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Business process redesign is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across organizations. We have considerable experience facilitating process redesign initiatives across all functions within retail organizations. We are known for our expertise in the design of top-down, functionally integrated business planning processes, which ensures alignment of category objectives and strategies with supplier strategies and tactics. We use a “Process Design Team” approach, working closely with client project teams comprised of individuals representing each major functional area. We begin a project by confirming current planning processes and points of decision across functions. Working with the Process Design Team, and within the parameters established by the future state decision matrix, we prepare functionally banded process maps for core processes. When the core process, sub processes and standard operating procedures are completed, we work with the Process Design Team to develop the implementation plan. Our extensive experience in business process facilitation, combined with our “real world “management experience in the retail industry, ideally qualifies WWA to be the consulting firm you select to redesign your business planning processes. Planning Your Next Website Redesign: 9 Steps For Success You are using an outdated browser. You will see this message only once - This website stores cookies on your computer or mobile device. Like companies and organizations all over the world, businesses in China face many opportunities and challenges related to human resources (HR). Progressive business leaders understand that human capital is a critical differentiator in business success.
There are multiple reasons why companies and HR are struggling to contribute strategic value to the business.
In China, a large majority of China-based companies are failing in this basic alignment of HR and core business goals. The table below summarizes the most important global human capital challenges commonly faced by business leaders around the world as well as the major HR challenges identified by China-based companies in a recent survey. Most companies participating in the survey agreed that they are deficient in the key area of integrating HR strategies with the company's overall business goals and strategies. To implement an HR planning process that is aligned and integrated with the company's overall business goals, it is important to use a deliberate, disciplined approach that helps to facilitate a business-oriented discussion of HR capacity and performance.
This four-step process was conducted within a three-month period through three major workshops, each focused on one of the key elements of the process a€“ workforce capabilities, HR alignment, and HR initiative definition (including prioritization and metric identification). To help leaders understand the current human capital environment and to set the stage for a review of the business strategies, the first step was for the assembled leaders to review relevant data.
Initiatives with strong strategic focus were to be tracked via a separate HR Project Management Office function. For each strategic initiative developed, the HR team identified the key results and metrics that were expected to be achieved. A key challenge facing China-based companies is to clearly align their HR strategies with their overall business goals. One effective way to ensure alignment of business goals and HR strategies is for companies to conduct a deliberate planning process designed to bring together HR and other business leaders in reviewing the company's business objectives and the human capital resources necessary to meet them. Piotr Bednarczuk is a Practice Leader of the Organizational ConsultingA at Aon Hewitt in Asia Pacific. Aon Hewitt understands the need to keep abreast of critical human capital issues across Asia Pacific. TM I-SiteTM laser scanning expertise and software technology is being used to map the geology and layout of the deepest underground laboratory to be established in the USA. The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab (DUSEL) in the former Homestake gold mine in Lead, South Dakota, will provide for scientific studies in particle and nuclear physics, geology, hydrology, geo-engineering, biology, and biochemistry.
The project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will allow geoscientists and engineers to research the behaviour of subsurface rock, minerals, water and energy sources.
A key reason for selecting Maptek to carry out the underground scanning of drifts is the experience of technical personnel in both mining and laser scanning, as well as in data filtering and modelling.
Homestake, the deepest mine in North America with galleries at 8000 ft (2438 m), is well suited for experiments that require extremely low cosmogenic backgrounds.
In April 2009 Maptek technical services staff scanned 2 drifts at the 300-foot level, capturing 8 million points - 8 Gb data - for geological mapping and evaluating structures.
I-Site Studio software has been designed with mine surveyors in mind; DUSEL has a few extra requirements. These tools provided the ability to combine lower resolution scan data with high resolution photographic imagery.
Maptek has been developing 3D mining technology for 30 years, helping mining companies worldwide to maintain their competitive advantage.
Editorial input has been requested for International Mining’s Novermber focus on GPS and surveying. International Mining’s October issue, currently in final production, includes a focus on the mining industry of Kazakhstan, where one of the major mining companies is Kazakhmys, the world’s No.10 copper producer.
BASF’s MEYCO Equipment unit and Sandvik Mining and Construction have signed an agreement on global co-operation in the fields of tunneling and mining. Advances in geological concepts and technology are the cornerstone of the competitiveness of the mining industry.
