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Optimizing a 360-degree experience for customers is going to require more from us as online marketers. Examples would be a prominent mention in an article in a magazine, newspaper, or industry website like Fast Company, The New York Times, or this nice piece of recent coverage we had in Forbes with over 10,000 views that talks about the role of SEO through through the lens of the customer journey, stressing the importance of content. Owned media is about brand control and includes digital media, content, and assets such as websites, blogs, newsletters, white papers, presentations and social media accounts. Paid media is advertising and examples include display ads, pay-per-click search ads, and sponsorships.
Engaging consumers where they live online and in ways that they care about represents the path to helping brands become more relevant where it matters online. The original version of this article first appeared in my Social Media Smarts column on ClickZ. Ubiquitous connectivity plus the ease of publishing and interaction by both organizations and individuals can mean huge opportunity. As Avinash Kaushik hasA said on this blog, “You can no longer be good at just one thing, or two.
In other words, it’s achieving editorial brand presence within media without having to advertise.

Brands are increasingly behaving like publishers with editorial staff managing content creation teams. TopRank has numerous examples of owned media ranging from this blog to the book Optimize to presentations like the one above that further emphasizes the role of optimization in guiding the customer along the sales cycle and choosing topics and content formats.
The pro for paid media is near on-demand implementation, some degree of control, and scale. TheA convergenceA of media and the need to integrate media types and channels in order to create and optimize a 360-degree experience that is meaningful and social is essential for optimizing the connection between relevant audiences and brand content.
Each presents an opportunity for performance optimization and connecting brand content with consumers to create meaningful experiences and mutual benefits. A holistic approach to media and what you do to optimize that media to attract, engage, and convert prospects to buyers and buyers to evangelists is more of a perfect storm than an apocalypse.
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A Companies that optimize their integrated media strategies and tactics to develop and scale digital media content wherever customers are looking and interacting can achieve a substantial competitive advantage.
The growing popularity of social advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube adds another option for marketers to gain presence in channels where consumers and buyers are spending a lot of their time. Because of the nature of social sharing and engagement on social media sites, shared media can propagate across an individual’s network to others, and so on and so on. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. The appearance of brand messages and content within paid media can work together with social sharing and organic search. We take our own medicine when it comes to online marketing and that transparency has resulted in new engagements with some pretty incredible companies. Well-implemented owned media provides an opportunity for the brand to provide consumers an earned media experience while maintaining control over editorial.

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