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Social Media is a great instrument for engaging with patients, promoting your practice, and managing your online reputation. Managing your medical practicesa€™ online reputation is essential in todaya€™s digital environment where you are often defined by whata€™s being said about you online. A "Ia€™ve worked with Peter for over 15 years and he has an infectious enthusiasm for serving clients needs and helping them build their business.
Just found your web site, I'm a patient at your Hollywood Office and wanted to let you know that the site is great, so well designed, easy to find all the information.
SMS Marketing (or text marketing) can be an effective and affordable tool to help grow a small business.
I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. Flat design concepts for online communication, social network, strategic communication, email marketing, internet security, cloud computing. Flat design concepts for business, finance, stock market and financial market news, consulting, m-banking, online investing, crowdfunding.
Flat design concepts for business, finance, strategic management, investment, natural resources, consulting, teamwork, great idea. Flat design concepts for business, finance, economy, investment, marketing, consulting, financial market, business strategy, m-commerce. Flat design devices icons with long shadow, phone, smartphone, tablet, computer, connection.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
B?n mu?n s? h?u m?t cong vi?c t?i nha d? co nhi?u th?i gian hon cham soc con cai, khong s? cac v?n n?n v? b?o m?u va v? sinh th?c ph?m dang la bao d?ng d? trong th?i d?i ngay nay? B?n dam me kinh doanh nhung khong bi?t ph?i b?t d?u t? dau va co it v?n nen chua dam HANH D?NG?
D? tim ra du?c m?t y tu?ng kinh doanh dung d?n ngay t? ban d?u khi b?n m?i kh?i nghi?p la m?t di?u vo cung kho khan d?i v?i nhi?u ngu?i. Co r?t nhi?u ngu?i lao d?u vao m?t y tu?ng kinh doanh nao do, khi th?c hi?n thi m?i phat hi?n ra nh?ng kho khan ma tru?c do khong nh?n bi?t du?c. Co th? noi ch?n du?c m?t y tu?ng kinh doanh dung d?n la bu?c d?u tien vo cung quan tr?ng cho s? thanh cong c?a b?n. Trong mo hinh kinh doanh truy?n th?ng, d? ban du?c s?n ph?m, b?n ph?i thuy?t trinh v? s?n ph?m c?a minh v?i khach hang. B?n phan van khong bi?t l?a ch?n tieu d?, ph? d?, mau s?c, n?i dung, hinh ?nh, video, m?c gia…nao cho b?c thu chao hang c?a minh? Leon Jay da giup toi nh?n ra s? th?t phia sau Internet Marketing, nh?ng s? th?t nay bao g?m nh?ng gi? Ch? trong vong chua d?y 1 thang k? t? ngay phat hanh, nh? cac chi?n lu?c ma Leon Jay da “th?c t?nh” toi, cu?n sach “Lam It Hon Ki?m Nhi?u Ti?n Hon” da co khach hang t? kh?p cac t?nh thanh ? Vi?t Nam va ? 3 nu?c: Uc, M?, CH Sec. 6) Bi Quy?t Xay D?ng Ph?u Ban Hang Hi?u Qu? B?n la ch? doanh nghi?p, v?y b?n da bi?t d?n cac khai ni?m Up-sell, Down-sell, OTO (one time offer – uu dai 1 l?n)…chua?
M?t vi d? don gi?n: Gi? s? b?n d?n 1 c?a hang di?n tho?i di d?ng m?i khai truong vi h? t?ng cho 100 khach hang d?u tien phi?u mua hang tr? gia 500,000d mi?n phi. Ti?p do, khi b?n mu?n mua 1 di?n tho?i tr? gia 3,000,000d, h? s? d? ngh? b?n r?ng ch? c?n b?n b? them 500,000d n?a, b?n s? co 1 chi?c di?n tho?i v?i ch?c nang t?t hon nhi?u.
Ngu?c l?i, n?u b?n d?n do v?i chi?c di?n tho?i gia 3tr vi khong co d? ti?n, h? s? d? ngh? b?n r?ng h? co 1 chi?c di?n tho?i khac gia r? hon v?i cac ch?c nang tuong t?.
Sau khi b?n da mua di?n tho?i, h? s? dua ra 1 uu dai la n?u b?n mua goi s?n ph?m cac ?ng d?ng danh cho di?n tho?i tr? gia 500,000d, b?n s? nh?n du?c uu dai 50% ngay bay gi?.

Va th?m chi n?u khach hang khong mua b?t k? chi?c di?n tho?i nao va mu?n ra v?, b?n s? dua ngay ra cho h? 1 uu dai la dung th? di?n tho?i mi?n phi trong vong 7 ngay. Di?u toi mu?n noi ? day la khi b?n dua du?c 1 khach hang vao quy trinh ban hang (hay con g?i la ph?u ban hang) c?a minh (? vi d? nay la b?ng chi?n lu?c t?ng phi?u mua hang mi?n phi), sau do cho du khach hang co dua ra b?t k? quy?t d?nh nao, h? cung khong th? “thoat kh?i” tay b?n. V?i mo hinh kinh doanh truy?n th?ng, d? ti?p xuc v?i khach hang va chao hang nh?ng s?n ph?m Up-sell, Down-sell hay OTO nay, b?n c?n ph?i co it nh?t 1 nhan vien.
