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Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. Toronto Internet Marketing Agency: Inbound & Content Marketing, SEO, Adwords – Fruition InteractiveWhy Fruition Interactive?
Inbound marketing isn’t just a great tool for closing new leads into actual conversions, it’s also perfect for maintaining a relationship with your current customer base with the aim of eventually getting them back into your sales cycle. Just because your customers have finished one cycle doesn’t mean you can’t invest resources on increasing their customer lifetime value. The value customers bring to your organization does not lie on monetary value – each and every customer is also potentially an influencer. Even a single channel of inbound marketing can help better position your brand for existing customers. You don’t just automatically drop a subscriber from a list once they purchase your product or service. Best of all, as your inbound marketing monitoring tools are all automated and do not really cost you on a “per person” setting, you can keep monitoring existing customers at no added cost. Ready to keep on nurturing your existing relationships with clients through inbound marketing? Fruition Interactive helps you get in front of your target audience, so you can start generating results from your online marketing.
Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing by the use of electronic mail to communicate with new and existing customers.
Also, if your ecommerce site has our Behavioural Merchandising feature, we can integrate it into your email campaigns, taking your email marketing to the next level of Email 2.0.
List Segmentation – This allows you to group email subscribers together based on common trends like location, types of products they buy, ordering habbits etc.
Template Creation – We create visually stunning email marketing templates for all your email campaigns.
Campaign Strategy Planning – We will help you plan a campaign strategy for your email marketing so you get the most out of each newsletter. After all, inbound marketing to your current customers will help in the following ways: Repeat Business, Continuous Lead Nurturing, Brand Positioning, Monitoring Sentiment and Edge over the Competition.

To maximize the return on the investment of setting up the infrastructure that makes it possible, it should be a recursive cycle of repeat business.
In fact, you’ll find that it’s easier and more affordable to increase CLV through inbound marketing to encourage repeat business than it is to close a new lead. When you come into a relationship with your customers, that bond doesn’t terminate in a closed sale. Even after purchase, as your emails continue to be read, you enhance your brand position for that particular client. It might appear that continuing to “listen in” on people who’ve already purchased from you might be a waste of time, but in truth, it’s a good way to monitor existing sentiment on your brand from the market segment that can influence your reputation the most: your existing client base. Whether keeping an eye on local competitors in Toronto or global ones, it’s best practice to always stay abreast of your competitor’s newest developments. Your competitors target the same market as you – they’re trying to get the same leads, and they’re trying to woo your existing customers.
Think of each and every customer as a lifetime partner and always keep them slipping back into your sales funnel. He has been dedicated to helping businesses get found, get leads, grow sales and find true love since 1993. Fruition's Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click and online display advertising services are designed to maximize your ROI. It needs to engage people to take the next step towards becoming your loyal and valued customer. By using Email Marketing, you can stay infront of your customers by promoting products, special offers and competitions and encourage loyalty amongst your customer base to maximise customer retention.
It delivers highly targeted and personal product recommendations to your customers, based on their search behavior and purchase history. Our templates meet all the latest email marketing standards and also include social integration, including Facebook and Twitter. We can suggest features and topical content to help you structure the message you want to deliver to your customers. We will liaise with you about your email marketing objectives for that month and we will use our team of copy writers to create informative and engaging content to drive your email marketing campaigns.

Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales. It’s the most fundamental reason why you should perform inbound marketing on current customers, and it’s also the most practical.
There’s repeat business and brand loyalty, and in these modern, digital times, influencer value. Continuous lead nurturing ensures that even after a closed sale, your customer relationships only get better, with returns that aren’t soley revenue related.
This helps increase brand loyalty, improve CLV in terms of lowering cost of repeat business, and increase the chances of that customer becoming an influencer. An accomplished marketer, focussed largely on inbound marketing strategies, he has worked with enterprise clients such as Scotiabank, Bacardi Canada, Johns Hopkins University, Rogers Broadcasting and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship as well dozens of small and mid-sized businesses. Fruition helps you get the right content to the right people at the right time to influence their decisions and turn awareness into demand. Call it what you want, but the fact is increasing lifetime client value is the most cost-effective way to grow your business.
It is also a great way to generate additional orders from your existing customers – as a way of constantly reminding them of your name, your brand and the products on offer to them. If you have 10,000 email subscribers then with behavioural merchandising, you can customise each newsletter to send out 10,000 personalised emails. In the long run, you lose if you a gain a customer only to loose them to a competitor who will redeem your potential repeat business. He's been a member of the University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus' Advisory Board since 2014, an online marketing columnist for Technorati since 2011 and a contributor to Business2Community since 2014.
Fruition helps you grow lifetime value from your base with highly targeted email marketing, social media marketing and more. Research shows that when combined with segmented subscriber lists in email marketing, behavioural merchandising can increase sales by up to 20%.

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