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Note: The issues covered below are discussed in more detail in the International Marketing section of this site. Non-tariff barriers, such as differential standards in testing foreign and domestic products for safety, disclosure of less information to foreign manufacturers needed to get products approved, slow processing of imports at ports of entry, or arbitrary laws which favor domestic manufacturers. As an online marketer, you know this shift represents significant opportunities to reach new customers in burgeoning markets.
Right now, there are the eight countries that are particularly ripe for significant e-commerce growth in the coming years: Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Each country listed above has its own specific reasons why it’s poised for growth, but listed below e are some factors that are common to many of them.
Consumer Demand: As the world continues to flatten, demand for international products is increasing.
The aforementioned Forrester study conducted a survey of more than 2,500 online shoppers throughout the countries cited above as well as the United States.
Of that 68%, three times as many shoppers plan to increase their percentage of e-commerce imports than those who plan to decrease it. Breaking these numbers down even further, 75% of UK shoppers, 78% of Australian shoppers and nearly 85% of Canadian shoppers have purchased goods from another country. Now that you know which countries are most ripe for growth, you need to think about your strategy for entering new markets.
Now that you have the answers to those top two questions about entering new countries, here are three “must haves” when it comes to achieving success in new markets. Diving into new markets can be a huge boost to the bottom line, yet only if you carefully consider where to focus and how to establish your presence. If you’d like more information about online consumer shopping behaviors in those high-growth countries and the role of affiliate marketing in supporting cross-border commerce, you can download the Forrester report here. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
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Cultural awareness among international traders, is not as new as marketing pundits believe it to be.
Nowadays, companies that are going global with their products have to contend with local companies who are armed with vast knowledge on how the locals react to a certain cultural pulse. Cultural awareness should be applied in every aspect of marketing: in selling, label-printing, advertising and promotion of products. Companies have to be aware of what their brand names will do to their company image on foreign shores. The change makes it easier for people in the US to pronounce the brand which is an important step to popularizing the car brand.
For more info on different name variations in different countries including Unilevera€™s signature move with its Heartbrand ice cream brand (herea€™s a list in Wikipedia, translated) check out the answers in this forum. Ita€™s not just the language used in the labeling or a TV commercial made to promote your company products, how the ad is created can make a lot of difference. For instance, a car manufacturer should ensure that its ads take note of the position of the drivera€™s seat.

Speaking of slogans, there are a lot of instances when translations became a source of embarassment for a company brand. With all the possibilities of mistakes that could happen, why bother translating to the local language at all? There are also certain current issues that may force a company or organization to take a step back and re-evaluate their marketing slogans.
This unfortunately occurred right before the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak.
Understanding customer preferences is a tricky issue, even when it comes to the serving size of your product. It is also not a smart move to push products against the local culture, but if you are confident in your product, it is all right to be adventurous (and experiment with various serving sizes).
Helping customers make this connection with their brand and products is essential and thata€™s where cultural awareness comes into play. Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find that that number is estimated to reach 75% by the year 2015 (according to a recent Forrester study, Key Trends And Best Practices Selling Globally Via The Affiliate Channel). The Forrester study noted that consumers tend to place a higher value on products from another country.
Of those consumers, 68% reported that in the past 12 months, they purchased an item online from a company located outside their home country. Here are five of the most common stumbling blocks that result in failed expansion overseas. Your products may be in the homes of every American consumer — but you can’t assume your local brand recognition will carry over into new countries.
Maybe you put together an awesome domestic team that conducted exhaustive research on the region (perhaps to the point where you now know more about the new market than the locals) and created a killer business strategy based on their findings and insights.
If you want to sell your goods online, you need to take into consideration that a translated website may not be enough. While local language sites tend to have more success, a lot of e-commerce companies offer both.
Since this is a pay-for-performance business model, e-commerce companies only pay when a sale is made. He has more than 15 years experience in corporate and product marketing with an expertise in the performance marketing channel. Thus, the newcomers must make sure that their products and promotional techniques are sensitive to cultural values of the people to leave a good impression of their branding. It covers language, the lifestyle and the behavioural patterns of the people in the country of interest.
At other times, the brand name means something else in the country for instance, the name for the baby food maker a€?Gerbera€™ is French for vomiting!
An ad showing a left-handed drive vehicle would not work in a country where the driver sits on the right-hand side. An infamous (yet unconfirmed) example is at hand: a€?Come Alive with the Pepsi Generationa€? was translated to a€?Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the deada€™ in Chinese. Apparently, more than 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that is sold in their local language; the percentage is 10% higher when it comes to buying goods online. The worst thing about the whole situation was that shortness of breath is one of the major symptoms of SARS. This issue is dependent on local cultures and also the consumption level of consumers of the region.

When testing new markets with new products, there will always be the risk of suffering losses so one should always do their homework when it comes to culture-influenced preferences. When mobile phones entered India in the late 90a€™s, people were not willing to make outright purchases.
Customers would make the shift from hearing and knowing about a product, then recognizing the brand that produces it before trying out the product.
If entrepreneurs use and implement their knowledge, it would immensely help in developing a successful international marketing strategy. However, the National Broadband Network will change this over the next several years by ensuring no business or home in Australia is without a high-speed connection. But these efforts may be all for naught if your local partners can’t properly execute your strategy.
The local language, expressions and overall way of communicating must be reflected on the local site. The reason for this is that the global English site demonstrates a bigger presence of an established company and reinforces the required trust and security of the transaction while also giving consumers an option. The key is to work with a global affiliate marketing network with strong local affiliate partners. But competition, perhaps, was not particularly stiff at that point of time, although early traders are aware of the potential it has in their trading strategy. Of course the company should print in the local language, but thata€™s not where the language barrier ends.
It is essential for companies to adapt to local preferences if they want their product lines to succeed.
For example, cereal isna€™t a preferred choice for breakfast in Asian countries, so there isna€™t much motivation to produce it in large servings (or boxes). The rich did but mostly out of curiosity that were induced by promotional adverts and the hype generated by company branding exercises. For example, it may be acceptable to give a reasonable (not large) facilitating payment to get customs workers to process a shipment faster, but it would not be legal to pay these individuals to change the classification of a product into one that carries a lower tariff. And Australia is just one example of how technology will drive new e-commerce opportunities. In all likelihood, you’re setting up shop in a smaller country and targeting a smaller group of consumers.
Just be careful not to compromise your brand or the quality of your products by overcharging or delivering a less than stellar customer experience from start to finish.
As a bonus, having a global site will make expanding into additional foreign markets that much easier.
This way, you’ll be assured of consistency in your campaigns throughout different countries while accommodating the interests of the locals. As soon as call rates subsided, a big market was created and people thronged everywhere to buy one.
As more countries improve their IT infrastructures, we’ll see an increase in online shopping.

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