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How to use Wordpress audio player (standalone version) with jQuery and jQuery SWFObject (progressive enhancement). It works on top of the YouTube Chromeless Flash version of the player and comes with support for playing both single videos and entire playlists. In addition to this amazing module included is the OSM (Open Standard Media Player) Player.
Luna is a simple jQuery & jQuery UI plugin that helps you create a HTML5 MP3 audio player with custom controls on the webpage.
SND is a lightweight jQuery plugin for generating an Audio player with full customizable controls on the web page. Makes use of jQuery, Html5 audio and CSS to create a nice-looking audio player with playlist and custom audio controls. Light AudioPlayer is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to embed a simple, mobile-friendly, custom audio player in the web page.

Acorn Media Player is a jQuery plugin for creating accessible, highly customizable, and themeable HTML5 video & audio players on your web page. Simple HTML5 Audio Player is a simple plugin that takes advantage jQuery and jQuery UI to create a clean and skinable HTML5 music player alternative to the generic browser rendered player.
MediaElement.js is a beautiful jQuery Plugin that helps you add HTML5 audio and video players to your website. A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful and highly customisable Audio Player using HTML5 tag.
HTML code for custom designed audio player, here the actual HTML5 player is in hidden mode. Modified and included following code in record.js for storing the audio data in Base64 format. Through its integration with popular content management systems, it employs an innovative and intuitive interface that allows any website administrator to completely customize the front end media experience for their users without writing any code.

This media player is open source (GPL) media player that is built to dynamically deliver any type of web media, including HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flash. The plugin is responsive and touch-friendly, which can be used to play a single audio file.
Today I want to discuss how to publish a voice recording messages on newsfeed using Jquery and HTML5 with custom HTML5 audio player.

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