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In 2011, Apple largely left 2010's iPod nano alone, though it did slightly tweak the software to embrace a popular use of the tiny touchscreen device as a watch replacement.
Beyond the new screen, the addition of Bluetooth 4.0, and the switch to Apple's smaller Lightning connector, however, very little of the internal hardware changed in the 2012 iPod nano.
Apple has a history of moving in interesting (if odd) design directions with the smaller iPods, and then changing its mind. What's most odd about the changes Apple made with the seventh-gen nano, however, is that it took an existing, seemingly popular design and got rid of the very elements that made it unique. What's left is a fairly simple music player that doesn't—at least on the surface—seem all that appealing.
As we noted earlier, the internal hardware is largely the same as the sixth-gen nano from 2011. On the outside, Apple elongated the case to fit a larger, rectangular 2.5" touchscreen and a small, iPhone-like "home" button. The anodized aluminum shell is sleek and sturdy, and matches the look of the latest iPod touch.
At 1.1 ounces (a scant 31 grams), the nano is still extremely lightweight, and easily tucks into a pocket. Though the vertical dimension is essentially double the previous nano, the seventh-gen device is small, lightweight, feels solid, and looks nice.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Sure you can send YouTube app to the background but the currently playing video will be paused. A small cottage industry spring up to design and sell all manner of iPod nano "watch bands," but Apple has now abandoned that idea in favor of giving the seventh-generation iPod nano a larger, 2.5" touchscreen capable of playing videos. Software remains largely the same as well, with a similar collection of "apps" all provided by Apple. And given the iPod's increasingly dwindling sales figures since the introduction of the iPhone, that could end up being a liability in the market.
In fact, it seems as if Apple is trying to make the nano into something of a tiny iPod touch. Our review unit is a pastel, pinkish purple color, but you can also get it in black, silver, blue, green, and yellow, as well as a special "Product Red" color. That design didn't fare too well, it seems, and Apple again sells an iPod shuffle with buttons. The main changes include a Broadcom Bluetooth + FM radio module, support chips for Lightning, and a larger, double-size battery.
The placement of controls, the overall shape, and the strange "home" button all serve to amplify that feeling.

But we miss the integrated clip of the sixth-gen nano; without it, you may need some kind of strap or case to hold on to it while exercising. Or best of all, you could get out your clamps, drills, router and hot glue and go medieval on some pile of wood’s ass.
Apple thought a sideways screen would be a good way to add compatibility with video and then-new downloadable iPod games, but the fourth-generation nano returned to the taller "candy bar" design. A few hours into the shift and I cracked a bottle of Kahlua when I pulled it off a shelf and flood the glass with sticky brown gunk. The phone was ruined).So instead you should fashion this hot-looking box and drop your iPhone in there.
While I’m not typically prudish or overly sensitive to off-color words, I expect journalists to adhere to a higher standard of English and refrain from using common vulgarities in their articles.

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