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Learn to use 3d format, bevel and perspective options in PowerPoint to create stunning diagrams. PPT - M2 a€“ Explain the tools and techniques used in the creation of an interactive website. Also most web hosting service providers sell custom domain names directly on their websites, meaning your more then likely to be able to buy a custom domain name from your web hosting service provider. Once you have taken care of your web hosting provider and your hopefully a custom domain name you are able to proceed to getting started on creating your website. So this will be done through various methods and it all depends on which web hosting provider you have chosen. A style sheet for web development is a form separating presentation and content from your website but what is CSS, it stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is the things which separates presentation for content.

Well because it allows separation which can improve content access, provide more flexibility and control in the section where you would present your content. Also enable multiple pages to share data and just overall reduce the complexity of doing it any other. A Meta tag is a HTML tag which provides a selection of information about your website, which is displayed on search engines whenever someone searches for something that you may have on your website specifically or similar. Ita€™s already done but as a demonstration of what your own website may look like if you put in the effort . Resulting in you getting new ideas of how your website may look like, which you may have not considered before. Also a€?Weeblya€™sa€? tools for the website creator are powerful and free to use which saves you around A?230 compared to Dreamweaver Sc6.

It is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is click on any of the 5 features above the word a€?BASICa€? and then click and drag the tool you require on to the website designer. As you can see from the picture below, Weebly allows you to modify your text color, boldness, size, hyperlink, alignment etc. Which are vital tools for creating an ideal website because without them everything would be the same color, size, boldness etc.

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