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UOB Personal Internet Banking is specially developed by United Overseas Bank to provide secure banking services over the Internet, using the latest Internet banking technology. We have a comprehensive list of banking transactions that you can perform at UOB Personal Internet Banking.
If my connection to the Internet gets disconnected while I am at UOB Personal Internet Banking, how will I know if the transaction is effected successfully?
Should the UOB Personal Internet Banking service become temporarily unavailable due to host or technical problems, you will receive an acknowledgement number regardless whether you transaction is successful or not.
If you wish to register for UOB Personal Internet Banking, you must be 18 years and above, an individual or joint account holder (with signatory condition of anyone to sign).
UOB ATM Card & Credit Card with PIN - Activate your UOB Personal Internet Banking at any UOB ATM machine. If you are accessing UOB Personal Internet Banking through a Local Area Network (LAN), please check with your system administrator whether your LAN is configured to allow secured transactions through the Internet. If you do not have the required browsers, you may download them from Microsoft and Netscape web sites. To access UOB Personal Internet Banking, you would need to enable these features on your browser. On the 'Security' tab, click the Globe 'Internet' icon and click the 'Custom Level' button.
At the 'Reset Custom Settings' window, change the security level setting to 'Medium' and click 'Reset' and then 'OK'. At the Advance Privacy Settings window, check the box for 'Override automatic cookies handling'.
Under 'First-party Cookies' and 'Third-party Cookies', ensure that the buttons at 'Accept' have been selected. You will still not able to login even though you've keyed in your User ID & Password as the Internet Banking login page will still be shown. On the 'Security' tab, click the Globe 'Internet' icon and click the 'Custom Level' button. At the 'Reset Custom Settings' window, change the security level setting to 'Medium' and click 'Reset' and then 'OK'. At the Advance Privacy Settings window, check the box for 'Override automatic cookies handling'.
Under 'First-party Cookies' and 'Third-party Cookies', ensure that the buttons at 'Accept' have been selected.
UOB Personal Internet Banking has, in place, a system that provides a high standard of security for banking over the Internet. After logging on to UOB Personal Internet Banking, you will find a "lock" icon at the bottom of your browser.
You will also notice that the URL or address at the top of your browser displays 'https' instead of 'http'. Should you lose your Password, or suspect that the secrecy of your Password for UOB Personal Internet Banking service has been compromised or notice any unusual account activity, please notify UOB 121 at (6) 03-26128 121(KL), (6) 04-2401 121(PG), (6) 07-2881 121(JB), (6) 082-287 121(KCH) or (6) 088-477 121(KK).
UOB Personal Internet Banking is complimentary to all customers of UOB at this point in time. If I have accidentally selected the option on my browser to store or remember my User ID and Password, how do I remove this option?
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) a unique 8-digit Security Code is a compulsory for customers to have full access to UOB Personal Internet Banking beyond account summary. To proceed further, TAC will be auto-triggered to your mobile phone and you will need to enter this TAC into the system to have full access to UOB Personal Internet Banking. In addition to this, TAC will be auto-triggered to you when you perform any fund transfers, payment or updates on your personal data. TAC acts as an added security feature, so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that the transactions performed at UOB Personal Internet Banking have been authorised by you. When you are at the UOB ATM, please follow the screen guide to register your mobile phone for TAC. Thereafter, when you have logged into UOB Personal Internet Banking, you can click at the "Request TAC" tab at the left frame before you begin performing your transaction. Alternatively, when you are in the midst of performing your transaction, you can click at the "Request TAC' tab at the submission page of the transaction you wish to perform. Click here to view the list of overseas countries that you can register your overseas mobile number to receive TAC.