Tuy nhien, s? lu?ng khach hang ma nhan vien c?a b?n co th? ti?p xuc trong ngay la bao nhieu?
Chung toi s? hu?ng d?n b?n dua toan b? quy trinh ban hang c?a minh bao g?m Up-sell, Down-sell, OTO len Internet, th?m chi ngay c? khi khach hang thoat kh?i trang web, b?n cung s? “ch?n” du?c khach hang l?i va g?i 1 thong di?p “uu dai” d?n h?. Toi khong co y mu?n “len l?p” b?n, nhung b?n lam on d?ng th?c hi?n Email Marketing nhu nh?ng ngu?i dang di r?i truy?n SPAM EMAIL ngoai kia, vi chinh h? la 1 trong nh?ng thanh ph?n lam cho m?i ngu?i co cai nhin tieu c?c v? cai g?i la “Internet Marketing” ngay nay.
Toi da chan ng?y v?i vi?c m?i sang th?c d?y ph?i di d?n RAC cho h?p thu c?a minh vi nh?ng email qu?ng cao vo t?i v?. Ngoai ra, “v?n n?n” ti?p theo trong Email Marketing la thong tin khach hang b? truy?n di t? h?t ngu?i nay d?n ngu?i khac.
D?n v?i Kinh doanh online, b?n du?c t? do lam vi?c t?i b?t k? noi dau va b?t k? th?i gian nao b?n mu?n. Leon Jay du?c bi?t d?n nhu 1 Chuyen Gia Internet Marketing v?i ten g?i "Ngu?i Dan Ong 6 Tri?u Do" (day la ten than m?t ma 1 ngu?i b?n da d?t cho anh - vi anh da giup ngu?i b?n c?a minh t?o ra doanh thu hon 6 tri?u Do ch? trong vong 1 nam - va cac Internet Marketer da g?i anh v?i ten nay). Leon Jay du?c m?i phat bi?u t?i cac s? ki?n marketing tren kh?p th? gi?i va giup d? r?t nhi?u ngu?i kinh doanh thanh cong tren internet. FusionHQ da th?c hi?n di?u do thanh cong va ti?p t?c giup cho vi?c kinh doanh tr?c tuy?n ngay cang tr? nen don gi?n va hi?u qu? hon bao gi? h?t.
Khong ph?i la m?t khoa h?c mang d?m tinh ly thuy?t, b?n s? th?c hanh v?i s? hu?ng d?n c? th? va co du?c m?t mo hinh kinh doanh online hoan h?o c?a rieng minh. Khoa h?c r?t y nghia, th?c t?, di?n gi? chia s? h?t minh, h?u h?t t?t c? ki?n th?c c?a bu?i dao t?o d?u co th? ap d?ng 1 cach d? dang.Tru?c khi tham gia chuong trinh nay, toi g?n nhu s?p phat dien vi luc do toi c? nhu dang ? trong 1 vong l?n qu?n ma khong co l?i thoat. V?i 9 nam kinh nghi?m Online Bussiness, Leon Jay da chia s? nh?ng ki?n th?c r?t th?c t? va hi?u qu?, n?i dung bu?i Workshop khong d? c?p nhi?u v? ph?n m?m, cong c? marketing ma di sau vao nh?ng y?u t? n?n t?ng va quan tr?ng nh?t c?a doanh nghi?p, v? d?i nhom va chi?n lu?c. We are an award winning, full service, digital marketing agency that offer much more than simply building websites for doctors. We will work with you to develop a custom design that is both driven by your marketing objectives and has a clean layout, stunning graphics and beautiful imagery that project the unique image of your practice.
Wea€™ll monitor whata€™s being said about you, promote positive reviews, establish local citations and engage strategically to mediate negative press or poor reviews. We make it our mission to keep ourselves ahead of the curve and you at the top of Googlea€™s search results so that prospective patients looking for your services can find you online. He is a pleasure to work with and the digital marketing program he put in place has helped bring our practice to a place we never thought possible."- Dr. Icons Can Be Used For Websites, Print And Presentation Templates, Promotional Materials, Infographics, Web And Mobile Services And Apps. Icons can be used for websites, print and presentation templates, promotional materials, infographics, web and mobile services and apps.
Concepts for finance, taxes, bookkeeping, accounting, stock market news, strategy and planning, marketing, e-commerce, market research, business. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.

H?i Phong da h?y chuy?n cong tac nu?c ngoai d? vao TP.HCM tham d? khoa h?c da th?t len: "Th?t tuy?t v?i!
Vi mo hinh nay s? giup b?n ho?ch d?nh du?c t?m nhin xa cho cong vi?c kinh doanh c?a minh va t?i uu hoa t?ng khach hang ghe tham trang web c?a b?n.
