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The Raw Juice Company opens their doors on the new shared space with The Parlor – Traverse City  at 205 Lake Ave (the old Loading Dock) this Thursday July 3rd at 7pm. Last night during Mod Envy a viewer put a link in the room to this juice vendor (and some of you say I don't pay attention to chat!
When we first clapped eyes on the smart looking bottles and the branding, we weren't sure whether we were looking at products you should drink or wash with.
The idea is that you buy a one, three or five day course of organic, cold-pressed raw juices (with the lids of each bottle numbered to guide you through the course) that help you "detox, energise and manage weight naturally". Noch nicht lange auf dem Markt und doch bei jeder Veranstaltung ein voller Erfolg - die JuiceCompany!

Organic Vegetable Juice company Wild Bunch & Co is different, we love the sophistication of the vegetable-only ingredients. CubeMe stimulates your creativity by providing you all the craziest, thoughtful, creative, original source of inspiration. There will also be music, dancing, juice tasting and just plain good fun with great people. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. However, a visit to the Radiance website explains all: it turns out that Radiance juices have been formulated to be drunk and cleanse – but on the inside.

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Werden Sie Ihr eigener Chef mit einem Unternehmen, mit maximalem Spaß und Profit bei minimalem Risiko. Und so bleiben wir auf der Messe und wollen trinken und trinken und trinken - und sind trotzdem schlapp.

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