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Whybin\TBWA\Tequila won JCDecaux’s innovative competition for their long time client PEDIGREE.
The interactive advertisement allows passers-by to play with and teach a virtual puppy new tricks such as throwing a PEDIGREE DENTABONE and playing ball.
The video wall is visible at street-level to passers-by in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile at 600 North Michigan Avenue. The New York facility includes pre-built lab space and a conference center and is one of seven US-based life science center built by Alexandria Real Estate Equities, a large REIT focused on real estate for the life science industry.

The campaigns' interface enables participants to discover their unique personality type by designing a Volvo V40 that reflects their individuality. The interactive screens provide an opportunity to educate consumers while showcasing AT&T's wireless technology. A number of options are provided through the interactive interface that include selecting the V40's color, alloys, interior, and driving mode.
The opening of the New York facility provides the city with its first world-class commercial laboratory space located near renowned academic and medical institutions that include Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NYU School of Medicine, and Rockefeller University.

Based on the end result, a unique, individualized V40 car profile is created that reveals the users personality type and description based on the criteria that they have selected.
The final screen prompts users to enter their name and email address for the chance to win the perfect test drive “designed around you” in Sweden.

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