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Social media icons are the main part  to communicate, share our ideas and creativity with all people around the world. Today i designed professional, elite and unique ios 8 social media icons and mock-ups.  These files are available in Ai and Psd format.
The rising trend in social media promotion and ad campaign makes the websites compulsory to be social media friendly. Responsive and adaptive, flexible and interative, creating effective digital communication. With the annual release of new iPhone hardware, so comes another entry in Apple Inc.’s mobile platform, iOS. Facebook and Instagram update their iOS apps weekly, so there are no huge changes in their new apps.
Days before the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ were released, Twitter released its updated app with a few new features. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The icons which are mainly used in social world are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Dribbble, Vimeo, Tumblr, Path, Forrst, and many more.

He loves experimenting with innovative designs techniques and also blogs on TheDesignWall about design news, freebies, resources and tutorials.
Version 8.0 launched three weeks ago, and so far response has been positive aside from a few hiccups in its first patch.
The biggest change for iOS users’ app for Facebook and Instagram is the support for higher resolution text and photos to accommodate the larger screen sizes on the new iPhone models.
These included a brand new profile design that is more similar to the desktop version, including a full bio and profile cover photo.
Anyone who has the Pinterest app can pin straight from mobile Safari by adding Pinterest in the new share menu. Developers have also taken full advantage of this, and you really can see the difference it’s made by using one of these social media apps on an iOS device.
As an Account Executive, he provides support through the management of client's digital space and social media presences. With new features such as updates to the classic messages and photos apps, third party keyboard support, and a brand new health and fitness app, iOS 8 is definitely a worthwhile update. It’s important to note that users are not happy with Facebook’s mandatory switch to the Facebook messages app to send and receive direct messages from other users.

Interactive notifications support has been added to allow users to respond to tweets while still using other apps.
For example, it’s now possible to go to the Photos app and post straight from there—without having to switch back to the Tumblr app. This allows users to pin anything while browsing, whether it be a photo, article, recipe, or video. Other apps from the App Store have also been updated to accommodate the new iteration of iOS. Other problems have been reported from users utilizing Facebook on older devices that may not take full advantage of iOS 8. Tumblr calls the update “The Little Increase That Feels So Big.” Photos on Tumblr have never looked better on iOS.

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