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Work with PlayerDIY Web Player to implement all the functions it has on YouTube videos during the player customization.
Co-operate with other PlayerDIY plugins to extend the player's capability and get diverse YouTube video recontrols like adding HTML or JS ads and watermarks, etc. Extract video source directly from YouTube with excellent quality and web server space saving. Note: "YouTube" logo with hyperlink to the site will appear on the customized web FLV player due to copyright protection issue.

A watermark with hyperlink to PlayerDIY site will appear on the customized web video player. The demo below shows the customized player with added YouTube videos and an external playlist. After installing this plugin, it will appear on the following interface of PlayerDIY Web Player. For example, setting player style, selecting player profile, adding watermark, creating external playlist and so on.

Click "Publish" at last, then you will get a totally customized Flash video player with YouTube video inside for playback on target webpages.

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