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Prepare a final version of your International Marketing Plan including a cover letter, cover page, and executive summary (minimum 2,500 word count).
Prepare a 10 to 20 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker’s notes, illustrating your Final International Marketing Plan Paper. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Outline of our suggestion for the international marketing strategy Disney should implement to increase its brand awareness and presence in Shanghai with the addition of their latest theme park. International Marketing Strategy: Disney in China? Product Strategy: How to market Disney in a country where the Disney brand is not deeply ingrained in the culture ? Building Brand Image ? China has no Disney Channel ? Cheap knockoffs ? How Will They Do It?

Why China?? “China is one of the most dynamic, exciting and important countries in the world”.
International Marketing Strategy: Disney in China? Pricing Strategy: How is Disney going to match their costs with their revenue? Improvements? Keeping Park Ideas Secret? Larger Eating Areas? Owns the Land? Catering to Chinese Culture Rather than Disney’s? Huge!
In your discussion assess how e-business may be used to promote and distribute your selected product. Toms International, Calicut, aims at increasing the sales of Easy Braces across India by 40 %.

Pursed with the objective of maximizing learning in marketing, the project was successfully completed in 3 months.

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