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Interactive marketing has become the key marketing strategy for corporates and business houses since, it gives them an extra edge in the fierce competition, in the market today. Promotional campaigns on social media receive instant feedback from the customers which helps the entrepreneurs to improvise on their marketing strategies and products. It’s easier to monitor customer requirement, behavior and needs through interactive advertising. From the early days of collaborative online learning to sophisticated interactive tools that allow consumers to keep track of their calorie count and fitness level, today, numerous institutions, governments, news organizations and brands have incorporated interactive tools on their websites to further educate and engage their customers and constituents.
According to a new User Experience Survey Report, almost three-quarters (74%) of businesses believe that the user experience is important for improving sales and conversions, increased customer satisfaction (72%) and customer loyalty (44%).
Big brands have been using education as a way to connect with their consumers for a long time. In the ‘splinternet’ economy, being able to capture your visitors’ attention is becoming more and more difficult. Whether you call it a ‘widget’ or a ‘tool’, the goal of interactive content is to provide a unique personal experience that your customers and prospects might not expect from more traditional forms of content.
With content exclusive to the tablet format, Sherwin-Williams STIR® magazine tablet continues to provide inspiring ideas and technical insights into the use and application of color in residential and commercial interiors. Free to use on your tablet device. Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry – from award-winning animations and maps to online publishing tools.
Brought to us from the USDA, this highly interactive web application allows you to track your diet with daily food plans, BMI calculator, virtual coaching and more. When incorporating interactive tools to your content marketing plan, the benefits are numerous.
By bringing content to life with interactive tools, you can gain insights into the customer and design for the ultimate experience and a mutually beneficial outcome.
If you’re interested in other articles about content marketing tactics, be sure to visit our content marketing tactics index.
In its second major global revamp, PayPal has overhauled its brand identity, including the logo.  The new look reflects PayPal’s simplicity, convenience and security, redesigned for today’s dynamic, mobile-first world. The brand identity was developed by design firm fuseproject and a global brand campaign created by Havas Worldwide is set to roll out next week onwards, across multiple markets. This is first major revamp since the brand relaunched in 2007 in advance of the mobile revolution. PayPal has also come up with six brand videos to market the revamp internally to its 14,000-strong staff globally. The new identity will be applied globally, online and to all of PayPal’s core applications, including checkout buttons, apps, PayPal Here devices, marketing materials and sales collateral.
The new brand expression better represents the growing needs of the mobile, real-world and online businesses that use PayPal and the company’s position as innovator. After making Singapore its regional headquarters for the company last month, the Japanese sports brand is on the lookout for agenc.. Neat Interactive, a digital marketing agency with offices in Bangkok and Shanghai, is hiring a Chinese Digital Marketing Associate in Bangkok. Who we are looking for: In our experience, the people who do best in this job love social media, follow digital trends, speak and write English, are creative, can work independently, have a big picture mentality, care about the client, care about the agency, take pride in their work, like to travel and are good communicators. This entry was posted in Chinese Social Media, Knowledge, Social Media and tagged Chinese, Chinese in Thailand, digital marketing, Employment, Thailand by admin.
Danny Mok has resigned as CEO of Grey Group in Hong Kong and Shanghai to take on the CMO role as CSL Limited. Mok has 20 years of experience across advertising, media and the telecommunication industries. Phil Mottram, chief executive officer of CSL Limited, described Mok as a renowned business development and marketing expert in the region.
Mok also served as vice-chairman of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong (HK4As).
With the local public unappeased by Anton Casey's PR move, this cafe has made its point with a promotion specially tailored for th..

