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This post is an introduction to a blog series I’ll be writing that will hopefully help clarify what interactive marketing is, the tools and technologies that enable it, and the disciplines and activities required to do it well. Interactive Marketing refers to the evolving trend in marketing whereby marketing has moved from a transaction-based effort to a conversation. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Do you want to increase conversion rates, accelerate initial inquiry to sales-qualified leads, and substantially boost lead quality by combining interactive content with the power of marketing automation? Being a digital marketing professional, I have noticed that companies overlook the importance of interactive content, and later on, realize that they made a big gaffe.
A survey conducted by Demand Metric has shown that interactive content marketing helps businesses to get distinction in the market – especially among immediate competitors.
You cannot escape from the reality that online audiences has become more powerful than ever. If you own a business, what are you doing to attract customers to your product or services? I’m sure you include calls-to-action on your website to support your digital marketing strategy and attain higher conversions.
If you achieve success in attracting customers, then undoubtedly it will boost your sales and generate high revenues for your business. A study conducted by Aberdeen shows that companies have increased their conversion rates by more than five times by focusing on content marketing.
Interactive content plays a vital role in maintaining the attention of online audiences when they come across your content in search of information.
Regular updates become all-the-more necessary because you cannot display outdated content all the time. Plus, interactive content ensures more reader engagement, which further leads to sharing of your content – especially on social platforms – in case they consider the content informative and useful. Infographics – One of the most trending styles to deliver information as it offers great engagement. Webinars – Offer great interaction in the form of meeting, discussion, presentation and questions.
Calculators – Another way to deliver content where you allow people to control parameters. Have a look at this screenshot from BuzzFeed that depicts how interactive content complements web design. The screenshot is a simple quiz template that offers a funny way to interact, and it is something that a user can easily relate to.
Here’s another good one where Deloitte is presenting the summary of a white paper in a unique style, which is enough to attract visitors.
Interactive content plays a critical role in enhancing the level of user experience (UX) on your site. Generating traffic to a website is always one of the primary goals of any digital marketing campaign, and it can be well achieved through interactive content.
For getting a good idea to understand “why interactive content is the future” I would suggest you to go through the case study of well-renowned automotive manufacturer Peugeot.
What I like the most about this study is that Peugeot received 223K page views per publication, which is undoubtedly an overwhelming number to achieve. Have a look at some more more case studies, and check how you can influence your content marketing campaigns. Guest Author: Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of experience, and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst Organization. Designhill found that static content overload has desensitized visitors, making it difficult for marketers to capture the interest and attention of prospects.
Interactive content made it possible for users to engage and interact with the data within the content. It has caught the fancy of marketers and businesses providing them with a sure-fire way to engage and entertain their audiences.
But how do you determine the type of interactive content that will best suit your business needs and help you spearhead your content marketing drive? Touted as the staple food for many online services such as SaaS providers and SEO firms, automated diagnostics tools basically generate an assessment of an entity – like a website – and provide users with relative scores. Automated diagnostic tools provide a marketing grade or specific recommendation to improve your website. The realms of these tools are not just limited to a web page, but can be used to analyze and evaluate your social media pages as well. They recommend steps you should take to boost your social media presence and increase your followers. They are basically mini-sites that are made on either isolated domains or as a part of a larger website. Sometimes, they are just an extension of the brand looking to provide a unique, interactive insight of the company to the users. A great example of a microsite is Designhill’s interactive guide to famous logos & their hidden meanings. This short and crisp microsite reveals the mystery of 72 famous logos from across the globe.
To delve deeper into the world of creative data visualization, check out these 10 examples of captivating data visualizations by HubSpot. First made famous by Facebook, self-assessments and quizzes are used to understand, engage and entertain users. Apart from Buzzfeed, some other companies that make regular use of calculators, self-assessments and quizzes are Babadum, KidzWorld and Cosmopolitan. They are a mix of great graphics, powerful content and analysis – ideal for today’s age of big data.
