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Many people who use Apple products, especially laptops and desktops have to put up with the Mac OS. This program comes preloaded on your Mac PC and is full of features that will make video editing on Mac seem really easy. It is the versatility and multiple compatibility of Avidemux that makes it eligible for getting entry into almost every list of best video editing software for Mac as well as Windows. This is another free video editing software which is available under the GNU GPL license and has been created to support all the major operating systems.
This is yet another media editor which is preloaded with as many as 150 different video effects.
One of the lesser known, yet high on performance programs, Hyperengine AV can be used on all Mac enabled devices for routine video editing purposes. If you are a Mac PC user and video shooting fanatic, you need worry about editing your videos on your PC. Come with FireWire-enabled Macs, also a separate purchase and later bundled as part of Mac OS X. Added new sound effects (including some from Skywalker Sound), but removed older ones; also removed the Water Ripple effect.
Not all video files can be recognized by iMovie, that's why there are constant video format incompatibility issues with iMovie. Tips: As for iMovie unsupported formats like MKV, MTS, WMV, AVI, etc, you have to convert them to iMovie compatible formats before importing. Similar to the issue of "iMove keeps crashing", "iMovie no sound" error is also caused due to different reasons.
As an amazing editing tool for Mac, iMovie gives you the controls you need to smooth out the rough parts. MacX Video Converter Pro is a feature-rich, high quality, and incredibly fast video converter. Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has not provided many of its software products to other platforms like Windows.
To all those who are not aware, iMovie is essentially a video or a movie editing software tool with which the user can create videos or movies by editing any videos they have stored in the device. This movie editing software has a simple and clutter-free user interface and also packs in several highly useful tools.
The user interface is elegantly designed and this also serves to be yet another exciting feature of this movie editing software by Apple. When the user starts the iMovie app, then they will be directed at home where they can find all videos saved in the device. With the iMovie tool, the user can also easily combine two or more than two videos effortlessly together.
With the iMovie software tool, the user can also easily add text anywhere in the video they want and also apply some exciting animation effects wherever they want. The iMovie movie editing tool by Apple also features several free themes which the user can make use of to render a distinctive look to the movie they have create.
Photo slideshow software enables  you to showcase and share your photos in slideshow video with music and transitions. Photo Story is a free photo presentation for Windows XP which enables users to create a slideshow to tell their stories from digital photos.
This entry was posted in Tips and tagged best free slideshow software, free program to make slideshow, free slideshow maker, make slideshow free on January 30, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. The rise of YouTube and other popular video sharing sites have ensured that video editing doesn’t remain a super-geeky thing.
The following list talks about 8 such tools that can help you edit, add affects and do much more with your videos. Wax is an advanced video editing tool that can add 2D and 3D effects to your videos apart from doing various other kinds of video editing tasks. Stupeflix is a nice online video editing tool that can help you create quick videos out of the images you upload by adding some pretty cool effects.
If you are looking for a simple, no-frills video editing tool to edit your AVI or MKV files then you might want to check out AVITrimmer.

