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Read MarketingSherpa’s case study, Landing Page Redesign Helps Search Marketing Campaign Convert 139% More Consumers into Sales Leads. Our sole purpose lies in helping busy marketing executives and business owners like you use online marketing to achieve success without breaking the bank. To this end, we have developed a process called Closed-Loop Marketing that makes it easy for companies to visualize the principal components of online marketing and pinpoint the areas in which they need help. Because some companies need more help than others, we provide our services on an a la carte basis. Many companies treat all visitors the same, which usually results in terrible conversion rates and low sales. So let’s jump to an example to kind of see how this works, and to see how understanding this can help us improve our site. So here you have a search that is information-based, and people are looking just for general education.
So the first takeaway here is you have to figure out who’s coming to your website, why are they coming there? In this case, for that education or information, you want to use some type of basic call to action. So making this process seamless instead of only having the terrible 1% conversion at the end of the day, what you want to do is you want to break it down and say, “Okay, how many people are coming for, let’s say, in the first place? And once you start breaking it down, this is where you can pinpoint specifically where you’re doing well or where you need to improve.

Previous Previous post: 3 Website Traffic Tips to 2X Your GrowthNext Next post: What are Landing Pages? We’re going to take a look at an example website, a hotel, for instance, and try and figure out how can we improve the organization, the layout.
So generally speaking, you might see 40 to 50, even as high as 70%, of the people that come to your site are in that awareness stage.
Another time you have a more specific search that pulls in some geographical location, and then also a kind of category.
And in this case, you’d want to send them to more of a landing page that talks about fitting their need, more specifically, and also trying to get them over that hump of showing why you might be better than other hotels in the gaslamp area. Hopefully, that matches the topic that we’re talking about here, and it’s going to drive people over here to the landing page, right?
And then ultimately, addressing these little things and understanding who’s coming to your website. His writing has been linked to or featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Kissmetrics, Unbounce, Moz, AdEspresso, Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, and more. And usually the problem, or where I tend to start anyway, is looking at, are you treating everybody that comes to your website the same.
You might see another 10 to 30% considering their alternatives, and then you might see another 10% or less in that ultimate decision stage.
And then finally, again, you have that branded search where somebody is typing in exactly what they’re looking for.

Why they’re coming there will help you to make these tactful decisions of different landing pages, different colors, different form layouts, all those kind of basic things that you come to think of.
All of the visitors that are coming to your website, do they all get funneled to the same page?
Generally speaking, people that come to your website are either going to be in the awareness stage, meaning they are not aware of your product, they’re not aware of your brand. Maybe they’re not even aware of that need in their life that your product or service solves for them.
So the first step to improving conversions is making sure, if somebody’s searching for general information or some just type of basic education, those people should more often than not be going to some type of generic blog post.
Once you do this, once you start understanding how these people are different and where you should be funneling them, you should be looking at how can you make this process seamless.
How can you make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, but also how can you get them to your next step?

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