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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) research has found that online advertising delivers uplift in brand and ad awareness, whilst TV increases favourability and purchase intent. The research, which was carried out by GfK and released today, was part two of the IAB’s Building Brands Online trilogy, and identifies the separate and combined impact of online and TV in a campaign run by Nestle for their Maggi so Juicy cooking sauce brand. The campaign was aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 40 who had children, and included TV, online advertising and online social.
It was discovered that online exposure delivered an uplift in both brand and ad awareness, with 3.2% of those exposed to the ads had searched for Maggi so Juicy online and 2% visited the website. Babita Earle, digital strategy director at GfK, said: “Our evaluation of this campaign has added yet more insights into the value of Online and strengthened the proof that Online can – and should - play a significant role in launching FMCG brands. Drew Davies, Nestle said: “This study has provided some great learning’s for our business moving forward. The vitriol came after Adblock Plus complained that it had been "disinvited" from the summit for no reason.

Rothenberg went further by accusing adblockers in more general terms of illegality: "Many of their business models are undoubtedly illegal. Business Insider contacted Ben Williams, operations and communications manager at AdBlock Plus for a response, but he declined to comment directly on Rothenberg's attack. Rothenberg's full speech, in which he waxes lyrical about the links between consumerism, freedom of advertising, diversity and freedom of speech, can be read here. Publishers and advertisers are particularly unhappy about AdBlock Plus' plan to generate an "Acceptable Ads" platform.
Already, Shinea€™s model of ISP-level ad-blocking has been cited by regulators as a probable violation of net neutrality principles," Rothenburg said.
Though he did add: "As ever, we remain interested in discovering better, more sustainable ways for publishers and content creators to get paid.
Willams responded to these accusations in an email to Business Insider: "What we're doing isn't extortion.

Adblock Plus attended last year and it was registered for this year's event, but its registration was cancelled by organizers.
This would let a brand subvert the ad blocking if it paid a fee and its ad meets specific criteria. No one has to take part in Acceptable Ads, and those that do have to maintain criteria for better ads.

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