Marilyn Scales is a field editor for the Canadian Mining Journal, Canada’s first mining publication. The SF 17-22 was specifically designed for applications in industries such as hospitals, laboratories, breweries, universities or pharmaceuticals.
The SF multi-duplex consists of 1 or 2 elements, backed up respectively by 1 or 2 additional elements, integrated in a sound insulated enclosure.  This SF multi-duplex design is compliant with all the stringent redundancy standards within the medical sector. Atlas Copco's 100% oil-free scroll compressor technology protects both the production process and the end product quality while fulfilling the most stringent requirements for pure and clean oil-free air. By optimizing cooling flow design, pressure drop and lower inlet air temperature, Atlas Copco has increased reliability and performance level.  This results in a free air delivery (FAD) up to 51% higher and specific energy requirements (SER) down 6% for the new SF 17-22 range when comparing to the previous multi-scroll range. The integrated Energy Saver System (ESi) monitors and controls the running hours of each element module, allowing for equal wear so service visits can be combined, optimizing your production process and minimizing downtime.  Convenient access to each element module renders for minimum maintenance time. The SF 17-22 can easily be placed at the point of use due to the silenced enclosure 65 dB(A) with integrated dryer full feature concept reducing installation costs and minimizing pressure drops saving energy.
Have You Experienced These Troublesome Problems Resulting from Poor Website Redesign Planning?
The key to business process redesign is for organizations to look at their business processes from a "clean slate" perspective and determine how they can best construct these processes to improve how they conduct business. We bring to each process redesign assignment an in-depth operational perspective which ensures practical, efficient and forward-thinking processes aligned with business requirements. This ensures core and sub- processes are aligned with roles, responsibilities and business requirements across functions and down through the organization and are designed for maximum efficiency.
This is be followed be the development of a future state decision matrix that identifies proposed points of decision across functions and from top down through the organization.
This is reviewed with the process team; adjustments are made as needed and agreement reached.

The implementation plan typically includes communication and orientation across all functions and stakeholders, training and feedback procedures to refine the processes initially and over time.
We typically deliver processes that are value added, focus on simplification, reduce labor intensive tasks, reduce duplication, create efficiencies and focus on the future. We use cookies in order to enrich your experience, remember your preferences, and help us understand how the website is being used. HR divisions are under pressure to demonstrate their value to the company, to provide the talent and organizational capabilities that will drive business results for the company. What an organization does with its people a€” its investments in and decisions surrounding human capital a€” will distinguish it from the competition. The key to a company making the most effective use of its most important asset a€” its people a€” is to align its HR functions with its overall business goals. This article will discuss some of these failings in more detail and describe a useful four-step process that can help companies map their HR functions and business goals. Responding to these HR challenges will be essential for China-based companies to continue competing effectively in a global business environment. Only about half (52%) of the responding companies reported having a clearly defined HR strategy that is aligned with its business objectives.
We lay out here the step-by-step approach used by one China-based financial services company to create an HR planning process.
The result was an auditable trail of strategic priorities aligned to concrete HR action steps, as described in Figure 3. The data was presented by the HR function in leadership strategy workshops to ensure that human capital aspects were taken into account while developing strategic priorities. What are the three-to-five core capabilities we need to win in our markets?A Which capabilities are no longer needed?
HR strategic initiatives developmentBased on the priorities established through the processes described above, the current HR programs and processes were analyzed and assessed for alignment with the workforce requirements.
To meet this challenge, HR professionals need to "sit at the table" with business leaders while they are discussing strategic priorities and provide relevant human capital inputs. Through this simple but systematic planning process, supported with valuable information and data, the HR function can ensure that it will provide solutions for the business that create the desired business results.
These drifts were last mined in 1920, and lacked geological mapping to the level of detail required. Maptek's software has the unique features we need to get the right output for the project,' commented Dr Zbigniew (Ziggy) J. Maptek developed new tools to manage the massive volume of captured data, maintaining the required accuracy and detail for analysis.
Modelled surfaces incorporating photographic detail could then be constructed from this data and exported for use in Maptek VulcanTM for geotechnical analysis. On that subject, news comes from the USA that MaptekTM I-SiteTM laser scanning expertise and software is being used to map the geology and layout of the old Homestake gold mine in Lead, South Dakota. Paus reports that since 2007 it has delivered a total of 34 personnel transporters to Kazakhmys. Lack of proper coolant system maintenance is the biggest killer of engines according to David Armstrong, CEO of MECHRONIK. In a first step they have agreed to initiate co-operation in the service and maintenance of machines for sprayed concrete. The wholly owned Evonik group subsidiary supplies products to customers in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and surface treatment industries. Ensuring that technical knowledge and opportunity is optimised in mining and exploration has become a core priority in the current period of economic uncertainty. JOHN’S — The 66th Mines Ministers Conference was urged once again to take active measures in support of the Canada’s mineral industry.
