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TweetBlogs used as a marketing tool is not something new, but anyone who’s had the challenge of driving up traffic for a blog will tell you that blogs also have to be promoted. Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are two of the major ways you can promote your blog. Social media marketing, on the other hand, taps into the numerous social media sites to give your blog more visibility.
Blogging and Marketing: How To Get Topics To StickEveryone is a blogger, and everyone is a marketer. Combining Information Value and SEO Value In Website PublicationsOne thing that occasionally gets lost in the shuffle to meet numbers and standards and promote pages, brands and traffic is that fact that good SEO and high value are meant to parallel each other. At several conferences I’ve used the image above to illustrate how a blog can be the centerpiece to a social SEO effort where objectives are focused on raising brand awareness and improving customer relationships in a way that is beneficial to search engine visibility.
The increasing popularity of search within social networks presents optimization and analytics opportunities. Social networks and media sites that have social networking functionality offer prime opportunities to interact with communities of interest and can be particularly effective as distribution channels. If there were ever a legitimate way to automate link building, it would be the RSS disribution and syndication functionality to promote new content to people who are interested.
The diagram above illustrates this situation well, where a blog is the central repository of content and social media sites around it are the developed networks of communities and channels of distribution for quality, keyword optimized content.
Internet permite hacer campanas 360 de forma eficiente,  un buen ejemplo del uso de Internet para complementar otros medios son las campanas automotrices.
Al mismo tiempo que posicionamos o incrementamos el reconocimiento de marca, es necesario atraer usuarios para convertirlos en consumidores de mi producto.
Internet es el unico medio bidireccional, que permite a los consumidores interactuar de forma directa con las marcas.
El marketing online representa una herramienta invaluable para complementar o reemplazar al marketing tradicional. Gone are the days, when you had to learn HTML code, know how to upload via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and create images in Photoshop in order to design a website. A blog platform makes it easy to update your classroom website by simply uploading one post after another.
In previous blog posts, I talked about a Blogging Unit, a plan to start blogging with your students. What time are you willing to spend monitoring and commenting your students’ blogging activities? What specific skills do you want to promote through your classroom or individual student blogs?
What engages and motivates your students to work harder, invest time outside of the classroom for academic purpose, think on higher levels, push themselves further in their reading and writing? I listened to one of Wes Fryer‘s podcast as he talked about the difference between accommodating and transformative technology tools for learning.
Using a blog in the classroom can be an accommodating tool, if used to upload homework assignments and asking students to submit the answers to these assignments as comments instead of a paper turned in. A blog becomes a transformative tool for learning when students can add constructive comments for each other or write for a wider audience than just their teachers. Some teachers and their students might go through the different steps of a classroom blog(s) faster than others. You might have started out with a static website, then ventured into giving your students a voice by commenting, writing  and reflecting on a classroom or individual blog.
Just as a static teacher-created-website (with no two way communication channel),A  a classroom blog (not open to comments, responses from and collaboration opportunities with the rest of the world) can seem like a one way street. A great place to start contacting and connecting with other classrooms is Sue Waters’ Class Blogs list. University professors have accepted the challenge to connect their pre-service teachers as mentors to K-12 students. What an incredible opportunity to find and connect a subject matter expert or eye witnesses of an event with your students. Set up blogging buddies between the classes to document, summarize, reflect and comment on each other’s experiences and learning. Find buddy classes who can complement a unit of study by bringing in a new perspective and points of view (different culture, history, geography, language, religion).

