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Free Joomla Extensions.It is always a challenge to find the right extensions for your Joomla project. While my other login module does not have this feature, I decided to create a new login module with the popup function.
AT Hosting supports 4 color styles, boxed layout and full width layout, you can easy to see demo via Template Site Tool on demo site.
In your Global Configuration settings, set ReCaptcha as your default captcha plugin (located in the Global Configuration settings under the Site tab). Hi, i've remove default plugin recaptcha on joomla 3 and i remove the directory in to plugin directory. It appears that the only way to do so would be to download Joomla 3, then copy the contents of that folder back over again.
What if you have one that does not work and you have disabled at least two of them and after deleting the cache and history, it is still staring me in the face?BTW, the catptcha you have on this page.. I am having some serious issues in regards to ReCaptcha not wanting to get the hint and leave the presence of my website. Hey, For the issue I was having in regards to not being able to type into the field of Recaptcha, I was told that it appeared to be an issue with the CSS files conflicting with Recapthca.
I appreciate your input, I have updated the links but we do need to revisit this article to update it for the nocaptcha recaptcha.
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Could you please be more specific with the steps that you are taking and what you are actually seeing (errors, etc). There seems to be an issue with the way reCAPTCHA interacts with recent versions of Joomla, and it has actually been disabled from what I can tell. I recommend posting in the Official Joomla Forums, since it is frequented by Joomla developers who may have a fix, or workaround. I am getting a 404 on your component and shows me logged in as some blank user without logging in to anything.

The template framework comes with VPS Hosting, reseller hosting for making money with your own web hosting business. In addition to being a very high quality tool, there are several interesting facts about ReCaptcha that you may not be aware of.
I have read most all of the support forums regarding the SSL Issues and with Google changing the address (which affected Joomla 2.5 mostly it seems). Which is basically, when you try to enter image number into the field, the field will act like your cursor is not there.
He was not able to split the colors of the other fields on the website (which background changes to 5 other colors) and keep the reacaptcha working.
You may want to edit the configuration.php to change back the captcha settings, as there may be a conflict with another setting. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the email before you can login. It also builds with latest Bootstrap CSS Framework, Support Font Awesome and K2 extended style.
I really would rather not supply my web address, but I will in yopes that you could edit it or remove it for me once you are able to see it..

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