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Whether we're walking through the park, driving to work or looking out our window, nature is something we see every day. By doing what others thought was impossible he propelled his name into an almost cult like status. I fired up Blender and got cracking on a forest scene (which I later learned is the hardest of all nature scenes to create), and after 5 days work I got the image to the left. But by some sheer fluke I discovered a function in the material settings called 'Translucency' that lets light pass through objects.
The Nature Academy is a 13-Week online training course aimed at teaching you what took me 8 months to figure out.
The course carefully guides you through the process of creating realistic nature scenes with Blender.
By joining the course you are skipping the 8 months of frustration that I went through and jumping straight to the results. I was a little bit skeptical of The Nature Academy at first since I had never participated in an online training course before, however I finally bit the bullet and I'm glad I did.
Downloadable videos - All videos are available for downloading in 720P or streaming from the site.

An invaluable resource of 1892 nature photos, taken from all parts of the world including, Australia, Fiji, The Phillipines, India, Romania, England, Scotland, USA and South Korea. This is perfect for when you quickly need to know a technique but don't have time to watch a whole tutorial.
This downloadable, printer friendly PDF will ensure that you stay on track throughout the course. Upon completion of the course you will have the opportunity to earn a certificate, demonstrating that you have learned something from the course. NOTE: To receive the certificate you will need to send in three finished nature scene as proof of participation.
If you're not happy with The Nature Academy, shoot me an email and I will give you a 100% refund. As such when it's created 'digitally' our eyes are quick to spot a fake if something is slightly off. His short film is widely known throughout the industry as a groundbreaking example of what one artist can accomplish. Upon joining you will receive instant access with a login and password that gives lets you in to all the exclusive tutorials and bonuses inside.

He explains when and why certain features should be used, and why these particular settings are most appropriate.
Due to the current beta phase of Cycles, this feature will only be available in July of 2012. Andrew has clearly done his homework on the subject of nature modeling as evidenced by the quality and depth of his lessons. I want you to be happy with your purchase and if you aren't, I would rather give you your money back. I would recommend this course to anyone who thinks Vue is the only software capable of creating nature scenes and any Blender users who are ready to take their skill set to the next level.

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