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Jeff Mills & Reed Floren, two very successful internationally recognized internet marketers from the Twin Cities, are joining forces to hold monthly meetups where YOU are the STAR and YOUR business and website are the main attraction. A: No, we will teach you exactly and step by step how to generate a full time income in your spare time.
This group features practice group meetings in South London, UK, days and international events and programmes on-line too. This Group explores the Heart of mindful communication, the practice of nonviolent communication is that our our actions and words, as far as possible are in synch with giving and receiving from the heart. We are a group of internet marketer's, entrepreneurs sharing our experiences on new ways to acquire more customers and clients for our products and services. Get ready to network with some of the Internet's best & brightest Entrepreneurial minds visiting Tokyo for one exclusive evening!
We started this group so internet marketers can get together and discuss current trends in the SEO, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce & PPC world.

There's something out there full of BILLIONS of people who are ready and EAGER to hear about your products, yours service and yours business.
Join us for for a packed 2 hour evening workshop on Internet Money Making Strategies for 2015. We do what we call, "HOT SEATS" where we put YOUR website up on the big screen and critique it in front of a live audience! Plus as an attendee, you'll learn incredible tips on website optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Layout, and other tips to make your site work better than it is now.
The Internet has become the no.1 source for clients of businesses, outstripping all other channels such as television, newspapers, directories, referrals and radio.
We have question and answer sessions in Bloomington, MN where you will learn exactly how to get started online, take your offline business online and make your online business even more successful with powerful money making ideas! It has now become essential for any business owner to understand how to leverage the power of the billions of online customers around the world.

For example, some of the things we often cover are: * The one thing you must do to get your online business into high gear * How to establish yourself as a brand - via the internet * Three things you must include on your web site for maximum results! The Online Money Making Strategies course, delivered by Simon Coulson or one of his personally trained coaches, will teach you how to adopt the right strategies for 2015. You'll want to bring plenty of business cards to EVERY meetup, plus a pen and pad of paper to take copious notes.
There is no charge to attend our meetings, but we ask for a $10 minimum purchase for dinner or drinks at the Embassy Suites Hotel, where we hold our meetings which allows us a free meeting space with some killer technology. This event is pretty casual, wear what you want and remember to get a tea and some goodies from the front counter on your way to presentation room located at the back of the coffee shop.

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