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Then inside each pocket is a square sheet of paper, instructing our guests to use the blank side to write us a message, and we’ll use that in place of a guestbook! After we attach the wheels, we glued this pocket to the back of the whole thing, with the actual schedule of the ceremony.
Then, we stuffed one of these square slips of paper into that pocket (two printed on a page). You will come across a lot of people these days who want to master almost every category of their field because they think it as the best way to succeed. I personally think a person can be more successful if he tries to concentrate on one thing instead of trying to master everything. Graphic designing is indeed a vast field and a lot of people have various misconceptions about it. Graphic designing is huge field and for those students, who are interested in it, need to understand all of the categories related to graphic designing and then study the one they think is perfect for them. I have collected some of my observations regarding the importance of specializing a particular field of designing. Always remember one thing that having knowledge of all the relevant things is great but trying to master every field will lead you to nowhere.
As we have talked about misconceptions, various people are of this point of view that web designers or graphic designers are programmers as well, and so half of the clan ends up studying designing and programming which is quite a grotesque combination. If you really want to specialize in one field, avoid getting into any of interactive programs. Specialization is not only important in the field of designing, but has its greater impact in other fields of art and profession as well.
Another misconception present in the professional field of graphic designing is that a designer needs to know everything in order to nail a job, which is in fact, not so true. Since you will be focusing on only one thing, you will be able to understand it in a better way.
Advertising yourself is really important as a designer as if you are focusing on one thing you will be advertising to a lesser number of target audiences. There might be a few advantages of being a diversified designer such as increased opportunities, increased customer base and you will be working on something new so you might not get bored of your work.
Well, having specialization in a certain field of designing makes you master of that field and there is no better feeling in this world other than being perfect at one thing instead of being good at various. Most people seem to underestimate the amount of time required to achieve any kind of real mastery. One (very large) caveat: specializing in the wrong niche is far, far worse than acquiring journeyman competence in several.
Design, is constantly evolving and to stay relevant we as designers need to be willing to evolve with it.
Majority of people fall under the impression that additional qualifications can boost their chances unable to recognize the fact that they will be master of none . In Raspberry Pi Geek issue 03 [1], I introduced you to the graphics functions of the Pygame library [2]. Timed and Programmatic EventsAlong with the built-in Pygame events listed in Table 1, I can add my own time-based events or events based on other program logic. At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Noble Planetarium, one Raspberry Pi has replaced four CD players for various music and sound effects.
An Arduino sensor, a Raspberry Pi, and a Python program help a budding naturalist keep tabs on the conditions in his snake's terrarium.
Interactive Science Programs (ISP) is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization and is therefore eligible to receive grants, funding, and in-kind donations that are tax deductible for the contributor.

Your gift to Interactive Science Programs will help provide children with the programs and support that they need to prepare for life of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. We are always searching for new programs to offer to the schools and organizations that we serve. You can also support Interactive Science Programs through a thoughtful planned gift such as a bequest or provision in your will that could offer significant benefits to you and to ISP. We had a blast coming up with all of them, and I’m guessing lots of guests enjoyed going through them (though especially those actually in the wedding).
They’ll connect in the middle with a brad, and guests will then get to turn the wheel to see who will be our flower girls, etc.
Although multi-tasking and being multi-skilled is a good thing, however, if you do not look into specializing a certain field or sub-field, it may turn out disastrous!
A single graphic designer cannot be good web designer, print designer, illustrator and calligrapher at the same time.
With the passage of time this term has a new addition to it and that is “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Instead, you won’t be perfect at anything and you will be ok with most of the designing related things. If you will work on only web designing for instance, It will help you in discovering various things related to web designing and you will improve in you field. In order to become a successful graphic designer you need to understand typography, design, colors, compositions and conceptualization.
So, this is exactly why you need to specialize in a certain field of graphic designing so that when it comes to logo designing, the first name that comes into a client’s mind should be yours. They teach you a little about everything and in the end you do not have enough knowledge to work on your designing projects because you do not have enough knowledge.
Instead of participating in these interactive programs, you can take one course related to brochure designing or logo designing and be really good at it. If you take a look at other professions in the world, you will realize that having specialization in a certain field is way too important be it any profession. While getting the design education, you should focus on a certain field and later on while you are at work, you can continue learning. You do not have to compromise on the price because as a mater in the field you have all the rights to charge more because you know the work better than anyone.
As a designer, you will always be learning one thing or the other because this field will continue to grow. If anybody would like to use any images, graphics, source files and language codes or content which we are also using, his duty is to find the real owner of that images, graphics, source files and language codes to use it according to the license (terms and conditions) of that content. We look at the modules dedicated to events, sound, and input by keyboard, mouse, and game controller. Even though I'm only printing to the console, I still have to initialize a display or window.
Our vision is for ALL children, especially those whose academic success and social well-being is threatened, to stay in school and prepare for life. If you have an idea for a program that can help expose students to science, math or technology in your area or in a specific school, your donation can be linked to those specific programs. You and your estate can receive substantial tax benefits, potentially increase your income, and make a wonderful gift for kids through ISP. So isn’t it better to specialize a certain field of graphic designing and be really good at it? Just because you are fascinated with Photoshop and you know how to run it, does not mean you can be a web designer as well as logo designer, business card specialist and yes, not to forget, an excellent brochure, flyer and poster designer too.

If you are advertising yourself as someone who is good at “logo designing, brochure designing, web designing and a lot more” you are doing it completely wrong. When a client will know that you have worked on so many web designing projects, he will completely trust you with his website. You have to select one field and master it in order to bring out your best creative work for your clients. Well, you can call it a marketing term that depicts your position in the mind of your client. Doctors specialize as a neuron surgeon or a heart specialist and later on they practice their field because they are good at it. You cannot focus on one thing and eventually you realize that you were unable to focus on anything properly. Focus on that one thing and enter into the world of designing and create your own place as a logo designer, graphic designer, brochure designer.
She is big fan of world cultures and is the proud co-founder of dzineblog360 and webblog360, along with her husband. Maybe it is just the market I am in, but after 15 years, and recently looking for work during the economic downturn. If anybody have desire to modification, edition, deletion and print or any kind of use in that stuff he should find the real owner.
Once you start your program, initialize variables, and draw your opening graphics, you probably need to respond to user input to make things happen. We introduce you to a few Pygame modules that you can use to create custom graphical displays for your project. If your organization is interested in setting up a cooperative relationship to ISP, we would still like to hear from you.
They are likely to be more successful if they focus on one type of designing instead of trying to be perfect at everything. By quoting “A lot more” you are trying to advertise yourself as someone who is dealing with everything related to graphic designing which is not a very wise decision.
If we are talking about a reliable and fun computer you will instantly get an idea that we are talking about Apple. Specially, loved the part where people think Graphic Design and Web Design is the same thing. Pygame provides separate KEYDOWN and KEYUP events, so I can respond to both presses and releases of keys. If true, 1 second has elapsed, so I increment the seconds counter and print the number of seconds.Each round of the event loop also checks to see whether the s key has been pressed. Its job is to watch all the different inputs (keyboard, mouse, joysticks, etc.) and process them as they occur. I could use this to turn on a game character's flashlight when I press the space bar, and turn it off when I release it, for example. You can also create your own events based on time, game logic, or anything else in your program. More on that a little later.Listing 1 shows a basic event loop that's about as simple as you can get.
Lines 4-7 check the variables passed in to the function; if all are True, lines 6 and 7 generate a Pygame event and place it on the queue.

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