Cung nhu cac b?n, ngay t? luc b?t d?u, toi da khong bi?t cach “xem nh?ng gi h? lam” ma c? “nghe nh?ng gi h? noi” nen m?i mi?t ch?y theo cac khoa h?c, t?n r?t nhi?u th?i gian, cong s?c va ti?n b?c. Tru?c do toi da tranh cai v?i Leon Jay r?t nhi?u v? cac cong c? nay (vi toi tin tu?ng vao nh?ng gi minh da h?c), nhung qua th?c t? tr?i nghi?m, toi da tin l?i Leon.
M?t l?n n?a, s? lu?ng nay l?i b? gi?i h?n b?i th?i gian (toi c? cho la nhan vien c?a b?n lam vi?c t? 8h sang -> 10h t?i, t?ng c?ng la 14 ti?ng). Co 2 y?u t? khi?n khach hang chua mua s?n ph?m (n?u s?n ph?m c?a b?n t?t): chua dung th?i di?m ho?c chua co ti?n.
Cho du thu chao hang c?a b?n co hay d?n dau di chang n?a, thi “nh?ng v? thu?ng d?” (la khach hang) cung s? ch?ng them d? y d?n Email c?a b?n va khong ng?n ng?i cho chung vao s?t rac.
Toi th?c s? r?t b?c minh vi sau khi mua ten mi?n c?a m?t cong ty t?i Vi?t Nam, trong vong m?t tu?n sau do toi da nh?n du?c thu qu?ng cao t? hon 20 cong ty thi?t k? website khac nhau. V?y lam th? nao d? qu?n ly nhan vien c?a b?n t? xa, theo doi th?i gian lam vi?c th?c t? va tr? ti?n cho nh?ng nhan vien lam vi?c ban th?i gian?
M?c tieu l?n nh?t c?a anh ?y la lam th? nao d? vi?c kinh doanh tren internet tr? nen d? dang va d? ti?p c?n nh?t d?n m?c co th?. Toi da tham gia r?t nhi?u khoa h?c d?y v? kinh doanh tren Internet nhung khi th?c hanh thi khong mang l?i nh?ng k?t qu? nhu toi mong mu?n.Toi r?t h?nh phuc va vui m?ng vi chuong trinh nay th?t s? da gi?i dap h?t t?t c? nh?ng th?c m?c t? tru?c d?n gi? c?a toi. Do s? la nh?ng ki?n th?c th?c s? quy gia cho cong vi?c kinh doanh c?a toi trong th?i gian s?p t?i. By using a results driven approach to digital marketing we can help you connect with new patients and build your practice to where you want it to be. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. V?y khi khach hang mu?n mua s?n ph?m, lam th? nao d? nh?ng khach hang ti?m nang nay nh? d?n b?n ma khong ph?i la d?i th? c?nh tranh c?a b?n?Ngoai ra, n?u b?n dang kinh doanh, b?n s? hi?u r?ng danh sach khach hang ti?m nang vo cung quan tr?ng. Chung toi s? b?t mi cho b?n cach chung toi qu?n ly nhan vien t? cac qu?c gia, thanh ph? khac nhau, ma trong do chung toi co th? bi?t du?c trong t?ng phut m?t, nhan vien c?a minh dang m? nh?ng chuong trinh nao tren may tinh, go ban phim va di chuy?n chu?t bao nhieu l?n. Do la n?u cac b?n d?t mua s?n ph?m c?a Nu?c Hoa Tinh Yeu v?i coupon code BEFREE, cac b?n s? du?c gi?m 10% gia tr? don hang. Based in South Florida we are part of WSI, the largest network of digital marketing consultants in the world with offices in over 80 countries.
Cho du b?n khong h?c ? tru?ng l?p di chang n?a, b?n cung s? nh?n du?c nh?ng bai h?c ? tru?ng d?i t? nh?ng sai l?m va th?t b?i c?a chinh b?n than minh. N?u quay tr? l?i qua kh? va toi ph?i tr? 1 kho?n chi phi cao hon g?p 10 l?n, toi v?n s?n sang b? ra d? du?c tham gia khoa h?c nay.
Hi v?ng nh?ng bu?i Workshop nhu th? nay s? du?c t? ch?c thu?ng xuyen hon n?a d? m?i ngu?i co co h?i du?c h?c h?i va ap d?ng nh?ng kinh nghi?m t? chuyen gia hang d?u v? Online Business - Leon Jay.
H?c t? nh?ng ngu?i thanh cong va co kinh nghi?m s? giup b?n rut ng?n du?c th?i gian, cong s?c va ti?n b?c d? d?n v?i con du?ng thanh cong c?a minh. V?i 12 nam kinh nghi?m kinh doanh online l?n offline, Leon Jay s? chia s? v?i b?n nh?ng ki?n th?c th?c ti?n da du?c th? nghi?m va ch?ng minh b?i s? thanh cong c?a hang ngan ngu?i kinh doanh & ki?m ti?n online tren th? gi?i.

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