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One of Florida's premier website and graphic design agencies, Rand Internet Marketing is a full-service provider of website design, graphic design, web programming, web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, and full color printing. Fred CastilloApril 13, 2016 at 8:20 PMI would've loved to have gone to any of these events!
Each year, the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) delivers the finest speakers and panel discussions on breaking industry trends, issues and best practices at its annual IMPACT conference. But this post is more about what one might do holistically to leverage multiple communication channels to promote an event and how an event can serve multiple marketing and business objectives. Publish a series of interviews on the company blog with key individuals that have influence on the target topic. As a fulfillment piece, offer a white paper on social media marketing and a guide for winning budget or to justify cost for attending the seminar.
Sponsor or create a Twitter chat leading up the event to discuss topics of relevance and that address pain points of target audience.
What creative tactics have you used to be more efficient with event and speaking gig promotions?A  Have you ever found yourself at the end of an event wishing you’d done more or done things differently to promote? In a world filled with large brands and major events that dominate the headlines, it’s hard for small businesses to do things that get the attention of their target audience. Business owners have to resist the temptation to hijack events that don’t pertain to their business. It’s just as important to prevent legal backlash as it is to prevent public backlash.
Piggybacking on the popularity of a pre-existing good way to get noticed but there are a lot of other businesses were trying to do the same things. Similar to the last point, business owners should be ready to use their advertising budgets to promote the event-related special. In the end, though business owners and marketers may be trying to ride the wave created by popular events, there is still a lot of work to be done for event-related specials to work. Peter Roesler (1199 Posts)Peter Roesler president of Web Marketing Pros has an extensive background in all things marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Attendees of the Workshop will also get a free copy of the MTTB System Training program which currently sells for $49! It’s a unique opportunity to learn best practices and techniques for building market share and business growth, explore the latest tools and trends, and network with local and global professionals. It provides a platform where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared to increase members’ value to their organizations. A  In the digital marketing world, the number of online and real world events has exploded.

We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. For some businesses, the solution may not be to try to make a bigger wave, but rather to ride the wave created by other major events that have captured the attention of consumers. The organizers of major events often have very specific rules about how their event can be mentioned in advertising and marketing. Marketers need to make sure that their promotional materials are engaging enough to be noticed in a sea of similar ads.
With so many this is trying to attract consumers by invoking the popular event, its unlikely that content without paid promotion would be readily seen. It’s important to give thought to things such as the choice of event, the legal guidelines for marketing, and more.
His impressive work history includes VP of Development at AppSoft Development, Director of Multimedia at Advantage Services, and Creative Director at Mammoth Technology.
23-25, 2015, at Aria Campus Las Vegas will once again surpass previous levels of excellence. IMA is underwritten by corporate partners to provide an opportunity to learn, engage and define best practices without making a financial commitment. Well, maybe some companies do, but for the most part, being able to get far more value out of a marketing investment than projected is cause to celebrate. Despite many options to choose from, it can get costly to send staff to multiple events per year and even more if you sponsor or exhibit.
When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. First, the marketing only makes sense if there is some basic connection between the events and the company.
As was mentioned in a previous article, images are what drive shares and engagement on social media networks. None of this should dissuade business owners from using major events to market their companies. This may seem to be a simple tactic but there are some things that business owners keep in mind when implementing it. For example, a restaurant that is advertising specials for World Cup should at least have the matches playing on the TV. The NFL tightly regulates the use of the term Super Bowl in ads, plus several related words letter of the use of synonyms for the game (e.g.
Even without using official logos or event names, it is possible for marketers to create marketing materials that promote event-related specials without running afoul of the event guidelines.

It’s worth the effort because tapping into the public excitement surrounding major events gives marketers a boost when it comes to interest in their specials. Here are four things business owners should do when marketing their businesses during major events. Second, consumers can become upset if they feel a business is marketing with an inappropriate events. For example, if a business is unable to use the name of a sporting event, a stock picture of a filled stadium with cheering crowds is enough imagery to get people in the right state of mind to take advantage of the event-related special. Marketers can also use promoted content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and, if they signed up for the trial, Pinterest.
To illustrate, a business producing unhealthy foods should not market themselves with an event for childhood obesity.
Part of this it because they want to get money from advertisers who want to be the official sponsor. Also, since parody is protected from copyright suits, business owners can create names that are similar to the event. But they also have a vested interest in ensuring that whatever marketing is produced meet the needs of the events.
A business can’t say March Madness in an ad without permission, but they could have Motor Madness, March Mayhem, etc. A  There’s nothing wrong with those tactics for promoting events, but the focus here is mostly on editorial or content based promotion. A final thing to consider is that when businesses try to do specials with every event, customers become so used to the premium pricing that they will never buy things at full price. Neither the Olympic Committee nor FIFA want to see their event or logo used in advertising for gentlemen’s clubs or condoms. Business owners need to choose the events they market with carefully and to try not become too dependent on discounts to get sales. Their marketing guidelines give them a legal recourse if they feel their trademarks are being used inappropriately. In reality, there are a lot of violations of these rules and many others go unnoticed by event organizers.
And though the most likely consequences would  be a cease and desist letter, the potential for much graver and more expensive repercussions exists.

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