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Our monthly marketing calendars give real estate agents direct mail marketing ideas for every week.
In a world overflowing with text messages, emails, tweets and video, a hand written letter delivered to a mailbox stands out, grabs attention and stirs positive emotions in the recipient.
Business cards are used more often than any other form of marketing for a business, and yet it is almost always the most overlooked piece of design.
Show them what you sell in the most professional way possible and you’ve got yourself a great piece of advertising. Email Marketing campaign, one of the most direct and efficient way to promote your products and services online. To ease the company owner, we have just added a great offering - email marketing campaign service. Facebook has been a very effective and efficient way to share information and get its user and brand exposure. If you have overlooked on our previous update, you can now view it on the following articles.

January 2011 Newsletter - How long does it takes to get your company & product listed in Google? If you’ve thought about starting a direct mail campaign but weren’t sure what to send, then this calendar is for you!
That custom brand is created on a mailing postcard which you can use for thousands of direct mail marketing campaigns. The basic principle behind signage is to draw the attention of consumers to the product you have for sale, and we have many options to meet even the most unconventional of needs! In fact an email marketing campaign is a must have in any business' marketing strategy, if they hope to retain customers while gaining some new ones. It is our promise to offer a high quality email marketing campaign service at a very affordable pricing.
In order to get more online exposure and latest update for company, trade as well as job listing, we have added a few Facebook applications on our Facebook page. As such, we have done some minor changes on our user interface to improve user experience on the Business Portal.

Please accept our sincere apologies if you have received this e-newsletter in an unsolicited manner. Two of the pieces featured on the calendar, the Summer Concert Series postcard and the Staging Tips postcard, are content ready, meaning we provide all the content and design. To run a successful email marketing campaign, it is very crucial to have a clear objective, an organized email template, targeted audience and right email service provider. Feel free to like our facebook page as well to get the latest news update of our Business Portal. We have consolidated the country listing and reducing irrelevant images to reduce the user distraction.

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