The new oil-free scroll compressor SF 17-22 kW is the result of Atlas Copco's striving for continuous innovation.
Importantly, we gain “process change consensus and ownership” and commitment from top down and across all functions.
It indicates all functions in the organization that are involved in the specific work flow, who does what tasks, in what order and to whom work is passed.
Once core processes are agreed to, sub processes are detailed to add clarity and detail to each core process, along with an outline of the requirements for the development of Standard Operating Procedures. They also know that up to 70 percent of a company's market value can come from intangibles such as its human capital, its brand, and its culture. The most effective way to do this is for HR leaders to be involved in the company's strategic planning process. Based on Aon Hewitt's research, more the 60% of HR's time is transactional, administrative in nature. Other areas of concern identified by the survey include benchmarking and measuring HR's performance.
At this stage, HR professionals can identify gaps in people and skills that the company needs to execute its business strategy, and can develop initiatives to fill those gaps. Please complete your contact information on the web form, and you will receive an email with an overview of our latest featured content.
Hladysz from the South Dakota School of Mines, which is involved in site inspections and creation of 3D structural models. The I-Site integrated hardware-software system combines 3D laser scanner and high resolution digital panoramic photography with advanced software processing capabilities. The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab (DUSEL) will provide for scientific studies in particle and nuclear physics, geology, hydrology, geo-engineering, biology, and biochemistry.
In these underground copper mines, the Minca 18 carries miners quickly, safely and comfortably through the mine to their workplaces. The company meets the extensive and strict requirements of the international gold mining industry as a supplier of cyanides in accordance with the provisions of the "International Cyanide Management Code" (ICMC).
This revolutionary range opens a new world of possibilities for the most sensitive applications. There’s browser caching, template caching and server caching, which is a more technical conversation. Decision matrices, when well documented and communicated, become a key management tool for ensuring discipline and consistency as processes are implemented. Concurrent with the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures we define requirements for existing systems improvements and identify process improvements that could be achieved with strategic systems enhancements. The Owner is responsible for keeping the process up-to-date as changes occur during implementation. Company leaders must realize that HR needs to play a more decisive role in the company's strategic planning so that HR planning can be integrated within the overall business planning cycle. In addition, HR is often not included "at the table" with business and so end up being informed too late about the potential workforce challenges related to the execution of business strategies. Only about one-third of responding companies reported using benchmarking to compare their performance in key areas against other companies and only 14% of companies reported using a formal metric framework (such as a balanced scorecard) to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their HR functions. All of the initiatives were prioritized, which defined the HR service portfolio for the next business year.

This integrated planning process will help to ensure that the company will have the people and skills it needs to meet its business goals. 60 employees worldwide, production sites in Europe and sales and distribution offices on all continents provide customers swift and reliable service. Increased customer flexibility, reduced operating costs and improved ease of use are the most significant achievements. The Champion is responsible for ensuring that all functions in the organization are following the process as designed. For example, in one case for the successful globalization of its operations, the company required a more international leadership team and a stronger localization strategy. If you have a WordPress website, WP Super Cache is a good plugin that’s easy to install and will speed up your website.Ask your web hosting provider (or server engineer) how you can speed your website up.
But redesigning a website requires a lot more time and planning than many anticipate, especially to do it right and get the results you want.Jumping in without proper planning could make your website redesign efforts futile. The existing development programs and sourcing strategies did not support this requirement and therefore needed to be adapted to the new requirements.
So don’t rush through the redesign process, instead commit the time and resources needed to ensure that every aspect of your website is strategically and meticulously planned and executed. From small oversights that you might not be aware of to tragic mishaps that kill your website traffic, even a simple website redesign can easily derail if you’re not careful.Fortunately, by being aware of the most common website redesign mistakes and taking time to plan first, you can ensure that your website redesign goes smoothly.
Watch out for these pitfalls when you begin your website redesign process.Frustrated by your website redesign?Growth driven design methodology allows you to redesign a little at a time and test your site as you go. Determine if a redesign is necessaryWebsite redesigns typically necessitate a considerable investment of your budget and time.