Having viral potential, they are loved more, shared more, and viewed more than any other content type.
Almost every business that is serious about content marketing has come out with infographics to reveal data, research and statistics. Fastcodesign recently revealed a list of 18 infographics that went viral in 2014 and further increased demand for infographics in the ever-so-competitive market. A quirky, intelligent, and well-thought out concept for interactive content doesn’t come easy and should be left to the professionals. Let me know in the comments about how you have been using interactive content for your business.
Guest Author: Ankit Roy is a visual artist and spends most of his time conceptualizing off-the-rack designs at popular crowdsourcing company, Designhill. If youOCOre currently developing your social media strategy as a Publisher, you really need to be thinking about an entire content strategy rather than just social media. Social media is certainly becoming the topic of the year, at London Book Fair we talked about social media marketing in virtually every meeting regardless of the actual subject matter! To ensure you are meeting the needs of all your target markets, you need to work out the preferred methods of consuming your content and these channels.
Typically content strategies can be broken down to target specific subject areas or even further to specific keyphrases that you need to target.

This can be an activity schedule broken down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily activities and describe how it will be completed. Creating this structured plan will allow you to plan, and also enable you to align the activities into other media that you use, for example e-mail and website additions. We are NetwaveWe are New Jersey's only creative marketing agency, serving clientele across the New Jersey, Florida & NYC metropolitan area. This summer, a video, The Fallen of World War II, was uploaded to Vimeo and gained attention across the Internet. Increasingly, when brands decide to wade into data visualization, they seek out this kind of premium video and interactive content. Looking at this screen-grab image, you can see how a single video asset can spawn dozens of static graphics you can publish over a series of days or weeks.
If you commission the creation of a data-visualization video, chances are the final product will be between one and three minutes.
If there’s a consistent theme to be found in this post, it’s that you should constantly find opportunities to refer to the tent-pole data visualization. Matt Cooper is the CEO of Visually , a content creation platform that enables businesses to connect with their audiences through premium visual content - created fast and cost-effectively by highly vetted creative professionals.
Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Exactly – the goal is to use the same narrative, but grab some bite-sized components to set the hook with the reader. Any special kind of skills or qualification is not required for this, just normal typing and a reliable internet connection …. Time limitations are not here to start work … You may work on this any time when you get some time …. The chief marketing officer role is one in need of constant renewal and reinvention, but as the business world undergoes sweeping change, what should the role of CMO be in business? And hear from the man on the cover, Richard Thomas, founder and director of Thomas Group Worldwide, about the photo shoot. Anyone who has worked in HR or recruitment will tell you how misleading job titles can sometimes be in terms of reflecting the actual work done by the candidate and their competence for the job.
But job titles carry with them connotations of particular words that have implications for what falls under the employee’s scope of work and how important their role is to the company. Richard Thomas, founder and director of Thomas Group Worldwide, does not believe these titles can replace CMO as the top job title in marketing.
First, the word “transformation” in CTO gives the marketer the aura of a metaphorical messiah who is employed to save the company or help it achieve new heights by implementing major changes to the business. This is especially true in the fast-paced world of social media, where content and responses to user comments must be posted in a timely fashion. Thomas also points out the dangers posed to a brand’s image by a CMO elevated to the status of a celebrity.
Thomas adds that companies championing their celebrity CMOs often draw fame-oriented people who create a workplace culture filled with politics and egos, rather than those who genuinely want the brand to become well known. Meanwhile, customer experience and relations are the buzz words for job titles such as CXO and CRO. Perry Chung, marketing director at Ocean Park, believes the CMO is the best available job title because it alludes to brand strategy, which he sees as the core responsibility of the most senior marketing person. However, he says emphasising customer service in this top role is reasonable for companies valuing CRM the most.
