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In order to be and stay successful, internet marketing companies need to adapt to the changing times. Internet marketing companies that focus solely on design are placing themselves at a disadvantage. Internet marketing companies today may feel tempted to make and act on this claim because of the rise and prevalence of social media marketing.
Katie is a writer for Farotech, one of the fastest growing web companies in the Philadelphia area. The average #salescycle has increased by 22% in 5 years because more decision makers are now involved in the process. What is your advice when it comes to tactfully marketing with social media and utilizing #socialselling ? Farotech supports Wheels for Wells, a Mid Atlantic Water Tour to fight clean water crisis in Africa. The Online Ecosystem is an increasingly complex place to be, for any company, whether it’s an online enterprise or a brick and mortar company.
Content is King: This might be the most important rule of all, especially after Google’s panda update, which prioritized the content of a website in ranking websites. Know what your competitors are doing: Both online and offline companies face competition, however there is a big difference between offline and online companies. Farah Abu Sahliya was the team captain of the Google Online Marketing Challenge winning team in 2011. There are plenty of online marketing consultants, internet marketing companies, internet marketing specialists, and self-proclaimed marketing strategists out there.
As I mentioned in my previous blog post Is Your Business Sinking Because You Won’t Outsource Marketing? When you need to set marketing and business goals, improve your visibility online, gain website traffic, convert website traffic into paying customers, and achieve more success overall, you’d be wise to do your due diligence and find a local online marketing consultant who has the experience and track record to match.
Content brought to you by Tanya Roberts, a Vancouver-based online marketing consultant that specializes in slick content strategy to rock your website traffic, build your brand, gain leads, and increase sales.
Request My PortfolioInstead of pitching like a rogue telemarketer at dinnertime, I'll craft content of value that positions you as a thought leader in your industry. This could be said in most any industry, but specifically for internet marketing companies, the trends need to be followed closely and adhered to strictly because new developments are constantly taking place and change is the norm in this industry. Businesses marketing themselves as “internet marketing companies” should understand that the business of marketing online is much more broad than simply graphics.
While social media marketing is essential to the process, the fact is that it doesn’t replace SEO at all.

It is also a relatively new business medium, especially in the Arab world, that is ever-changing and growing. But the reality is that a lot of companies and individuals are simply copying their offline marketing materials online. By content I mean the actual information and ideas that are communicated to the user through the website. Offline companies, depending on the size and reach of the company, usually have few competitors that are confined to a geographic location. The right marketing consultant should have solid experience helping businesses like yours, and should have a list of tangible results and successes to prove it.
The right marketing consultant should have a good understanding of how marketing and business works as a whole. Great graphics are an important part of marketing and clients and their customers are sure to appreciate some genuinely wonderful design work, but the work cannot stop there. Social media is a huge part of the online marketing right now and internet marketing company employees should be not only familiar with, but active on social media sites. If your product is known to be of high quality and that is how you promote your product offline, do not change the message online to, for example, faster delivery. These ideas can be communicated in a number of ways, depending on the type of website you have, for example you can use videos and blogs among others. Online companies however face competition from all over the world, which naturally results in a large number of competitors. A good marketing consultant will understand how a variety of marketing strategies and tactics work on a practical level.
A good marketing consultant should have more than a general understanding of a few marketing strategies and tactics. Hiring a specialized marketing consultant (such as a social media marketing consultant) is also an option if you have a good handle on all other areas of your marketing strategy. An internet marketing company should have higher goals than just designing a nice looking website. The internet as a medium is different and you have to think of it differently than you would any other medium. Also branding is something to keep in mind, and by that I mean: do not change your logo (unless you are rebranding) and have the website reflect your company’s identity and colors. It is important for online marketers to know and understand what their competitors offer to their users and how they are communicating with them. Hey, it’s nice to have loads of Facebook fans and friends, but when it’s all said and done, how does that translate into revenue for your business?

The right marketing consultant will have a solid grasp on how a variety of marketing vehicles work together to contribute to the overall success of a business. Ideally, a good marketing consultant should have a broad understanding of how business works as a whole, and specialize in 1-2 areas (such as online marketing) on a more granular and focused level. They should have the skills and tools necessary to help clients reach their marketing goals quickly.
Using both of these things well will enhance your company’s profitability and prove to your clients that you are internet savvy and know how to follow the trends. The internet has its own rules and methods, to succeed in the online world you must understand that and act accordingly.
Also for your website to be successful, it is important for your website to evolve into a trusted online resource for information in your respective field. It’s important to discover the weaknesses in their offerings and communication methods, so that you can take advantage. On a personal level, a good marketing consultant should be highly analytical and able to make connections based on observations. Developing SEO, social media and brand awareness campaigns are three great places to start when it comes to figuring out how to go above and beyond providing just a nice website. Creating content through onsite optimization and off site optimization are huge parts of what an internet marketing company should be doing. Your website must become the go to website for users to go to find the information about your field, this will lead to an increase in traffic and will lead to a better ranking by Google. It’s also important to understand that even the best websites can always improve and be better, so you should visit your competitors websites to discover what you can improve on. And creating the content isn’t where it stops; social media is a tool that can help spread and share that content and in turn, help clients reach their goals for online exposure. You should keep in mind when developing your content, that your content should subtly promote your products and services. Don’t be upfront about promoting your products, but  instead give your readers the impression that your products can satisfy their needs without it seeming to be too preachy.

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