Carlsberg Singapore's marketing director Anto Setiadi has exited the company to head up global marketing efforts for luxury fashio.. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Optimization Conversation blog and receive notifications of new posts directly in your inbox. We are living in a world where the methods of customer awareness and customer engagement are becoming more real-time, personalized and target audience driven.
A few months back Coca Cola debuted its first television advertisement made entirely from user generated content utilizing more than 40 video footages submitted by teens around the world. Another brilliant example of audience engagement is the McDonald’s Save The Sundae Cone digital billboard campaign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia earlier this year.
In this campaign, time spent on the mobile site by the user was considered to be the most important measure of success, followed by the time spent in the process of redeeming the coupon. Interactive marketing techniques as mentioned above are changing the traditional methods whereby marketing is moving away from a transaction-based activity towards more of conversational and user or target audience generated content. Most of our social media feeds and timelines over the last few weeks have witnessed posts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. How is your organization or business harnessing the power of user generated content for higher levels of customer engagement? About AuthorAditi RoyghatakAditi Roy Ghatak is Digital Marketing Content Strategist with the TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group. Marketing campaigns of this kind allow the business houses to get up and close with their customers and maintain a good rapport with them.
A little research and browsing through discussion boards can get you to your prospective customers.
But, when you consider their educational and entertainment value, interactive tools offer exactly the kind of ‘stickiness’ marketers and brands are looking for.
Because education is such a powerful and important fundamental to improving the customer experience. Tools that allow user input and that publish customized output as content can be very effective, but interactive tools can also simply answer questions or facilitate a process, from quizzes to diagnostics. Vizrt’s products are used by the worlds’ leading broadcasters and publishing houses, including CNN, CBS, Fox, the BBC, and others. I realize there are a number of similar web and mobile apps that compete, but I wanted to acknowledge the U.S.
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Our clients are on the most popular Chinese social media channels, such as Sina Weibo, WeChat, YouKu, Tencent Weibo and Sina Blog. Often people think it’s just spam, but really link building is a very beneficial component of a successful SEO campaign.
Brands and marketers today rely on user generated content and audience engagement metrics with the help of social media and digital technologies, more than ever. But that’s a risk brands are more than willing to take since audience engagement and participation is becoming a critical key performance indicator for business and marketing success. The internet-connected digital billboard featured in a busy town square, depicting an image of a slowly melting McDonald’s ice cream cone due to the summer heat. Thus, the total time in which the customers engaged with the brand was much higher than traditional billboard and banner ads achieved by making the campaign interactive, boosting audience engagement and participation through gamification. It seems highly unlikely that we would see such another tremendously successful global viral marketing campaign, at least in near future, with such high level of audience engagement and user generated content videos created. She has extensive experience in technology research which includes upcoming trends in the digital, social and information technology field and analyzing their applications across businesses. The ability to invest in effort and receive output contributes to a customer experience that can differentiate your brand. With a clear competitive advantage hinging on exceptional user experience, employing interactive tools as part of your content marketing strategy, will go far toward solidifying your organization as one that meets a core customer need.
The focus should be on creating a meaningful touch-point with your brand and maintaining a connection among users.

The presenter guides viewers through pre-game statistics and lineups, in-game analysis and post-game discussions.
Brands need to focus on creating experiences with their content marketing and interactive tools are one way to do that. We also assist them on Baidu with SEO and PPC Ads and on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall.
Some companies buy links or hire companies to post automated links (which is heavily frowned upon by search engines and degrades the Internet experience, in my opinion). I find the most successful way to get your back links approved is to be your authentic self.
Always make sure that the blog or article you’re posting a comment to is related to the link you’re posting. If you think of link building as providing the author and readers with helpful information or added value in your commenting versus trying to get a link, you will likely see an increase in the number of approved comments. Also as these technology platforms of social media and digital marketing continue to evolve, marketers and businesses are finding themselves on a learning curve and taking cues from their mistakes.
Meanwhile, the passersby where encouraged to spin a giant fan to cool down the ice cream and stop it from melting through a microsite accessed from their smartphones. She also has prior experience in market intelligence activities which included studying industry trends to identify potential business opportunities and has been responsible for segment and account based marketing.
On top of that, interactive content is highly shareable, increases qualitative time spent on your web site and can support the overall customer journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. In addition, we connect our clients with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and arrange trips for them from China to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.
Why would you want a computer to do your work, when you can get better results by posting legitimate quality links?
Go ahead, state your opinion on the topic, as long as you can tie it to the topic of your link or keyword.
Once you find a relevant site, read the article and leave comments that reference something that was mentioned in the article. Everyone who participated via the mobile microsite was able to download a sundae coupon to be redeemed at the nearest McDonald’s store. She has published articles on enterprise cloud applications across industries and digital as well as social media trends. Ultimately, tools that enable user interaction and feedback can drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is the same approach we evangelize at TopRank Online Marketing for our B2B marketing clients. For instance, you may find that you need to shorten your comment or try another approach, or maybe the topics don’t relate like you thought they did. She covers current topics and digital trends in the e-Commerce and customer analytics space on the Because Digital blog. Saying “Great Post, I will bookmark your site and read more.” is not a real comment, it’s spam.
On the other hand, there are occasions when people comment back and a conversation begins, which to me is very valuable because you are building a trust with the individual whose blog or news source you are leaving a comment on. There are so many factors that can determine if your link gets approved or not, but the bottom line is to not get discouraged and to keep it real. They know you are leaving a legitimate comment and the fact that there is a link there is fine by them because they either like that your comment was real and related to their post or know that you may be working an angle by link building, but they are okay with that since you are adding value.

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