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In our last post we look at progressive ads, or ads which show women as independent and empowered. This article includes a great variety of commercials showing women in various progressive roles, whether that means supporting their parents, watching out for their own health (as opposed to their husband’s), and being an airplane pilot. The rise of progressive advertisements is a positive sign for feminist causes in India, but there are a few grains of salt to be taken with the obvious benefits. Although our world has become digital there are still places out there, especially India where you still can experience hand painted advertising sings in large numbers.
Getting out of the topic we cover here, today we are sharing an Infographic on Indian Digital Advertising which was shared by SVG Media with us. Also in the Infographic, the companies or the players that has been mentioned is based on their physical appearance in India and sometimes they appear in more than one category because they have presence in multiple categories. I had a word with Rahul Sharma, the Marketing Associate and he shared that this infographic is directly inspired by LUMAscape (developed by the LUMA Partners globally) who have done similar infographic for US and they wanted to do something similar for India and hence the result.  It has been done best to map every category in the Indian digital advertising landscape.

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Tip Jar: If you have found this free resource helpful or it made you money a donation is welcome but not expected. Google Analytics is a free highly sophisticated website analysis tool that is helping users across the world improve their marketing efforts by giving them insight into how to optimize and improve their website in most intutive and easy to understand graphical user interface. He also claimed that currently there are about 15,000 enterprises which are availing Google AdWords advertising network for online advertising, of which about 20% are from Gujarat. Alternatively, all SMBs with online presence (websites) can avail these free advertising coupons worth Rs 2,500 by calling toll free number 1860 266 6622 and registering their websites with Google AdWords platform. Google India also launched a new service JumpStart that offer free expert support to help SMBs build an online advertising campaign for attracting new customers. AboutCyberindianTech is technology blog covering all the latest happenings related to personal technology, gadgets and gizmos, software, and web technologies in India since 2004.

Both brands place their emphasis on empowering women to stay mobile and independent of the home even during their periods. Gavin Burnetthas created a nice set of Indian advertising signs on flicker which you should go and check out. If you love these you should also check out the Indian Hand painted type project.
8++), although close examination will reveal piece has been slightly trimmed in left outer margin area. 2,500 worth of free advertising coupons on Google AdWords network to all Google Analystics users across India and in general all Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) across India.
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