Yes, as long as you have your mobile phone with you and you are logging from a place with an Internet connection. I noticed that there's a 4 alphabet pre-fix next to the field where I need to key in the TAC.
You can always request for another new TAC by performing the transaction again and click at the "Request TAC" link.
Yes, open bill payment and open third party fund transfer requires the Transaction Authorisation Code. Once you have signed up for UOB Personal Internet Banking, all your accounts with UOB will be automatically linked to UOB Personal Internet Banking. You may apply for any retail or credit card account online by downloading the application forms and sending it together with the relevant documents to UOB 121. Can I open accounts for my family members or friends through UOB Personal Internet Banking? You will be able to view your eStatement when the next statement is due after your eStatement enrolment. No, your email will be used solely to notify you when your eStatement is posted in the UOB Personal Internet Banking system. We will notify you via email when your eStatement is ready for collection at UOB Personal Internet Banking. You will be asked whether you wish to open the file from its current location or to save it to your disk. Make payment to other participating financial institution's loan and hire purchase account. How much can I transfer or make payment via the Interbank GIRO through UOB Personal Internet Banking? For IBG transaction over UOB Personal Internet Banking, you may transfer or make payment up to RM10,000.00 per day. UOB Visa Money Transfer is a facility provided to UOB customers to directly credit any Visa debit or credit card of their beneficiaries anywhere in the world. Total convenience - with just a few clicks online at UOB Personal Internet Banking, you can transfer funds to your loved ones.
Speed - Your money will be transferred within the next working day for UOBM cards & within the next 2 working days for non UOBM cards.
Each transfer from cash or UOB current or savings account to any International Visa Card will be levied a Handling Fee of RM5. If you are an existing UOB Personal Internet Banking, you just need to login and select Visa Money Transfer. At the Pre-Register VMT Account link, you will need to pre-register yourself as the Sender as well as pre-register the Recipient's detail before proceeding to the actual transaction (please take note that you will need the Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) before performing this task, therefore, you can click at the Request TAC link first).
Once you have performed the pre-registration information, please select the desired Visa Money Transfer transaction by clicking the sub links of the VMT Payment i.e. What are the details about the recipient that I need to provide in order to use this service? You would need to provide the recipient name, address, contact no., Visa credit or debit card number.
For credit card UOB VMT transfer details, please click on Credit Card and select under Account Statement Enquiry or Unbilled Transaction.
The UOB Prepaid Reload service can be performed over UOB Personal Internet Banking and UOB ATM and customers can choose to debit their savings, current or credit card account for this service. For mobile phone reload, please ensure that the mobile number is keyed in correctly as no refund will be given for wrongly registered numbers. The following applies after you have confirmed your purchase, depending on the product purchased. If you requested for the wrong product and has already confirmed the purchase when prompted, the transaction cannot be cancelled.
For non-PIN based reload method, a feature called automatic reload is used where no PINs are dispensed to the customer after a purchase.
Secondly, it saves you the hassle, cost and time of having to call up the mobile operator in order to activate the airtime as this auto-reload feature will automatically activate your prepaid airtime for you. The first time you download MDSS, you will get a security warning telling you that the application you are about to run was signed with NCAR's digital certificate.
In order to view currently selected treatments, NCAR will need to enable permissions for your computer.

Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE or Java Runtime) freeware for your desktop computer to download and install into Windows.
Java gives you complete access to keep working with different secure computing environment in many technologies around the world. Older versions of Java was updated automatically if you are live and doesn't remove auto update check from Java options. Java was developed by Oracle technology network that is one of the best application developer, database administrators, system developers, architects and system administrators. With UOB Personal Internet Banking, you are able to access your bank accounts and carry out banking transactions over the Internet anytime, anywhere. Hence, it is important that you wait for the acknowledgement number to appear on the screen before you change screens or exit from the UOB Personal Internet Banking website. However, if you do not receive any acknowledgement number, you will need to perform the transaction again. Without being Java-enabled or having an updated JRE (Java Runtime Environment), the applet will not work and you will not be able to login to UOB Personal Internet Banking. This security system employs Secured Sockets Layer 128-bit encryption (one of the highest levels of encryption generally available today) and a two-tier authentication technology that uses a User ID and a Password, to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal account information and banking transactions. The TAC is then sent to your mobile phone, which you will then need to key into the confirmation screen of your selected transaction. Please ensure that the pre-fix that appear on the screen matches the pre-fix on your mobile phone when the TAC is sent to your mobile phone. If you have entered a wrong TAC on the 4th try, you will be asked to request for another TAC to be sent to your mobile phone. If you have recently changed your Telco Plan to benefit from the Mobile Portability Network, please ensure that you select the correct service provider when performing the reload. This makes reloading safer and there is no issue of losing the airtime purchased as the mobile phone number to be reloaded and the amount are pre-specified. On Microsoft Windows, this should automatically begin the download and installation of Java Web Start.
Wait a few moments until the color-coded counties appear in the Colorado map, and you're all finished! Java know as Java Runtime Environment, JRE, Java Virtual Machine, Java plug-in, Java plugin, Java add-on or Java download, Java Runtime, Runtime Environment, Runtime, JVM, Virtual Machine, Java VM and many other different names.
Java has its own language which it can translates and informs the user about the security certificates that are required in some cases.
This is the world's largest community that develops all these things on industry standard based. However, for Order Taking transactions which are Remittance, UNIRinggit Redemption or Privilege Shopping Transactions, there will not be any acknowledgement number.
It is a standard feature of the Java Runtime Environment which facilitates running applications downloaded from the internet.
On Linux, you will need to download the installer program to your local disk first, then run it. Java available on different platforms to provide security, information, privacy, accessibility and navigation to its users.
So you are guided to update Java for every machine such as computer, mobile, gaming, software or websites. Java provide features to developers and also normal users to take advantage from this Java technology on any platform that is used by user. We would suggest that you keep a print-out of the Confirmation Screen of the Order Taking transactions for reference purposes. When you receive TAC via short messaging service (SMS) in your phone, please enter this TAC into the PIB system to proceed. You can't get access to Java technology based websites, applications, games, software, JavaScript, modules and many other latest generation technology fields. Java allows you to play games online or offline, chat with your friends, colleagues or family members and view 3D websites and also images into your windows computer.

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