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We have been looking at different production companies to establish which company to use, this is important because its vital that you use an appropriate company which suits your production best so that you get the right budget and distribution.
Dreamworks are an American film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films, video games and television programming. Hammer film productions were established in 1934 by William Hinds and are currently based in the United Kingdom.
We have also been looking at independent production companies so we can make a decision on if we want to use an independent company or not.
Founded in 1997 by Frank Giustra Lionsgate is one of the most successful independent film production companies as of 2012.
We have chosen Dreamworks for our production company because they have a high budget and therefore would be able to market our production to a bigger audience.
The independent production company that we feel would suit our production is Lionsgate, we think this because they have a great history of films produced which has also gave them a good return.
I have now updated my post with more explanation and I have added a variety of websites to my references. Tampa Bay and Florida PRODUCTION PROFESSIONALS - Camera Operators, DP Director of Photography, Editors, Foley Artists, MUA Makeup Artists, PA Production Assistants, Scenic Art Designers, Screen Writers, Special Effects, Sound and Audio Engineers, Stunt Professionals, and Stylists. The generosity of these visionary companies helps make the Film Independent at LACMA possible. The companies below are all owned by other companies and therefore have a big budget for their productions because they are subsidiaries within a big company.
An independent company is independent and therefore not owned by any major companies, they will get help from other companies when it comes to distributing as they may not have the resources to do so themselves. It was previously used as Bob Weinstein’s label within Miramax Films which produced and released genre films however The Weinstein Brothers took this label with them when they left the Disney-owned Miramax in 2005.
Dark Castle Entertainment is a division within Silver Pictures which is a production company affiliated with Warner Bros. They have also created similar films to our production such as Eagle Eye which shows they are interested in this genre.
COMPANIES AGENCIES, SCHOOLS AND ASSOCIATIONS - Talent Schools, Advertising Agencies, Art Directors, Casting Audition Companies, Photography Companies, Event Planners, Stage Production Companies, Film Production Companies, Magazines, Model And Talent Agencies, Portfolio Networking Web Sites, Social Networking Web Sites, Promotional Marketing Companies, Talent Resource Web Sites, Theatre Production Companies, and Unions And Associations. Lehrer and Gene McGovern.A DREAM BUILDERS is the story of two men who rose from the streets of New York to create one of the largest construction companies in the world.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. The possible companies that we can use and have been looking at are DreamWorks, Hammer Film productions and Film4.

These have also been successful films and Dreamworks are owned by Reliance but were independent from 1996-2006. This film was hugely successful and they received $377,910,544 from an initial budget of $15 million.
The companies we looked at are LionsGate Entertainment, Dimensions Films and Dark Castle Entertainment. We feel that we would benefit from the fact they are owned by Paramount pictures who are a big company and would be able to attract an audience to our production because some people will associate good films with this company. They earned $211.8 million which is the largest worldwide opening weekend for an unreleased film during the summer or the holiday period which shows that they put a lot of effort into the marketing of this film. Their projects included the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, Euro Disney and Canary Wharf.A Larry is known for his affinity for people with extra ordinary dreams.
Our production will be relying on special effects to stand out from the crowd and interest people so that they want to see our production, Dreamworks have many departments such as Dreamworks Animation and Dreamworks Home Entertainment that would be able to help us produce and then distribute our production.
Another factor that encouraged us to choose Lionsgate is the fact that they are one of the most successful independent film production companies as of 2012 which would benefit our production because it means that its in the best possible hands and to be associated with Lionsgate would also attract an audience to our production because everybody has high expectations of them because of their recent success. In the past two years he has interviewed people as diverse the billionaire founder ofA  Vornado Realty, Steve Roth to the architect of the new City Center complex in Las Vegas, the legendary Cesar Pelli.A His cult documentary classic, PIN GODS, was given a retrospective in New York City by the curator of the Toronto Film Festival, Thom Powers in 2010.
His first feature Documentary, Riding The Rails premiered at Sundance and went on to win a Peabody award finding a home at American Experience. His next film Angola: The Farm, won him a Prime Time Emmy award for Cinematography while being nominated for an Academy award and winning The Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and played a limited theatrical run to very favorable reviews. Available on DVD.1992- FREE FALLINa€™- 18 minute short about a man who dreams of parachuting off the World Trade Tower.
The short was purchased by MTV and was also recreated as a Volkswagen commercial for German TV in 1997. In this pre-Spellbound era, Pin Gods managed to make a small bowling-ball sized splash at the Toronto festival, only to fall through the cracks of the distribution system (a fact bemoaned last night by one of Pin Godsa€™ biggest fans, Stranger Than Fiction programmerA Thom Powers).A film about what its director Larry Locke calls, a€?the small dream,a€? Pin Gods is an endearingly humane look at four men, each one trying to make a life out of professional bowling with various degrees of success. What do you do?a€? these are the sorts of questions that shape a professional bowlera€™s life. A founding member of the Professional Bowlers Association, Salvino is at once pragmatic and philosophical. Once youa€™re on the road, he says, a€?Your bowling style now has got to be measured and geared, your reference points now are on the tour.
So you have to practice on strange lanes.a€? Salvino knows something about strange lanes, having spent decades on the tour and winning 17 tour titles.

Hea€™s an effective touchstone for Larry Lockea€™s terrific documentary, first released in 1996 and screening 4 May at Stranger Than Fiction in New York (when Locke will be on hand for a Q&A).
As Salvino looks back, the film follows three young bowlers as they head out on the tour, not quite prepared for how hard it will be. Ita€™s a question facing each of the bowlers in Pin Gods as they pursue the remarkable success of the PBAa€™s current star, Walter Ray Williams. Winner of multiple titles, Williams appears in the film as a model of cool composure: even when hea€™s behind during a tournament, he finds ways to come back, to make strikes when the pressure is on, to triumph again and again.
Boba€™s wife Mendy remembers, a€?My parents didna€™t agree with his profession at first, you know,a€? she smiles.
They dona€™t understand bowling.a€? Tonya€™s uncle is sponsoring his first year on the tour, a cost the family estimates at about $1000 a week. At his mothera€™s dinner table in Ledgwood, New Jersey, Tonya€™s uncle nods, a€?I dona€™t feel hea€™s gonna get blown out,a€? vowing to support his nephewa€™s ambition a€?as long as I can do it.a€? As his uncle a€?understands,a€? Tony feels encouraged when he leaves home for the first time.
At each new stop on the tour, the bowlers trying to make the cut to the TV Show (the last five competitors of each tournament) start in again. The shot is low and long, as 20 or so bowlers throw their first balls, their bodies in a sort of rolling sync. Ia€™m a killer.a€™a€? Each tournament is an opportunity to out-think as well as out-perform your rivals. If Salvinoa€™s pronouncements suggest the focus and determination needed to succeed on the tour, the film makes the case that greatness in bowling (and elsewhere) can be measured variously, in individual decisions and moments of generosity and appreciation.
And when Bob spends time with his young son at home, he shows another side of himself, delighted to hear the boy laugh out loud.
As different as each bowlera€™s experience may be, all come together in their understanding of the game.
As Sonny says of his mother, so patient, supportive, and lovely, a€?I have to do what I have to do, and she understands that. Over the years, I was involved with close to 10,000 projects for broadcast and cable networks and many major companies.

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