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Of course, without discovery, developers have a difficult time getting download numbers, which means a difficult time generating revenue, whether from in-app advertising or the pay per download model.
There are various companies trying to address this issue, companies like Appboy, Appsfire, Chomp, and more. Originally Bump was used to transfer contacts, but it has since evolved to enable data transfer including photos, music, and more. In terms of the actual technology behind this new feature, Apple does not have a native API for scanning your iPhone’s apps, so Bump bypassed that restriction by scanning the apps that you recently ran on your device (Appsfire founder Ouriel Ohayon pointed out to me that Appsfire scans your apps as well and also enables you to share them over the air). IPHONE HOME SHARING OVER VPNUtilityipad configuration utilityipad configuration utility and resources via the amount. Einen ahnlichen und teilweise besseren Funktionsumfang bietet beispielsweise die Applikation Air Video* zusammen mit dem Air Video Server.
Chapters, Chronicle for iPad, and Chronicle for iPhone can create backup files with a .backup extension. If, one day, you lose your data you can copy your old .backup file to your device and import it.
You can also use the backup and import feature to move notes from your iPhone to your iPad!

If you want to import an older backup file, copy it to your device and use the import feature found within the app. We have all heard the numbers, 300k iOS apps, 200k Android apps, plus BlackBerry, Symbian, and all other platforms bring the total number of mobile applications to the millions.
I already wrote a few quick tips for developers, but a new solution was just introduced, which provides a very unique angle on the issue of app discovery. Each one brings its own angle, but today, Bump, which is in my opinion, one of the most futuristic mobile apps out there, is jumping into the discovery ring.
I have over 200 apps on my phone, but the ones I would be interested in sharing are obviously the ones I use most, so Bump’s solution actually makes a lot of sense. Available for download on jailbroken devices AirBlue Sharing app lets you send files using inbuilt bluetooth on the iPhone .You can transfer music , video , text and other file formats using this jailbreak app . Im Gegensatz zum iTunes Home Sharing kann Air Video auch Dateieformate wie AVI, mkv, WMV, DivX etc.
Jedoch machen viele die ihren ersten Rechner zusammenstellen einen ganz fatalen Fehler: Sie versuchen beim PC-Netzteil zu sparen. Wenn es mit Bordmitteln nicht funktioniert, konnt ihr das mit einer kostenlosen Software erledigen.

Bump is a cross platform mobile app (iPhone and Android) that allows users to bump their mobile devices together in order to transfer data. The newest update scans your iPhone apps and allows you to share your favorites with your friend by bumping the two phones together.
Will it really help developers spread the word about their apps or is bumping  hands together at a conference something a little too strange to go mainstream? As Jason Kincaid points out, the primary difference between this solution and the others is that this is more personal. You are not sharing your apps with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends, but rather with an individual you are currently with, in person. Of course the down side is that you are sharing it with one person and not many, which means less exposure, but this new feature enables good old fashioned word of mouth to take on a new form, actually sharing the app.

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