But for Thomas, the main problem with job titles such as CXO and CRO, or those emphasising design and innovation such as chief creative officer (CCO), is they are too narrow and failing to describe marketing in the broader sense. Understanding the word “marketing” more broadly means leading different disciplines within the business in a consumer-oriented direction and being in touch with commercial realities that come with profit making. Thomas believes CMOs should be the next CEOs instead of CFOs and sales directors, precisely because CMOs understand the consumer – the ultimate source of a company’s revenue. Richard Branson and Steve Jobs were not marketers by training, but they were in touch with consumers and able to influence what comes next. The prevalence of the CMO role being watered down is reflected in the fact that in the past decade, the CMO is no longer considered the next candidate for CEO unlike 20 years ago, where many CMOs often became CEOs. The definition of interactive marketing comes from John Deighton at Harvard, who says interactive marketing is the ability to address the customer, remember what the customer says and address the customer again in a way that illustrates that we remember what the customer has told us (Deighton 1996).
Eventually, they observe that their competitors have captured the potential buyers that they could have engaged. People in search of information navigate across several websites daily but give their full attention to only a few sites.
Take an example of yours, before buying anything online, you start browsing several sites to ensure you make the best purchase. Modern customers love to perform an online search before making a purchase and you need to provide them content to progress that journey. Further, it makes your marketing plan livelier and engaging, so it yields magical outcomes for your business. A study by Demand Metric has unveiled that interactive content is highly effective in educating online buyers. Call-to-action buttons with a piece of interactive content persuade users to make quick decisions that are beneficial to your business. The success of any company is often measured in terms of customers they attract to increase their sales. For holding the attention of your followers, you have to change your web content over a course of time to (or “intending to”) feed them with the latest information. So you have to focus on getting maximum exposure for your brand along with growing credibility that comes with engagement. Once people start noticing your business, you will have a better chance of earning credibility. If the content published on your site is useful and informative, then undoubtedly your site will receive an enormous amount of traffic. Further, they received 35 percent of the total visits through mobile; it means they cautiously worked and gave preference to capture mobile users as well. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware of digital marketing. Our clients are seeing a significant impact on engagement, sharing, and lead generation by sharing their brand stories in new and compelling ways with HTML5. Completely agree with your words, and this is what we call the power of Interactive content. Popular with service based businesses, interactive microsites are usually about one single topic, and complement the products and services of the parent company. Such microsites usually focus on elevating readers’ knowledge through a unique narrative, either in the form of a story or how-to guide. This tool attracts younger internet users and enables them to understand how their school friends have fared on their professional journey. Such interactive tools provide an effective evaluation of your marketing practices or simply act as cost calculators. In fact, Quantcast reports that online quizzes have helped Buzzfeed reach 169 million people.

The ever-decreasing attention span of users and the ever-increasing competition to catch the attention of users make it easy to understand why infographics have become the next big thing for content marketers.
They are a powerful, easy and entertaining form of demonstrating data or a concept to your target audience. If you are a start-up or a small scale business, your first rule should be to focus on high-quality content, and once you have established yourself – then you can think about interactive content.
As a digital marketer, I’ve been amazed by how much more engaging interactive content can be for the audience. Odds are, you can’t afford to pay an agency to make enough interactive content to feed a hungry pipeline.
Once you have decided the most appropriate streams to post content to you can start creating a schedule. For example if youOCOre promoting cookery books a daily activity might be to post on your niche Facebook and Twitter feeds, a weekly activity might be to post new recipes to document sharing sites, such as Scribd, a monthly activity might be to create a new recipe demonstration video and disseminate to Youtube etc, and a quarterly activity might be to have a live discussion with an author over Twitter or other sharing network. Written, directed, coded, and narrated by a data-visualization specialist named Neil Halloran, the video spends 18 jaw-dropping minutes narrating the history of World War II through the prism of how many people died.
I couldn’t find an interview with Halloran in which he revealed how much time it took him to complete his masterpiece, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it comprised several months or even a year.
