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Two years and millions of units later, Microsoft Kinect motion and voice capture and control system for the Xbox 360 is an unparalleled success.
The new, somewhat larger — dare I say boxy -– Kinect is vastly more powerful than the one Microsoft had been selling for $99.
While Microsoft raced through the Xbox One Kinect’s new features during the hour-long unveil, I got a chance to see the new Kinect controller in action and play with it a little bit (even if it was in a very controlled setting).
As part of our tour of the Xbox Scientific Labs, Microsoft took us to a large room where they had set up a not-quite-finished Kinect for Xbox One. Kinect, which uses a combination of local and on-board-the-Xbox-One processing power, can view a room in far more detail than ever before. Ending years of rumors and speculation, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360, on May 21, 2013. Microsoft says the Xbox One is an "all in one" device -- here's how your TV guide looks on it. The Kinect is said to be much improved, capable of detecting subtler body movements, such as rotating joints. The controller got a revamp, too, with dozens of tiny modifications, although the overall shape stayed the same.

Steve Spielberg will be lending his talents to an upcoming live-action TV series based on the Halo franchise. The new installment in the Call of Duty franchise will make use of the Xbox One's hardware to tell a more engaging story, with lifelike graphics. So it came as little surprise that the powerful controller is now an essential part of the Xbox One console that Microsoft will ship sometime later this year. Its size and shape mimicked the one on stage earlier that day, but this one had a white chassis and some black tape on it. As I stood in front of the controller, I saw on the screen a room bathed in a remarkably detailed 3D mesh.
Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect controller isn’t simply measuring your position, action and pulse rate; it’s capturing your mood.
During our demo, since the new Kinect wasn’t hooked up to a game, the controller produced a set of readouts that noted each person's facial expression, whether he was facing the controller, whether his mouth was open or closed, and whether he was speaking. The price will be revealed closer to launch (expected holiday), but the new console has superior processing power, comes bundled with the Kinect sensor and has new abilities for watching TV and movies more conveniently. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
The new human-based physics model helps Kinect not only detect movement, but also tell which muscles are in use and which are relaxed. Using a combination of the color image feed and its Active IR sensor, Kinect can “see” the pulse in your face.

By detecting nearly every detail of your face, the controller knows when you're smiling and when you're bored. Instead of demonstrating this for us, Microsoft showed a canned video of a typical Skype group call.This highlighted a potential limitation of the new camera. My bald head, jacket, belt buckle, hands, fingers, the iPhone in my hand, my ties, the wrinkles in my shirt, every inch of me. On screen, we saw these differences represented as red (stressed) and green (relaxed) muscles. Microsoft demonstrated how the controller can now essentially extract commands in a noisy room. While the demonstration showed most Skype participants sitting very close to the screen (possibly using a laptop or some other Skype-friendly device), realistically, most people using an Xbox are sitting at least 10 feet away from their HDTV screen and, likely, the new Kinect.
With the added 3D capability, the sensor can also measure the force and momentum of your every move. In our demo, the amount of force was represented by larger circles (more force) and smaller circles (less force). But Microsoft didn't rule it out for the future.Despite this canned Skype demo, our Kinect demonstration proved that the earlier on-stage presentation wasn't simply a set of canned demos.

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