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Now that the clocks have been turned back and daylight has been saved, it’s time to start exploiting the San Diego forecast.
There is nowhere else you can dine over the water and view the majestic San Diego skyline for such a great price. I took a gamble with the jalapeno-infused tequila cocktail, a specialty beverage that proved to be the perfect mix of zesty and refreshing. Bailiwick, which translates to “an area of expertise,” is an enchanting space that is easily missed, tucked in between tall buildings within San Diego’s Gaslamp District. I recommend indulging in their $5 Pack of Mules selection for Happy Hour, which runs from W-Sun 5-7pm. This highly anticipated establishment downtown is the ideal mix of pop culture – visually stimulating to say the least, thanks to the creative director Mauricio Couturier. The sake index is extensive, the raw fish program is deliciously flawless, and the XL multi-straw punch bowl of liquor promises a collaboratively good time.
From the food to the beverages to the artwork, Lions Share feels like everything was created just for you, out of your own (bizarre) imagination. The crowd is as diverse and unique as the cocktail menu – all there for one reason: the love of whiskey. A rustic, absolutely charming establishment that offers a wide range of mouth watering treats to rave about. Located in Hillcrest, you can confidently choose brunch, happy hour or dinner and leave satisfied. San Diego gave birth to various remarkable brews, Barrel Republic offers a vast selection of local and international favorites under one roof and at your own discretion.
The lavish location, perched above the La Jolla Cove, takes the award in championing local seafood and all around superior service. Let me know when you publish the most beautiful San Diego salons to Instagram;) we just remodeled our salon in Normal heights after our 8 year anniversary and the result is breathtaking.

Sitting next to its sister restaurant, Island Prime, C Level is a slice of the renowned Cohn Restaurant Group. The best part was being able to sit at the outside bar and look up at the stars while I ate. The atmosphere is a modern classic, where they boast their space as “an extension of your life.” You can brunch by morning and groove to live DJs post sunset. Between the infamous Ryan Gosling bathroom shrine, the largest disco ball on the west coast, and the “over-the-top Japanese social house” decor, Bang Bang creates a memorable experience that offers 3 different rooms regularly populated by a tasteful crowd. The overall combination of Mauricio Couturier and Johnny Shockey’s second joint venture proves to be quite lively. The vibe is tranquil and inviting for a great conversation – if you don’t start it, some of the paintings on the wall will.
My first thought that comes to mind when thinking of this unique breakfast spot is: groovy, baby. Inspired by New York’s “meatpacking district” of intricate urban lounges, Syrah uses its creative power to bring your daydreams to life.
From Wednesday tarot reading to exotic salsa classes to Saturday night’s wine tasting, you’re always in for an experience. This bar fits in perfectly with the North Park culture – a minimally lit joint that provides a back room for live music, pool tables for play, art pieces as craft cocktails, made complete with plaid carpentry and hanging deer head fixtures. 100 Wines Kitchen is another Cohn Restaurant Group creation that values passionate and knowledgeable service, giving birth to a whole new dining experience for San Diego. Cat Eye Club is a wonderful place to go if you want to dodge the rowdy downtown crowd and have the benefit of a cool, intimate vibe with an enjoyable cocktail from bartenders who know what they are doing.
How it works: Swap your card for a magnetic bracelet, choose a glass (there are suggested glasses for specific beer), then swipe your bracelet in front of the tap of your choice, and you’re charged per amount dispensed. Offering both fine dining and a more casual terrace and bar experience, they really capture a luxurious version of the Southern Californian lifestyle.

Sitting on the peak of the Marriot, the 22nd-story rooftop lounge features a panorama of the city, the Coronado Bridge, Petco stadium, and the San Diego bay. If the photo and legacy doesn’t sell itself, the Executive Chef Deborah Scott has a fresh list of awards and accolades that you can check out on the website. The decor offers an eclectic mix of industrial light fixtures, a breathing succulent wall, and high wood ceilings – a chic, contemporary take on a barn. The Patio is your home away from home; not only are they pet friendly, but they provide water, treats, and even discounts (during brunch) if you bring your pup. A few other highlights: no corkage fee on Tuesdays, an incredible staff, and live acoustic days. They are as awesome as the concept, and if nothing else, you can check it off your bucket list.
The impressive detail to character of this distinct space offers multiple areas, each with a different, promising adventure. There is a reason George’s By the Cove is a locals favorite and a top pick for visitors – voted “Most Popular Restaurant” by Zagat Survey. These unique spaces make you feel good when you walk in, regardless of what happens after that.
It doesn’t hurt that the food just melts in your mouth – all-natural, hand selected ingredients, and recipes made from scratch.

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