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Between August and November, the trade marketing office of Brazilian consumer-goods industries generally go through the planning period for the following year’s budget. This article is particularly directed to all those trade marketing managers who at this moment are pouring their efforts into mounting the business plan that will enter into next year’s budget.
During the budget period, apart from very few hours sleep and all the stress among senior trade marketing managers, it is common to see these professionals accumulating the difficult task of disputing funding for its area with that of marketing (communication) and with sales (the so-called commercial funding). The absence of this type of pre-alignment creates situations in which the salespeople cannot manage to implement a large number of promotions, competitions and initiatives alongside the direct and indirect channels of distribution. We would like to make a contribution for trade marketing managers by presenting the 10 steps to a very successful trade marketing plan. Group together all the ideas and good practices sent by Sales, Trade, and Trade and Shopper marketing agencies. Try to score the value of the opportunities, quantifying the financial gains from a “macro” vision. In this step, try to quantify the creation of value (worth) of each action, in other words, the capacity to bring additional profit in a determined period – generally 12 months. The aim is to avoid the trade marketing manager using just his personal opinion to evaluate the actions and, thereby, becoming susceptible to being taken by colleagues as someone who is subject to predilection and whim.
The use of four analytical requisites, with weightings defined by the top management of the company, will facilitate the job in hand for trade. The tactical plan is a detailing of the actions that have been previously selected to make up the final plan. It is important to understand that in trade marketing there are some standardized actions that serve all clients and others which must be customized for just one client or channel. Actions with low scores should be excluded from the plan to be presented to the board of directors, and knowing how to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) on trade marketing will greatly help the manager to prioritize these. Finally, the last step must be to present the points of attention or warning about organizations or factors that could represent a risk to the plan. Twitter"Acompanhe nossa entrevista (Toolbox, McKinsey, + outras) sobre como fazer produtos premium "decolarem" no varejo. PR is usually seen as a sling shot approach to generating more awareness and ultimately more sales (or customers)…and the measurement tool used is usually based on how many media hits or feature story placements are secured. Without an effective PR strategy the brand is at the mercy of the public, and that’s the worst position to be in. The starting point to developing a formal PR plan is to first understand how it integrates into the marketing communications plan. Besides press releases, which are often misused or overused anyway, there are additional tools to distribute key news and core messages.
Submitting the organization for industry awards and roundups helps to extend credibility from among peers. Ashlee, as a fellow PR professional, you’re already well aware of the misconceptions about what exactly PR is. My question is, how can someone hire a PR professional to help build their business and brand? The misconception is that PR will solve all your problems when the truth is that it’s just another tool in the integrated marketing communications landscape. Actionable marketing gets prospects, customers and the public to engage with your brand and buy from your company in a transparent way that builds trust and relationships. To celebrate, here’s the basic seven step framework of an actionable marketing strategy where your ultimate goal as a marketer or business owner is to get prospects, customers and the public to engage with you and to develop a profitable relationship over time. What does the customer get in addition to the item, sometimes referred to as an augmented product? A combination of distribution and promotion are needed to ensure that your content or promotion reaches its maximum potential audience in a format that they find easy-to-consume including text, photographs, video, audio or PDFs. You must assess your results to determine your marketing’s effectiveness in achieving your intended goals.
Understand that each of these seven elements must be adapted to your specific goals to ensure that you’re focused on accomplishing your business objectives. To celebrate, our 1,000th blog post, we’re running a contest where participants must leave a comment on today’s blog post with a suggestion for future content.

