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Adobe flash player consente di effettuare molteplici operazioni, permette l’utilizzo di determinate applicazioni web e di player audio e video. Apple non ha previsto questo programma nei suoi dispositivi mobili e i possessori di iPhone e iPad potrebbero sentirne la mancanza. Inoltre, carica le pagine molto piu velocemente rispetto ad altri browser e prevede trackpad e gamepad virtuali. There are certainly plenty of ways to get your old vinyl records into your MP3 player, but none quite so stylish as this iPhone turntable dock, that combines retro looks with modern functionality.
The concept design was created by designer Olivier Meynard, and at first glance just looks like an old-school record player. With a press of the surface-mounted button, the turntable would play and then send its audio to the iPhone to record it into a digital file.
GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. I had contacted GTA customer service because I wanted to know if the kit would work for my iPhone 5S.
Using my iPod Classic and all the useful features the GTA car kit allows (controlling songs through my car’s stereo, charging my iPod, and selecting playlists) made my car rides much more enjoyable. More than all of this, I was most impressed by the quality of customer service I experienced from GTA. The kit was easy to install (the video really helps, and the tools are mostly things you’d have around any basic toolbox anyway) and the system works great!
The product itself feels like a quality product; the ordering process was easy, shipping was fast. Installation was EXTREMELY EASY, getting the required tools from the garage (phillips screw driver, 10mm socket and magnet) as well as putting them away took no more than 20 minutes. The installation was very straightforward and took about 45 minutes, although I was very careful and took my time undoing the clips that held in the console and stereo.

It was not immediately clear to me that the adapter would work with the 6-disc CD changer that comes with some trim levels of Corolla, I had to Google a bit to assure myself that it would have the correct AUX input port. Perfect match for GTA Car kit – Universal Car Holder that clips on the horizontal vents and rotates 360 degrees.
Incredibly Durable: Tangle-free nylon cord with aluminum casing has a 4000+ bend lifespan, several times longer than original device cables. Hight Quality black nylon braiding cable with grey aluminum that blends into most car interiors and not as noticeable as original white cables. Professional grade plastic tool set for removing car dash trims without damage to your car interior.
Timeless style, great sound: make every song a classic with the Jukebox Dock from ION Audio. I ordered the iPhone AUX kit and the bluetooth kit for my 2005 Honda Pilot EX-L (with 6disc changer). But look to the right of the silver-platter and tone arm, and you’ll see a built-in iPhone dock.
The design also calls for a built-in amp and speakers, so it could work as a standalone audio system. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. My wife’s Corolla came with a 6 disk in dash tuner and your kit still works flawless for her.
Your youtube video was helpful, I watched it while my wife was on her 10 min drive home from work and i was done before she decided what she wanted for dinner.
Cables are routed through the back of the upper dash compartment so the cable can be put out of site when not in the car.
The stock Toyota stereos are quality units that look like they belong — the backlighting and layout match the look and feel of the instrument cluster and the other controls.

I intalled the GTA Car Kit on my 2008 Toyota Corolla and it works great, just as advertised. The Jukebox Dock is a tabletop speaker dock for iPad with vintage looks and modern capability.
Whether your playing classic rock or today's top ten, the Jukebox Dock is ready to fill any room with your favorite music. The videos on how to remove the in-dash radio and to install the kit were easy and very helpful.
At this point it looks like the iPhone turntable is just a design concept, but from the looks of the photo below, we can only assume that Olivier is working on a functional prototype. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
If I had a question (are there more clips to release?), I had the video handy to guide me through the install.
GTA Car Kit features that I like the most – ease of installation, how well it integrates the ipod and how easy it is to use. Other than the telescoping magnet, I imagine many people would have or could borrow the required screwdriver, socket and ratchet. It literally took me 10 mins to completely install this and now my iPhone 5 streams music via bluetooth flawlessly and sounds great in the factory stereo. I thought I had some audio issues at first and contacted them and they were willing to trade the item but turns out my phone was streaming bad audio since it was internet radio app. You will have to purchase the lighting adapter in order for this kit to work on the newer generation iPhones.

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