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Report has suggested that hardware video game maker Microsoft is set to spend about 500 million dollars in order to provide marketing for Kinect, its Xbox 360 based motion tracking system, which is set to be launched on November 4 in the United States.
A news item in the New York Post says that the company has been working with Steven Spielberg on the pre launch media strategy. The company has been enlisting companies like soft drink giant Pepsi, fast food chain Burger King and cereal brand Kellogg's to help the promotional effort.
Print efforts will also focus on People and InStyle, which are magazines aimed at non gamers.
The huge effort was expected after Microsoft executives repeatedly said that they were treating the launch of the Kinect as a sort of second launch for the Xbox 360, with the stated aim being to extend its life span by about five years.
The device has been criticized for the restrictions it places upon possible players, with a certain amount of space needed so that motion tracking can work properly.
Kinect delivers motion tracking without the use of any physical controller and Microsoft has released a list of 19 video games which will accompany the launch and offers dancing, sports and fitness experiences. Kinect's biggest rival is the PlayStation Move from Sony, which uses a controller and the Eye camera to track the movements of gamers and launched with a smaller bang in the middle of September.
Both Microsoft and Sony hope to attract the more casual audience which has until now been gaming on the Nintendo Wii. For all the buzz about the new Kinect that will ship with the Xbox One, there are remarkably few facts to go around. Has Microsoft caught up on motion accuracy?When Kinect was first introduced, it was the benchmark by which other motion sensitive peripherals were measured. MS seems to be shooting way past game consoles with this launch, to try to take over the living room.
Yeah I see what they’re going for and do like the idea of just having one box to do everything. Your Yamaha Home theater reciever does a better job at switching than a product you have never used or seen an in-depth live demo for?
But if you want to sit down and play the latest Halo, a pair of ski’s bundled with every Xbox would be pretty useless.
I see the future of humanity as a race of obese people, with no muscles as they’ve wasted away. Harry — One difference is that LEAP is currently designed to work at 0-2 meters, so not long range enough for a living room. Yeah, the more I read about the Kinect, the more I think it’s only there to force DRM on gamers. I also don’t like the idea of Microsoft having a giant database of its users faces and addresses. It is not clear to me that Microsoft has sorted out the implications of its policies, as evidenced by the weasel-wording and backtracking on some of these DRM-related issues. This made the marketing executive of Xbox, Aaron Greenberg to step up and assure the fan following that Kinect is indeed here to stay. To clarify this situation, Greenberg mentioned, “We really want Kinect to be a choice for customers. Microsoft met en place avec sa Kinect un systeme nomme « Shopperception » qui permet d’analyser le comportement des consommateurs face aux differents rayons dans les supermarches.
Selon eux, cette methode est beaucoup plus precise que les nombreux sondages deja realises.
Ce systeme permet aussi de mesurer l’efficacite de la PLV des differentes marques presentes. Le concept n’est pas si innovant dans le sens ou etudier de tres pres le consommateur a deja ete fait. However, in an interview with Games Radar, Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft Xbox division, stated that Kinect still has life in it and we can expect Kinect to play a key part in the vision Microsoft has for Xbox One. It seems that the Kinect has had new life breathed upon it, with new updates to take full advantage of the peripheral hardware and it will be interesting to see what this brings to the Xbox One.Phil went on to address why Microsoft decided to change its policy on Xbox One shipping without the Kinect.
Kinect in versione PC aprira nuove porte agli sviluppatori intenzionati a realizzare programmi con nuove interfacce e possibilita d'interazione con gli utenti, utilizzando per lo sviluppo l'SDK gia rilasciato da Microsoft.
Questo range di distanza e quello medio di un utente seduto davanti al proprio PC di fronte al monitor, ma Kinect per PC ovviamente permettera anche l'interazione a distanze maggiori, cosi come l'attuale versione per Xbox.
Rimanete collegati con noi su, vi aspettiamo sempre piu numerosi, segnalandovi tutte le novita dal web.
Sources trumpet its infrared-enabled ability to detect motion in a dark room, for example, but so could the original Kinect.

