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Straight Outta Compton’s genius internet marketing campaign has spawned some hilarious and creative internet memes over the past few days.
Even if the Iran deal was set in place, the country wouldn’t actually run out of uranium anytime soon. These viral memes have been spawned from the movie’s internet marketing campaign, which has become a huge success.

Some would say that both President Obama’s administration or Straight Outta Compton’s internet marketing campaign has officially jumped the shark!
Under the agreement negotiated with the P5+1 international partners, Iran would continue to use uranium, but not for war. Not only is it drawing creativity from its fans, but it also has people wanting to go see Straight Outta Compton this upcoming weekend. Some thought that the Straight Outta Compton viral memes were funny until the White House had to jump on board. Beats hired a Northern Kingdom agency to create the black-and-white meme generator, which allows fans to put their hometown on the logo.

It’s expected to continue to take over the box office, as movie goers flock to theaters this upcoming weekend. Some fans would say it’s like having your grandfather or mother making a joke on Facebook to appear hip and cool.

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