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While the product you requested is no longer available, we do offer great deals on 1000's of other products.
The twist-off bottom cover of the previous model is gone, with a new plastic cap needing to be levered off. The WiFi antenna also hampers access, but the good news, says iFixit, is there is no glue to contend with. There is better news on the drive front: it can be replaced, albeit only by pretty much dismantling the entire machine. You do, of course, have the option of connecting external drives, and¬†Macminicolo‘s view was that a second Thunderbolt port is a good trade-off the for missing Firewire 800 one now that the price of Thunderbolt drives is starting to fall.
I did exactly the same thing, bought the base model and bumped it up to 16 GB DDR3 courtesy of Amazon for $160. Why is Apple making things so difficult for those of us with less than $1,000 to drop on upgrading our PC? This means I will hold onto my Mac mini until the current version of OS X no longer supports it. 16GB of RAM is really overkill for anyone except pro users who are doing video editing etc.
While all the comments on the unfriendly changes to the mac mini are valid, one should remember that Apple has not made the Mac mini solely as a separate engineering development process; it shares much of its development with the MacBook Pro models. There’s a problem with this logic, as it implies there could be two models of the Mini, just as there are two models of the macbook pro.
The 15 inch macbook pro has a dual core processor, so the mac mini could also have a dual core processor. Correction: I meant the 15 inch macbook pro has a quad core processor, so the mac mini would have a quad core processor as well. So, recommendations…should I look for an older used Mini and upgrade the internals myself or just go with the new one? But you’re also stuck with a dual core processor, which is horrible for applications such as Logic Pro, bitwig, protools, ableton, Final Cut Pro, etc.
By clicking "Send" you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and agree to receive newsletters and promo offers from us. If you like simple and clean workstation setups, this weeks Mac desk should be right up your alley. Or you could have gotten a 27in iMac, even if it’s used as an external monitor for a Macbook you can use the iMac for that.

I happened to stumble across it on Kijiji, the guy had to get rid of it so I raced to a bank machine and picked it up that day! Asus Essentio CS5110 is the worlda??s smallest Desktop PC equipped with a fully embedded discrete graphic card to give you high definition movie pleasure and smooth gaming fun.
Playing HD movies easily and smoothly, the Asus CS5110a??s superior graphic quality and HDMI display output allows for entertainment enjoyment in high definition. Through the worlda??s first 2-in-1 thermal module that insulates heat from the cooling fan, the Asus CS5110 has the fastest, most quiet and reliable heat dissipation system. The Asus Essentio CS 5110 Mini Desktop PC measures 200mm X 290mm X 80mm,weigh 3.4 kg and the outer case is made by applying high quality double injection techniques, similar to that of famous Italian designer furniture for a luxurious feel. You might have to upgrade the PSU to do so (I don't the difference in power draw between the cards). The PC itself looks great, I wonder how much it will cost and if a TV tuner could be easily added.
I like the concept though - although I'd prefer having it the other way around with a laptop CPU and a standard interchangeable GFX. Adobe is working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player. True, but i was referring to the size, not speed, personally I woudnt buy either of them, something like a 2180 + a silent 3850 + matx board in a small case would beat both by a too big margin. I’ve done surgery on two of the former Mac mini cases that required a putty knife to get in the case.
So using your logic, I was an idiot for buying a Mac mini when I could have dropped $2500-3000+ on a Mac pro just for the privilege of being able to upgrade. If 98% (say) of the people buying minis never open even the previous, easy-open lid which you, I, and the rest of the other 2% who are likely to read this page and comment on it liked, Apple is going to modify their design to fit the needs of that 98%, if they can make it at a lower cost and high profit margin. Coming to us from Ed W., he uses his Mac mini for photo editing and word processing, and it also doubles as a media server. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! But for the money you could just get a stacked iMac, unless they have a laptop they hook up to the ACD too. Through the HDMI-equipped TV or monitor, the digital video and digital audio can be transferred seamlessly. By connecting to the usera??s 7.1 speakers or audio devices, it can deliver an experience of vivid surround-sound for movies and games.

The operation noise level is only at 23.9dB at idle mode, quieter than most other computer systems in the market to provide you with a very comfortable computing environment.
Then the double-injected molding is polished to create the crystal-like glossy dark look to give it that beautiful satin finish.
We expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming release of Flash Player following the release of Flash Player 10.1.
It also still holds out hope of a smaller power supply allowing the size of the mini to be reduced. Apple may view the Mac mini as being an entry level Mac, but that’s not always the case. I originally bought a Mac mini way back in 2009 to use as a testing platform for OS X Server. Apple decided to save the cost of designing two different motherboards, so the argument goes, to be able to offer a lower-cost base model. Most people are using these as server machines anyway, which means a faster dual core is better than a slower quad.
That Mac mini kept getting used for more general purposes until I just decided to start using two computers.
The model is based, perhaps, on the assumption that the most likely application to need memory is one you’ve used recently. This is the Mac for those who need a simple computer for email and internet and one or two apps.
Basically, users with light web and app usage, and those who need a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer. That’s a dumb thing to say when you have no concept of what other people use their computers for.
The Mac mini doesn’t have the processing horse power of my late 2013 MacBook Pro, but it does a great job running VMs in Parallels, and Adobe CC apps at the same time without the slightest drop in performance.

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