Linux users, if you had been feeling left out so far, Avidemux should cheer you up (of course you could go with the online tools mentioned above too). I have used windows movie maker and like it very much, but I am looking for some software that can convert movies created by windows movie maker, that it can be played on a DVD player. Windows Live Movie Make r 7 keeps crashing right as I try to save a HUGE project I’m working on.
Stupeflix is cool but in order to get a regular video with out the effects yo have to pay for pro. Stupeflix is cool but in order to get a regular video without the effects you have to pay for pro. It becomes essential for them to have compatible software for routine tasks like video editing which is now becoming a daily chore for some Youtube enthusiasts.
It has been designed to support almost all the available audio as well as video formats such as AVI, MPEG4, MP4 etc. By downloading any one of these best video editing software for Mac, you can perform all the basic video editing work right from the comfort of your home, completely free of cost.
Its clutter-free interface makes the creation of stunning HD movies and trailers as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. So if you want a smooth video edition with iMovie, knowing the video and audio formats iMovie supports is deemed as indispensible. File codec problem: Convert the source video files to an iMovie compatible format mentioned above. In case you import sound with 12-bit audio, please change the settings on your camera before importing your footage. Since it has a large user base among filmmaking lovers, there is still a rising demand of related iMovie software to make the most out of it. Built-in 320+ video and 50+ audio codecs, it helps to convert any video including HD camcorder videos like MTS, M2TS AVCHD, etc to iMovie compatible formats like MOV, MP4, etc with lossless quality.
The excellent movie editing feature also lets you cut off the video clips, crop frame size, merge movie titles and even attach your preferred language subtitle to movie before importing the DVD video to iMovie.
It's an all-in-one video converting solution with top quality, easiness, fast speed and high-efficiency. Only a handful of its software products are available for other platforms like Quick Player, Safari and iTunes. On an overall, the user interface is simply wonderful and there is no way you will not use this software tool just once as it is so user-friendly. Users do not have to necessarily refer to a user guide to understand how to use the iMovie software on their laptop since all of the features inside this tool are very simple to use. This makes it extremely easy for the user to look for any video effortlessly and thus, they can pick the video they want to edit and start creating the movie. With the app, you can make a slideshow with Ken Burns Effects, narration, effects, transitions ,background music and pan&zoom effects. Don’t be surprised if you catch your 9 year old sprucing up the video of her puppy using a video editing tool before uploading it to YouTube.
You can edit videos, audio, add all kinds of effects, add photos directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery and do much more. It can accept video file up to 600 MB in size and has a range of features to cater to all your video editing needs.
It has an impressive array of features including People finder, a feature that can find faces in the video. It is Windows only, and also comes as a plugin to popular (and costly) video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere. This tool can trim your AVI or MKV files without any loss in the quality (no encoding or decoding is involved). The good thing about JayCut is that even beginners can quickly understand its interface and get started with the video editing process. This full featured video editor lets you create professional looking videos with transitions, effects, music and narration in minutes, making your video look impressive and most importantly sharable!
The first one below is the unedited version while the next one has been edited with VideoPad.

However, there are many people who use Mac OS who do not know about compatible software for video editing on Mac devices. Its interesting features like movie trailer, audio editor, one step effect etc are a good enhancement when compared with windows movie maker. You can add special effects and 3D effects to your videos with a lot of ease as this is one of the best video editing software for Mac . The great feature that makes it to be one among the best video editing software for Mac is that it enables the user to combine media files of different formats into one single output format. With HyperEngine-Av loaded into your Mac PC, you can even edit the text of the credits, karaoke lyrics as well as section titles with different options for font styles and colors.
Originally released in 1999 as a Mac OS 8 app incorporated with the initial FireWire-enabled consumer Mac module (iMac DV), the video editing software gets users right into the action, letting users edit photos and video clips, add titles, music and effects, etc. Below are the iMovie supported video and audio formats for you to edit any video file at liberty. And MacX Video Converter Pro handles the format incompatibility issue easily, enabling you to convert any video to iMovie format like MOV, MP4, etc with fast speed. Below are the best iMovie related software that will help you improve your digital entertainment greatly. However, people still look to download these products, even though they are not using Apple device. However, iMovie is not officially available for Windows PC but there are various alternatives to get this movie editing software for your Windows PC. The user can also take some stills from the existing video to create a new video or even create a new video using stored photos in their device. Then you can add kinds of slideshow effects, such as transitions, pan&zoom effects, subtitles, text, and etc. With the kind of free video editing software available at your disposal now, it’s not at all difficult to edit and create great videos. There’s also an interesting feature called the AutoMovie theme that lets you quickly choose photos and videos and then automatically create a movie out of them in no time. The free account limits the videos to 1 min, but that’s usually enough if you are looking to create something short and sweet. It is a great topic to discuss and therefore we felt that we must give an account of at least the 5 best video editing software for Mac which you can have for free.
It also enables you to export your videos directly to your iPhone as well as upload them to youtube within no time.
The video effects are surely a big surprise for video editors and will make video editing an addiction for sure.
In this case, you need a video converter software to convert video files to iMovie readable formats beforehand. What's more, it works as the best iMovie alternative since this iMovie video converter is bundled with amazing slideshow maker and video editor, letting you make funny slideshow with background music, cut, crop, trim video, add watermark and subtitle to suit your diversified needs. IMovie is one of the most popular products by Apple and many people are interested to know how they can download iMovie for Windows PC. After finishing a slideshow, you can publish it to Facebook, YouTube or other social networking and video sharing sites. It provides transitions, music, subtitles, animation and included video for making a slideshow. It features several themes, new titles, video stabilization to help you create a slideshow.
Looking at its overall features, it is appropriate to include this as one of the best video editing software for Mac. Also it provides multiple ways to share a finished slideshow, such as exporting to iTunes, uploading to YouTube and Vimeo, share on Facebook.

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