overseas.Their company name “comnico” derives from the Latin word “communico,” meaning to inform, share and participate in. And this is their line of expertise – they focus on adding value to new and emerging forms of communication that anyone on the internet can take part in, including blogs, community websites and SNS.Maxx MarketingIn a nutshell, Maxx Marketing makes stuff. They connect brands to emerging market trends and  consumer insight through promotional activation, custom product design and manufacturing, entertainment licensing partnerships and digital innovation.FICCFICC is a digital marketing agency specializing in new product launches for consumer brands. They have extensive experience in digital promotions, and proven know-how to stimulate purchase in retail environments. Walter Thompson, the world’s best-known marketing communications brand, has been inventing pioneering ideas for the past 150 years. Headquartered in New York, JWT is a true global network with more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, employing nearly 10,000 marketing professionals. Strategy, Ideas, Services, they suggests unique solutions as a total communication company. Their experienced staff are knowledgeable and passionate about finding bespoke solutions to their clients needs. They have a successful track record of working with a variety of brands including Car, Fashion, Jewelry, Restaurants, Luxury brands which continues to expand in scope and clients. SivanS works hard to be a “genuine partner” with their clients, and not only in achieving set goals but surpassing them.ADKASATSU-DK Inc. To succeed in today’s global competitive environment, companies need more than just strong technologies and products.
Their specialties are SEO service, Email Marketing, SNS Marketing, Reputation Management, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research etc.
Their creative director is highly acclaimed, a recipient of creative awards that are reserved for only the world’s most creative people.
KKBC’s creative staff is second to none, staffing with highly-creative, highly-experienced, highly-educated, and highly-motivated expert team members. This translates into staff who are dedicated to and creatively pursue their clients’ success.AKQAAKQA is an ideas and innovation company. Clients include Audi, Delta, Google, Nike, TUI, Verizon and the World Wildlife Fund.BMediaHappy combination of multiple skills, BMedia was born from the desire to efficiently mix them all. To they, branding, marketing, trading, advertising, networking or management are obviously connected, and so are their many services.
Whether you pick one up or ask for global support, their long-experienced international team (a strong alliance of 8 collaborators mastering Japanese, English and French) will harmoniously work in synergy.
Their fast and ongoing development suggests they may be on the right path.Final thoughts on Advertising Agencies in JapanThere are hundreds of advertising agencies in Japan and this list was designed to give an overview of the advertising industry. I am sure there are many notable agencies I missed on this list, but it is a top 20 list and I can’t add them all. With that said, do you know of any advertising agencies in Japan that should have made the list? We care a great deal about the quality of the directory and to find the best digital agencies. We are interested in establishing a good partnership with the best digital agencies in Japan. 7th Media is a premier full-service digital development and production company in the Philippines. The work they have done and is doing is pretty amazing.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Advertisement Welcome Thank you for visiting Chairman Media.

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