Remember when you were in grade school and learned about how Native Americans used every part of the buffalo? To use the example of The Fallen of World War II video, the dozens of charts and graphs depicted throughout the narration could serve as standalone graphics. A few years ago, The Washington Post created a visualization that allows readers to click on any neighborhood in the District of Columbia to see all the guns confiscated by police in that area between 2000 and 2013. While this length works well for platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook, social channels like Instagram and Vine have stricter length limits. Matt is passionate about the latest visual content marketing trends and best practices for video, infographics, e-books, presentations, web interactives, and more. Your reference to interactive graphics reminded me of the way the NY Times used interactive graphics and videos to narrate a story around Olympians and their respective sports during the Socchi winter Olympics. In finding opportunities to refer to the tent-pole data visualization we still need to keep readers engaged the same way data visualization can – immersing readers into complex data by making it simple, concise and easy to digest. If you can catch their attention with a screenshot or shorter-form visual, you’ll increase the likelihood of them clicking through to the tent-pole content. Examples include chief transformation officer (CTO), chief creative officer (CCO), chief experience officer (CXO), chief relationship officer (CRO), chief community officer and even chief storyteller. It also implies the company cares less about developing the careers of staff working under the CMO and can tend to attract people who do their jobs mechanically.
Because the CMO couldn’t take on so much responsibility in some companies, they were divided up into separate job functions. That’s too narrow a definition, which pigeonholes the CMO into a niche and specialised role,” Thomas says. Instead, CFOs and heads of sales who deal with numbers on a daily basis and bring short-term gains become the CEOs,” Thomas says. Interactive marketing is not synonymous with online marketing, although interactive marketing processes are facilitated by internet technology. Usually, it contains the most relevant and actionable information that encourages and compels users to buy products immediately.
Receiving more traffic will enhance your online presence and make your business attractive and fruitful. His area of expertise covers everything that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing that is content marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, conversion rate optimization, web designing & development, and other related domains. Marketers must leverage every opportunity that they have it instead of just creating valuable content, and step up their engagement tactics. When not writing, he loves spending his time playing video games and watching sci-fi movies! Now, if you have a dull content, your audiences will just scan your content and leave your site.
Using a single stick figure to represent a thousand deaths, Halloran methodically walks us through the carnage, stacking up both civilian and military casualties in such a way that quantifies the horror of history’s deadliest war. Nearly every marketing firm scrambled to pump out new charts and graphs on behalf of their clients in the hope that a tech blog or news site would publish them.
But this presents a problem for the brands willing to engage in such expansive storytelling: You place many of your eggs in one content basket. So too can you get more mileage out of your data-visualization videos and interactive sites with creative derivative content. This single interactive map could lead to hundreds of static infographics, each based on a neighborhood.
Other platforms, like Tumblr, have users who are more likely to share short GIFs instead of long-form video. Even when you’re not writing about the interactive graphic or video, you should find relevant opportunities to link to it. Plus, learn how leveraging SnapApp and Marketo can help you deliver the right experience to the right person, at the right time.
On such sites, there is something that compels them to pay attention and that something is what we call interactive content. It allows you to churn out unique interactive content without a dev team or outside resource.
Make a lively content that will attract your audiences that will make them read your whole blog. In doing so, Halloran imparted knowledge and information in a way no history textbook ever could. With the flood of low-quality infographics, brands needed to up their data-visualization game to be noticed, hence more animated videos and interactive websites popped up to convey a much richer data story. In other words, if you spend several months and most of your budget and time creating a tent-pole piece of content, then you’re left with little to populate your social channels and blog.
You can continue to employ it on your social and blog channels long after the tent-pole content has launched. Instead of just breaking down a video into static infographics, think of ways you could peel off six- and 15-second segments to tell a shorter story. Doing so will help in improving the content’s SEO and will keep more of your readers spending additional time with your brand’s content offerings, providing further opportunities to convert those web visitors into clients or customers. 90% of consumers would recommend a brand after interacting with it on Social Media, so building trust becomes key in what you put out there as well.
In terms of data visualization, I can think of few examples that can compare to Halloran’s video in both scope and breadth.

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