By allowing students to publish their work on the Internet, making their work available for potentially millions of people to view, read, comment on and learn from gives them a true authentic audience. A blog is the perfect platform for students to share their work with others, including embedded images, audio and videos. Imagine students becoming aware of their learning process and sharing it with classmates in their school as well as peers from around the world? Imagine classes reflecting on their learning goals and accomplishments and sharing these with the upcoming grade level to learn from and improve upon? Imagine students documenting unique learning opportunities, such as field trips or guest speakers, with text, images, audio or video to share with learners separated through time or space? No matter where you are in the blogging process (static site, local site or connected site), what matters is that you are aware of your location and the direction your are moving towards. Educational Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in the area of Modern Learning & Literacies, Globally Connected Learning, Blogging as Pedagogy, Digital Portfolios, iPads in the Classroom.
Internet marketing can be one of the less expensive yet very efficient means nof promoting your company name or products when done properly. Video marketing has become an Internet phenomenon and can be accomplished in so many ways no matter the budget or style of the video. Other great means of promoting your company name are press releases and written promotion that have been around for generations, but, now you can use the om the internet. And unless you are already a famous person or blogging for a huge brand, then you can bet that you’ll need to work hard to get the word out on your blog if you want to see those page views go up.
You have the option of putting up ads on social sites that offer them, like Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s a powerful way to raise public awareness about your products and services and gain more customers moving forward. Of the top 20 search engines according to comScore qSearch in August 2009, 3 are search functions within social media web sites.
While great content is instrumental for great performance within organic search results, publishing in a vacuum is naive.
Those same people are often publishers in the form of blogging, reviews, comments and new features like Google SideWiki with the ability to link out to what they’re interested in.
We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. Para lograrlo, debemos usar Internet como un medio para atraer a nuestro negocio, a las mismas personas que ven un anuncio en cualquier otro medio, pero ademas, a traves de otros dispositivos.
Empresas como FourSquare han innovado en este entorno, ofreciendo descuentos especiales o bebidas de cortesia a las personas que hagan check-in al entrar al establecimiento. Choose from thousands of template themes available online (for free) to have a well designed and good looking presence on the web.
From the beginning of making a decision to integrate blogging in your classroom, then writing, commenting, linking, and embedding media to using a blog as a hub for your classroom’s learning community. Tech use which accommodates replicates existing analog (non-digital) learning or communication. As you are moving along in your blogging process and experiences, you might be ready to append another chapter to the above mentioned unit by Connecting your classroom to the world. Students and teachers might be blogging in a password protected environment preventing others (outsiders) from reading, commenting and interacting.
In order for your classroom blog to be connected, the teacher and students need to actively be looking for peers, mentors or experts to interact with. Don’t be shy and contact another teacher to inquire about possible blogging collaboration between your two classes. Imagine connecting your advanced students to mentor students from other schools or countries? You could also connect your foreign language students with native speakers to practice the target language as well as support a cultural exchange. Gone are the days, when only the teacher read their work and gave them feedback through a grade. Be aware if you are using your blog as an accommodating or a transformative tool with your students.

Tere are multiple ways you can use the internet in order to get attention and persuade customers to use your products or services. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on, thus, making these great places for you to promote your company name and allure possible clients.
When you’re done creating the video, put it online on websites such as YouTube and Daily motion and from there, publicize it to the masses via social networking, websites, forums and even link trading with fellow businesses. Write a press release that promotes your company name, services, the benefits of using your service and of course, any promotions, offers and details and submit it to as many press sources in the world such as online magazines and newspapers and even mass e-mails and social networking posts. It means also means learning how to make use of other internet marketing tools, such as search engine marketing and social media marketing.
This is not to be confused with SEO (search engine optimization), which should help you fare better is search engine result pages, but does not guarantee that your links will be shown on the first page like paid ads will do.
Or you can simply (or not so simply) groom your social accounts on any of the popular social media platforms (e.g. Content that is optimized and linked to, does well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Creating distribution channels for great content can drive awareness, traffic and inbound links. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. No es ningun secreto que el enorme exito de sitios como Amazon o MercadoLibre, es debido a las recomendaciones informadas hacia los consumidores,  tomando en cuenta habitos previos de compra y de navegacion. After having introduced Online Safety , discussed and continuously reinforced the concept with real world examples and teachable moments within the classroom, you and your students might be ready to lift the password protection to the site, allowing global voices into your learning community. Another great way to jumpstart connecting your students to the world is by participating the Student Blogging Challenge. Read all about Darren Kuropatwa‘s mentoring partnerships he has established for and with his students. A great way to be able to get in touch with all different kinds of experts (in a variety of fields), is to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter.
If it was a particularly good work, the paper would make it home for parents to read and then pinned to the refrigerator. As students are creating and sharing tutorials, summarizing their learning and reflecting upon their work, they can provide a valuable contribution for others. Start a social networking page for your business, add as many friends as possible and then continue advertising as much as possible, whenever possible. They should do the trick if you write them in a catchy, witty, unique but also beneficial to the reader manner. Obviously, SEM is not the tack to take if you are on a budget, or don’t have one for advertising at all. Therefore, optimized social content and the digital assets that are common to social media (images, video, audio and widgets) are all optimization opportunities. Optimized content with a quantity of quality incoming links results in superior search visibility. We’ll also be liveblogging the event here, so watch for more posts later this morning and afternoon. Or you might connect with the same grade level and a teacher from another school just down the street from yours. By growing and maintaining a network of professional global educators willing to help YOUR students, many of them at a moments notice, is vital to connecting your students to authentic learning experiences. Keep in mind that while launching a marketing campaign for your blog in more than one site will allow you to reach a wider audience, it is important that you only participate on platforms that will showcase your content best and that you can assure your active participation in. In fact, Facebook’s percentage of increase from July to August was more than double any other search engine in the top 20.
Depending on your comfort level, you might just take a leap and connect with teachers and students half a world away. Listen in on another podcast from Wes Fryer’sA  Ideas for International Study Students Adopting Classrooms and Inspiring Students to Constructively Write the Web.

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