BTW-we’re offering a similar drawing for people who sign up for the Actionable Marketing Newsletter from now until Sunday, July 14, 2013, at midnight EST. Based on Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley.
Tags actionable marketing, Brand, Call-to-action, marketing framework, marketing persona, Marketing Strategy, Metric. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. The objective of this process is to have some prevision over the expenses, investments and potential return on the business.
It is also a recipe for being happy all-year long in trade marketing – a method of planning and working that will allow trade to use just the best ideas in the trade marketing plan.
This requires an intense effort to prove the worth of your own proposals and, for this reason, only the best must be used. This happens simply because the number of actions, when all added up, make the flow of the commercial relationship impractical. As yet, there is no managerial evaluation of the actions, they are just grouped by either channel of category of products to which they refer.
To do this, one needs to know the necessary cost or investment in trade to carry out each of the presented proposals. It is therefore important to use a set of fixed criteria in both the analysis of viability and in that of prioritization.
Each action will possess a type of scorecard that will help the decision-making of those which will go to the final trade plan or not.
Nevertheless, as the capacity of sales to execute many actions in the field is restricted, from the practical point of view, the strategy will only come to realization when the salespeople are capable of executing it together with some client. Here, instead of taking each action, one by one, presenting individual results, all the selected actions are added up in terms of their sales increase, costs and increased profit margins. This work foresees the difficulties of implementation and alternative courses of action, should these obstacles materialize throughout the process of implementing the trade marketing plan. The tip is to create an alternative plan with high-impact-on-results actions and ease of implementation, but which further have a score below the rest in requisites such as strategic alignment and non-financial impacts. Public relations is essentially about crafting and managing the public perception of your brand. In a nutshell, an effective PR strategy is synergistic with the branding strategy and is a perfect companion to your messaging and marketing communications strategy.
An effective integrated marketing communications strategy is multi-layered with PR being one of those layers.
Many PR failures occur as a result of a lack of a cohesive message that resonates with the public.
White papers and case studies do an exceptional job of positioning the company as a thought leader and so do by-line articles and opinion editorials, especially when it’s from the CEO or senior executive.
Measurement shouldn’t rely on just media mentions and news item placements but should also assess tone of coverage, media penetration, and key message exposure. So clients have to first be educated on the PR process and how it should work in cohesiveness with the overall integrated marketing plan. Often times, businesses lack a core messaging strategy, have yet to define their key audience targets, and don’t even know how to tell their own story.
It works across different platforms and devices to create value for the company and the customer. While it may take multiple steps to grow your bottom line, each sale should contribute its share.
This requires developing a marketing persona and a social media persona so that you can tailor your marketing to meet the needs of your audience.
These focus on customers’ interests and help marketers understand where their audience will make purchase tradeoffs. This goes beyond the basic offering and encompasses related information, branding and pricing that sets your offering apart from competitors and near substitutes.

How your organization’s branding is incorporated into your content, advertising, social media or other promotional piece? Since media-format specifics influence creative presentation, you must consider where the promotion is going to be distributed or shared.
The media used should be aligned with your business goals to reach the appropriate target audience. It also known as paid media and refers to aggregated audiences owned by other media entities or companies. Think holistically across the entire marketing process in terms of the four moments of truth. The winner will be selected at random by our webmaster from the list of comments left on this post until Sunday, July 14, 2013, at midnight EST. I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. The final document of this process is a business plan, by brand, category and sales channel, that integrates into the marketing, logistics, production and financial plan that companies submit to their shareholders in Brazil and abroad. Apart from this, it will facilitate the relationship of this area, with all the rest, by showing how to say “No”, without feeling guilty, to any proposal that does not integrate, reinforce or mobilize the strategic incentives of your company’s brands within the trade marketing plan for the coming year. I have heard of cases of companies where a salesperson has had eleven actions in five different categories to present to his interlocutor in a large foodstuff distributor – something really non-viable.
Clearly, one is working with an estimate at this point, and for this, it is important to have agencies that can supply some notion of the costs, before making the proposal in itself.
The brand plan, plans of clients and the capacity of sales executing proposals should be considered. This allows the manager to present an integrated budget proposal (investments and costs) and of the potential increase in sales (which will go toward the commercial target), apart from the potential gains in market share (to be considered in the marketing budget – products). It’s about deploying a combination of communications tactics to continually shape and influence the public. Once extracted from the overall marketing strategy, the PR plan takes on a series of activities to interact with the public and strategically craft the ideal brand perception. Is there any hard news to tell, and if not, how do you craft news out of everyday business operations? Speaking engagements, conferences, seminars, and trade shows also help extend the brand and position the organization and its executives as a thought leader. Start with the basics first; get a sound marketing blueprint going and PR can be implemented to compliment your overall strategy. Also, profitable customers become less profitable so that it’s necessary for businesses to continually acquire new customers, retain their current customers and hopefully reactivate former customers. Be aware that only relying on this data may cause you to overlook other factors that cause individuals to make purchase tradeoffs.
Use the following questions organized around the traditional four P’s of marketing to help develop your offering. They generally reach your prospects and past customers since you have a way to contact them. As such, the prioritization is the key to profitable growth of mass consumer-goods companies. They haven’t quite figured out how to find the sweet spot between brand and audience. Knowing the message and how to communicate it is the key to developing an effective PR strategy.
Further, run tests more than once to ensure results aren’t flukes and understand that factors may change over time. The winner will receive an autographed copy of Social Media Engagement for Dummies by Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliott Smith.

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