Then tiny LEAP Motion made headlines last year by claiming 200 times the accuracy of the Kinect.
The commercial gadget won’t be ready until holiday 2014 at least, the tech has to become smaller.
Projecting 100″ light squares for hours on end everyday requires a pretty heavy duty bulb! Hardcore gamers really seem to forget that there are LOTS of children and adults who love using Kinect games like Sports or Adventure. It is also motion+depth only, so it doesn’t do full video or audio the way the Kinect does. During the time I was being fitted for Glass there was more than one occasion where it picked up other people’s voices and thought it should do a Google search for what it heard.
Which lead to the internet circulating with news that Kinect is no more and that the developers have stopped its development. In a statement Greenberg mentioned, “We are absolutely continuing to support Kinect, innovating with Kinect in a different way. The integration will be seamless and Microsoft is making sure the player does not leave the game, and improve efficiency furthermore by giving them the ability to chat and invite friends to parties in-game.
After a year, Microsoft changed their approach and offered a camera as an option for the users, while removing Kinect from the bundle. Ce qui est innovant c’est d’utiliser une console grand public pour realiser une etude marketing ! During the big reveal of their latest home console, it was broadcasted that the Xbox One and Kinect were interlinked, one cannot live without the other, and that Kinect would play an integral part to core game titles, and not just some gimmicky voice control peripheral.
And I want make sure the consumer have choice on how much they value Kinect when they buy a console.
Instead of giving gamers very little in the way of choice (remember that dreaded DRM issue), Microsoft is now allowing gamers to make a choice on whether Kinect is for them, as Sony did from the start. There are genres where Kinect works really well, but if you’re playing Halo or Call of Duty , theres not really a scenario that says ‘Hey I need a Kinect’. It seems that Microsoft is still banking on Kinect being a success, and developers are still supporting Kinect.
It is actually stuffed with suggestions for people who find themselves really interested in that topic, particularly it highly report. In concept I would like to put in writing like this additionally a€“ taking time and precise effort to make a very good articlea€¦ however what can I saya€¦ I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get one thing done.
Oltre all?Italia, il nuovo dispositivo arrivera in contemporanea su differenti altri mercati come gli USA, Australia, Canada, e altri paesi dell'UE.
I’ll be really curious how the TV stuff stacks up in the real world when it meets the cable companies and proprietary set top boxes. Another thing… Is it really that much harder to do a hand motion to control Xbox One, as apposed to leaning over, sometimes getting up to get a remote, holding your arm up towards the TV, pressing the button, then having to put the remote back again?
If you just want a console, and either add Kinect later, or Kinect’s simply not something your interested in, we give you that choice as well”. This new strategy seems to be working, as sales are steadily starting to climb, with Microsoft outselling Sony home console this month in the US.
There is a lot of excitement , and there are still announcements to come about what people are doing with it. What can be taken from Phil Spencer words is that Kinect is not for the core gamer, the one that uses Xbox One to play AAA titles. Your are pretty much all shockingly sugary together with thoughtful involved with many people and in addition studying your web site items is a popular like my. But believe me we’ll hear these articles again and again and we can counter with rational thinking but it will go nowhere.
But, frankly, a lot of people also want a better value and don't want to have to pay for it.
With the price difference of their rival Playstation, and with Sony latest console having their Playstation camera as an optional extra, the once inter-connected Xbox one and Kinect relationship was lost. We will continue to build functionality through voice and using the RGB and depth cameras, and we’ll stay focused on that, but giving the consumer’s choice is pretty critical”. Just look at what some Americans are commenting on the current political issues and you just have to shake your head.
The new Kinect also helps the Xbox One quickly and (at least in the demo) accurately respond to voice commands.

Similarly, Microsoft’s comment that TOF measures the return time of individual photons has been taken out of context and reported as if the Kinect can measure single photons. La conectividad de los usuarios no va a hacer mas que crecer haciendo que la integracion con la tecnologia cada vez sea mayor. A year after its launch, Microsoft started shifting the Xbox One without Kinect, allowing them to be on par with the Sony home console, giving Gamers “the choice of whether to have Kinect or not”. Margaret and that i will need entertainment with your strategies in what we need to do in the future. I think this election has brought out the fact that our educational system is not producing clear thinking individuals. If it works as well in real living rooms, it’ll be a huge improvement over existing user interfaces. In reality, physics makes it impossible to reliably predict the course of a single photon, so any system that tried to measure at that level would be dominated by noise.
They said it runs Windows, so maybe it’ll support VLC, which plays pretty much everything. Una de los campos en el que mas queda por hacer es el de las interacciones fisicas del usuario con la tecnologia.
There are definitely experiences Kinect can make better, dancing games being the obvious choice, and with E3 around the corner, it’s a sure bet that specific Kinect titles will be announced with volunteers making a fool of themselves on stage. A lot of our service may be a mileage long and only place ideas may be offer outstanding apply. A big piece of making that possible is the recognition of individual voices, which should make an unprecedented degree of personalization possible.Time of flight replaces structured lightRather than the coded-light patterns used by the original Kinect, the new version is reported to use direct time of flight (TOF) measurement. In fairness, the gestures demonstrated by Microsoft on stage to control the Xbox One were pretty impressive. I probably won’t play a lot of Kinect, so why should I be complaining about it if it’s not my main draw?
Hablo de realidad aumentada (las famosas gafas de Google), reconocimiento de voz (Siri de Apple y similares), reconocimiento de movimiento y voz (Kinect) y otras que aun quedan por inventar. The Kinect vision , once proudly held by Microsoft, is over and it’s now a mantelpiece for those early adopters. E3 will play a decisive part in determining the life of Kinect, and whether it will play a role in the success of the Xbox One, or whether it will serve as a reminder of the dangers of being an early adopter. However, TOF sensor sites normally take up room that could otherwise be used for traditional visible-light sensing — also crucial for gaming. Se llaman Easy-Code y trabajan para hacer cosas increibles que combinen la realidad con la tecnologia.
Y claro, estar sentado alli cerca hace que te surjan ideas… ?Como podemos usar el Kinect para hacer campanas de marketing?
Assuming the TOF sensor captures data at 30fps (matching the camera), that’s about 60 million bits per frame.
If it records depth in the same 11-bits per sample precision as the original Kinect, that would more than match the throughput needed for a 1080p resolution TOF sensor. If so, it is indeed much higher resolution than the 640×480 depth map of the current Kinect. O un grupo de musica que te invite a bailar y que reaccione segun el comportamiento de los viandantes. I suspect the depth precision has also been improved, perhaps to 12-bits or even 16-bits per sample — to help allow the detection of subtle motions in the Xbox One. Paco, junto a su socio Marcos Prack,  tiene un espectaculo brutal de mapping en el que usa la Kinect para que los usuarios puedan dibujar con el movimiento de su cuerpo. Nada mejor que hacer interactuar, reir y mover a tus asistentes para darle dinamismo a un evento. Imagina entrar en una tienda, te pruebas la ropa, le mandas fotos a tu novia para que te ayude a elegir, lo guardas todo en una carpeta de tu movil o en una cesta virtual para comprarlo desde casa y mil ideas mas que harian salivar al acronimo SoLoMo.

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