Like any marketing investment, you should make sure that there is a sound, strategic reason for doing it.
Broken linksBroken links or links that lead to “404 Error Code” messages are a recipe for disaster in terms of your website traffic.Thorough testing ahead of a website redesign can eliminate broken links. Not getting leadsGone are the days where a company redesigns a website and doesn’t expect to get anything at all from it. But when you launch a new website and you stop getting contact form submissions, subscribers and new leads, what do you do next? Evaluate your current website analyticsBefore you even begin to think about redesigning your website, it’s necessary to spend some time evaluating your current website’s traffic and analytics history. In fact, your analytics should drive many decisions about your website as you move forward. Slow load timesIf a site takes more than three seconds to load, 40 percent of visitors will leave, so it pays to ensure your website loads quickly. Many graphic designers just aren’t up to snuff when it comes to designing a website that will get you actual results you’ll notice in your business’ bottom line.Let’s say your new website is live, and you face this problem. Assess your competitionYou don’t need to be obsessive about your competition, but you should spend some time assessing their websites and performing a competitive review.
I’ve written before about what to do when you’re not getting leads from your website, and one of the most popular blogs here on our website is about why your website struggles to generate leads.5. Orphan pagesIf your users find themselves on a page with no navigation or next step, they will get frustrated and leave.It’s helpful to map out your entire website before the design process begins. First, outline the main pages of your website, then outline the pages that all in each section.
Establishing benchmarks of your competition’s online presence is another good way to measure your own success.4. As you outline, work with your writer to ensure that people will be able to navigate from page to page in an intuitive way.Finally, include a call to action or next step on every page. Set specific goals for the website Your website serves a purpose—to attract prospects and drive new business. This prevents visitors from getting lost and ensures that your content is enjoyable to interact with.6. Part of your goal setting should involve incorporating effective lead generation components throughout your website and putting conversion goals in place.
As you outline your website, specify which keyword you’ll target on each page.Make sure your writer knows to include the keyword in a page title, meta description and in the content of the page.
Select the right CMSMany websites these days are built using a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to easily manage your content without the need for additional web development. If you’re new to SEO, here are some SEO best practices that Google wants every company to understand.If you’ve been through one, I don’t have to tell you that a website redesign can be a frustrating experience.
Carefully planning your website redesign with an eye on avoiding these major mistakes can ensure that the relaunch goes as smoothly as possible.
There are plenty of options to choose from, but you need to choose a CMS that works best for your website needs.
Establish an accurate budgetMaking sure the website that you want to buy and the website that you can afford are aligned is a critical part of the planning process. To help prevent this, compile a list of all the pages, features and any other important aspects that you want your website to have BEFORE hiring a design firm.
8 killer ways to drive traffic to your blog without social media.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply. It may mean that certain features or functionality that are not as critical out of the gate might need to be put off from the initial redesign and rolled out at later time.7. Inventory your website’s assetsBased on a close examination of your current website analytics, you will uncover valuable assets that should be incorporated into your redesign. These assets are the pages, blog posts and content that are driving traffic and contributing to your search engine rankings.
So before you start from scratch, be sure to secure valuable assets and transfer them to your new website before launch.8. Clarify design preferencesOne of the worst things you can do going into a redesign project is to begin without having a clear preference for design styles and aesthetics. Do a thorough review of websites both inside and outside your industry, taking note of what you like and don’t like in regards to colors, styles, fonts, navigation, features, etc.
Ultimately, your probably going to look to your web design partner to make design recommendations, but try to establish at least a basic vision of what you would like your new website to look like before conceptual design begins.9. Choose the right web design firmWho you select can have a tremendous impact (positive or negative) not only on your redesign project, but also on the success of your online marketing efforts. Because your website is first and foremost a strategic marketing tool, it’s important to chose a web design partner that understands marketing and has proven marketing experience—not just experience building websites. Strategy, branding, messaging, content marketing, lead generation and online marketing savvy should all be boxes to check off in your evaluation.
So look for a partner that has all the necessary skills and experience needed to design a good looking and technically-sound website that is focused on differentiating your business, driving traffic, generating leads and getting results.If you’ve determined that your company needs a new website, it’s important for you to take the time to thoroughly evaluate, plan and execute your website redesign project. When done properly you can save valuable resources and realize a positive return on your marketing investment.

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