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As you may know, our correspondent Wil Dubois was on the ground in Orlando, FL, covering the big annual American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) meeting for us last week.
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Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. With an exhibitor count just below 200, the number of firms showing this year was a full one-third smaller than last year, and the exhibit hall shrinkage didn't stop there. Game Show Theme Songs Categoryy#8207; - YouTube 1 min - 21 May 2008 - Uploaded by jmanginJeopardy Game Show!
Hmmm, interesting.Meanwhile, the longest lines by far this year were at the HealthSlate booth, where the company once again gave away between 1,400 and 1,600 AADE software-loaded Android touch screen tablet computers to attendees.
CEO Kevin Nakao walked me through the upgrades from last year's tool, which in his words is an "edutainment and gamification" platform designed for diabetes education.
It features a host of videos and animations (in both Spanish and English), as well as a zipcode-driven drug price-look-up feature. The tablet also contains product-specific training videos, an insurance coverage data base, and educational games for educators to use with PWDs (people with diabetes). Yeah, I never heard of them either, but apparently I've been using their products for my entire diabetic career, as they are the world's leading maker of lancing needles.
Timesulin co-inventor John SjA?A¶lund, a fellow type 1, assures that everyone who backed the recent crowdfunding campaign for Timesulin will still be the first to receive the caps, likely in mid-September.
Facet will be selling caps for the Flex, Touch, Kwik, and Solostar pens for just under $30 each. Same?Roche showed off their new Accu-Chek Aviva Expert meter, the first blood glucose meter in the States with an "insulin pump brain" -- complete with insulin on board tracking and a bolus advisor -- for those of us who use pens or syringes.

I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about this meter and spent quite a bit of time playing with it, but I'm not going discuss it further, as I've arranged for a field test and review, so look for that next month right here at the 'Mine. Aside from that, Roche didn't mention anything about its new Accu-Chek Insight pump that's now available overseas, or any future tech for the U.S.
While they didn't have anything new to show off regarding next-gen Pods or the much-anticipated nexxt-gen Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) that will integrate with future Dexcom G5 data, Insulet did have an awesome visual aid in the form of a clear current-gen Pod showing the machine's guts. It would be a really cool paperweight and conversation starter.Dexcom and Medtronic both had booths, but didn't have anything really new to show off. The AutoShield was originally designed as an "engineering safeguard" to reduce unwanted needle sticks in hospitals, a trick it achieves by pulling both ends of the needle back into the casing after an injection is given, sorta like a startled turtle.
Why move a product like this into retail?Attiq Amjad, product manager for AutoShield, tells me it was because BD was bombarded by requests for it from PWDs.
According to Amjad, some PWDs want the device because you can't see the needle, others because it can serve as a temporary sharps container, still others because it reduces the risk of needles sticks common in recapping a used needle, and lastly a€” as it's larger in diameter and longer a€” many PWDs with dexterity problems find it easier to attach than a traditional pen needle.
Docs love it too, he says, because since it's a one-shot device, those lazy diabetics are forced to change the needle each time they use it. Lines formed and perpetually packed the booth largely to see real-life celeb, former Miss America 1999 and type 1 Dr.
Nicole Johnson, who was signing copies of her new book, "Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities." Nicole, who brought her hypo dog along with her, also had three scientific posters accepted in the Poster Presentations portion of the conference. The booth crew told me they weren't sure if the cuddly little critter was a fox or a coyote. It was so cute that I grabbed one and then texted my wife that I picked up a real fox at the convention center and was taking her back to my hotel room with me.
They had one of the larger booths in the hall, and were officially launching their new GLP-1 drug Tanzeum. While some critics are calling the this drug a "me-too" to compete with Byetta and Victoza, I'm not sure I agree.
When I told them I thought it looked a bit purse-like to me, they told me that actually more men than women choose the Banting.
Inventor and T1 peep Ethan Lewis told me this was the flavor that our community voted on and chose last year (Chocolate Cherry apparently lost). When I mentioned to Ethan how surprised I was by the durability of his fragile-looking pouches, he told me that during initial testing he ran them over with a Harley 883 Iron motorcycle to make sure they were tough enough. Now that's my kind of dedication to product testing!Livliga founder Shelia Dietrich doesn't have diabetes yet, and despite my telling her there was still time, she has no plans to join us.
She's trying to duck her father's type 2, and has managed to lose 60 pounds using her innovative "visual illusion" plates, bowls, and glasses, which use graphic design to trick the eye into thinking the food on the plate is a larger portion than it is.

Or putting it another way, making a proper portion not look small to people who once were super-sized. She told me her original prototype, made for her own diet, was made at one of those U-Fire-It pottery studios. Since that time she's done more research and shifted her tableware into cooler colors that are said to suppress appetite. The Texas-based product line is gluten-fee, GMO-free, MSG-free, trans fat-free, preservative-free, cholesterol-freea€”but still full of flavor.
Beanitos products are also Kosher and Vegan, but best of all (beyond the great taste) is that they are very blood sugar-friendly, at least for a chip-type product, with low glycemic index and high fiber giving them a net carb impact, on average, of about 10 grams per serving.Captain Jack Sparrow, or a convincing non-celebrity look-alike, was at the booth of controversial dietary supplement makers CinSulin. Capt'n Jack later lost his cell phone and complained to me that his magic compass was broken, as it wasn't pointing its way to his greatest desire a€” his flippin' lost cell phone.
It features various pre-programed modes, some lovely, and some that felt like I was having some sort of muscle spasm or a seizure.
Fans of TENS units will recognize this as a good thing, because it shows this guy may be little, but it packs a punch! Unfortunately, this meter won't work with the current Jazz strips as they did with the iBGStar meter).Speaking of meters and drugstores, Walgreens is taking up the new plug-into-your phone iHealth Align Meter. The meter looks cool, and I like the fact that the app that runs it keeps track of the number of tests you've done and reminds you to reorder your strips when you begin to run low.Lastly, two ladies in a small booth were there giving out miniature white New Testament bibles.
They were from Gideon International, the folks famous for placing bibles in virtually every hotel room in the country.
According to the Gideon's website, they've placed 1.9 billion volumes worldwide, but I'm sorry to say that at AADE their pile never seemed to get much smaller. The big FreeStyle booth had sand-colored carpet, yellow signage, and a large pastel yellow-shirted staff. And their booth was as empty as the Sahara it resembled, which serves them right for not having the courage to try to bring their own insulin calculator meter to the USA when they had the chance. But hey, how much room do you need to show off what are (IMHO) the world's best insulin cooling solution?

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