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How does an organization make sense out of all the different IT assets and components it has, in terms of assessing their effectiveness? One of the best methods for assessing if a system is useful is by asking the people that use the system each day.
By examining the business processes that use the system, an assessment can be made whether the processes have improved since implementation and use of the system. This assessment involves determining if a system has the appropriate controls in place to support the process or program that the system supports. Management can calculate the cost of the system and the benefit gained through use of the system. I just finished an IT strategy project with one of my clients, an engineering firm with around 500 employees.
Today IT decisions are not just about technology or cost; they must be made from the business-value point of view. In order to form a clearer picture of what must be done and what can be done, my client wanted to lay out a strategy for IT decision making and development initiatives. My client organized a project team with representatives from key business areas, R & D, and IT management. To get ideas on where the industry is going in terms of the use of IT we conducted a web survey. Subscribe to the AEC Business Innovation NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter for AEC innovators and game-changers and download Aarni's free ebook! The significant ongoing evolution and intense competition in the information technology arena make this industry an increasingly difficult to post long term profitable results.

Focus offers a comprehensive Technology Success Strategy incorporating 14 major tactics of recovery, management and capital preservation. Focus professionals have worked in many aspects of the telecommunications environment, as well as many other information technology sectors.
Juanita Schwartzkopf outlines her involvement in the positive growth and international expansion of MediGain. User surveys can ask users how the system is performing and to solicit suggestions for system improvement.
This can be accomplished by measuring items such as cycle time and defects and comparing these measures against baseline metrics for the process (before the system was implemented).
On a project The Kerr Company found that some elements of a system did not have safeguards in place to ensure the adequate control of important documents that could be abused by individuals for financial gain. They see IT as an everyday necessity or a cost—not something that needs strategic attention. They knew that they would soon have to make several important and far-reaching IT decisions.
Technology enables many new opportunities in the traditionally slow-moving industry for those who venture to take the lead. I’ll present the questions that we deemed most critical during the process in my next blog post. New competitors seem to arise in a moment of time and existing performance levels evaporate quickly. Our strategy assesses strategic risks and objectives across the enterprise, links strategic objectives with enterprise risks, minimize loss and enhance the decision-making process.

We have assisted companies in consolidating with competitors, unraveling failed roll ups, and charting new approaches for profitability.
On a project, The Kerr Company assessed existing reports in a system and determined that three (3) key reports (that had been used for months by management to make decisions) were in fact incorrect. The Kerr Company made recommendations on how the system’s internal controls could be enhanced to ensure the appropriate control of these documents. However, the technologies that the companies use and the way they use them affect productivity, employee satisfaction, client and partner collaboration, and profitability. Their strategy is to treat their clients as long-term partners and to offer superior service experiences through innovative use of information systems.
In addition to the workshops, we had preparatory meetings with smaller teams to make the workshops as efficient as possible. Focus Management Group has extensive experience supporting change and in understanding business dynamics in this environment. We have established ourselves as a key resource to help lenders and their clients navigate this dynamic environment. The Kerr Company identified the reports that were incorrect and illustrated why the data was inconsistent with what should have been the same data on other reports.

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