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Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. The Bear knows what brings success in the arena of pay per click (PPC) and online advertising. While you hear from many agencies with the technical knowledge, or big advertising agencies where online and pay per click advertising are a single department in the big machine, ClickBear specializes in the online advertsing space and has real world business experience.
An Internet Ad Agency with a Difference!What makes the Bear different than other online internet ad agencies? Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales.

Our Affiliates program is for companies and freelancers, eager to deliver customer satisfaction and willing to generate great income.Outstanding earning potential- Unparalleled options for companies and freelancers - $1 million. Our Affiliate program is specially designed to cope with all SEO and online challenges and deliver useful and measurable service to clients. Our Affiliate program is unparallelled in comparison to any other SEO affiliate partnership programJump-start your business with 411 locals411 Locals will provide you with free business leads from desired categories, a free dialer and phone minutes, open book policy as to scripts, rebuttals, and sales handbooks. For a nominal cost, you can benefit from lead generation by our 411 Locals’ call center in Cebu, Philippines. Freelancers will have additional in-house or remote training on the company, CRM and dialer, as well as continuous support from a dedicated sales support team.

Check for more detailsEverything is for the Client- Your clients will receive great satisfaction - 92% retention rate.
We are providing unique online marketing and SEO services that generate benefits for their businesses.

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