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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. One of the growing hospitality trends in the year 2015 is the unwavering increase of international travel all around the world. The first step hoteliers should take toward attracting international travelers is to provide the hotel’s offerings and services in their language. Location is one of the most important factors travelers take into account during the booking process, which is no different from international travelers. When developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your hotel, you must take your hotel’s international presence into account when targeting international travelers.
Due to the fast growing segment of international travelers with each passing year, hoteliers must execute marketing strategies that are tailored to their top feeder markets to achieve profitable success both in the present and in the future. I’m worried about the number of hotels I see neglecting to make their websites friendly to international guests. Yet for too many small groups and independent properties, awareness remains very low about the importance of building visibility in international markets. The web is becoming increasingly multilingual, and translating website content is an important first step in attracting international visitors. From 2000 to 2008, Web use among the Chinese grew by a whopping 755 percent, while Web use skyrocketed by 2,064 percent by Arabic-speaking individuals.
A quick look at Google Analytics can help you decide which languages are important to publish information in. Translating your existing content is an important first step, but localization takes it a step further.
The French part has more articles and talks more about things that are less-known than in the English part. At first we were just translating, but we asked customers what they thought, and we found out that our English and French customers wanted different things.
The lesson: Ask your customers what type of information they expect from your website, look for recurring trends, and then provide this localized content. Aside from the technical part of search optimization, selecting the right keywords is very important. The fact that guests are talking about your hotel in other languages and leaving feedback on popular websites abroad is overlooked by too many hotel managers. Make sure to use a reputation management tool that collects feedback from a wide range of international sources, and multiple languages.
Actively encourage people to leave reviews on their preferred review website of choice, rather than just one specific site.
Lisa, are there any hotels you know in Ireland that do a really good job with international marketing? Hoteliers are maybe afraid of getting new customers from countries they never thought they could reach. I wonder what would be the minimum of languages you should manage on your hotel website if you aim International. Regarding using Google Anaytics to provide insight into where your consumers are and what language they use with respect to how to market to them; I think there is an inherent problem with that approach in that it will only tell you about the visitors you are already getting.

Though I agree with Dhana that we can’t be everything to everyone, Social Media really challenge us to think outside the box.
Hotels will start being challenged on the point of extended their traditional market segment.
We are now in the time of global competitiveness, surely what you talk about in this matter is a little bit scary. Dear Josiah, living in the Far East for the past 14 years I’m very sensitive to this matter and no doubt that localization and international web marketing provides huge opportunities for hotels in the West.
I agree with fabric Burtin point that don’t deceive your customers by giving them false translation in there own language if you are not able to handle thee quires in that language. We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners. Whether or not your hotel’s business mix includes a majority or minority of international travelers, this maturing segment of travelers should be receiving the adequate amount of attention it deserves.
To do this, make sure that your hotel’s website can automatically translate to various languages to accommodate your website’s visitors. International guests may not be very familiar with the local area of the hotel, but they likely did prior research of the places they would like to visit before booking.
It is beneficial for hoteliers to educate themselves on their top feeder markets, especially on the things they are commonly searching for on the Internet in regard to travel planning and booking. As an American, I see far too many hotels in the US doing nothing to encourage international business – though this is something that seems to affect many other hotels around the world. Nick Burcher has an interesting year-over-year usage table for Facebook that shows explosive growth in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Phillipines (among others). This makes country-specific search optimization an important part of an international hotel marketing campaign. Use tools like Google Trends to identify which words and phrases are most likely to be used to find what you offer. If you want to increase your business from international sources, focusing on building your online reputation worldwide is critical. The Chinese market fascinates me, and I think we’ll need to explore this a lot more in the future. I think deciding on the languages you support and the markets you build visibility in depends on 1) your existing web traffic and 2) the markets you want to build a presence in for the future. It will highlight what other languages people viewing your site are using however there is a often unnoticed caveat. Once you know what inbound counties represent major markets, it’ll provide a good starting point for what localisation route to progress first. You cannot be everything to everyone, and spray your valuable resources if that includes building localization, translation to your websites. Social Media brings is new opportunities, and there are a lot of undiscovered opportunities out there. Some hotel marketeers will end up to be losers if they tend to disregard the technology that gives the opportunity on having clients in other parts of the planet.
One major point all hoteliers tend to forget and must keep in mind is that when you provide extensive content in one particular language on your website, potential guests will expect to be serviced in that language.

Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action.
You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore. International travelers from different countries possess different necessities and preferences, often making it difficult to determine which hotel marketing strategies will be profitable in the future.
If you already know what your top feeder markets are, then don’t hesitate to translate the entire website in those different languages to better appeal to your niche markets. By taking this into account, another strategy for marketing to international travelers is to draw attention to the local attractions, activities, events or anything of great value that will appeal to an international audience.
After conducting the appropriate amount of research, hoteliers will find that there are differences in keyword searches and sentence structure across different nations.
For an industry like travel, it would seem the importance of international presence and marketing would be clear.
And while you may have a good reputation on a few domestic websites, do you know what prospective guests are saying (and seeing) on review websites in other countries and in other languages?
Are there any good hotel (marketing) experts with expertise in China that we can learn from? If you isolate those users with an advanced segment, you’ll probably find that they are getting to your website through search using English based search phrases, not non-English like their browser language setting might have suggested.
Hoteliers must keep in mind that certain social channels and travel websites may be extremely popular in one country, while its presence may be almost non-existent in another.
For a more focused approach that’s highly effective, it is greatly beneficial to rewrite website content in a specific way that highlights upon the culture and interests of your international travelers. Create a landing page or add more content to an existing webpage that better describes what’s popular in the local area. Experiment with keywords to determine what works and what doesn’t work to increase your hotel’s online and international presence.
Research from Amadeus and others indicate strong growth in inbound travel from Brazil, China, and other Asian countries. Despite the many differences between them, below you will find a few general marketing strategies that are effective toward the entire segment of international travelers. In order to provide a comprehensive experience for international hotel guests, it is recommended to form a multilingual staff on-site to ensure a more comfortable and seamless stay for your guests.
Also consider your top feeder markets when creating this content, as this will be the key to shaping your website content to cater to your array of international guests. By understanding the right form of messaging and keywords to use in your SEO strategies, you can better reach and attract international travelers to your hotel.
If you have room in your budget to implement these strategies, then there’s nothing to lose and much to gain from capitalizing on the multilingual options that your hotel can offer to international travelers.

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