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I immediately spotted four critical mistakes that I felt contributed to the page’s less-than-2% conversion rate and offered recommendations for improvements. During the time we worked together the page shown above was transformed into a proper landing page. The page had a scattered focus with numerous calls-to-action and other distractions that would tempt the visitor away from completing the most preferred action.
The form on the page asked for too much information and the copy was written almost exclusively about the company, instead of for the site visitor. In their purest sense, lead-generation landing pages should offer one choice and one choice only – either to take a specific action or to click through the page. I suggested VividBoard do just that: offer one call-to-action and eliminate anything else the visitor could do on the page. If our goal is to have visitors download an ebook and add themselves to the VividBoard list, then all elements on the page should contribute to accomplishing that goal. The original page had so many colors, images, doodads and whatnots that my eye didn’t know where to look first. In order to strategically guide leads to the point of conversion (the form), a lot of clutter needed to be removed. Taking away the navigation bars (top and left side), social media icons and the account manager phone number accomplished this. This way, the purple form below the pink call-to-action gave just enough color contrast in the right places to create a fluid eye path. Have you ever been asked to fill out a detailed form on a website you weren’t familiar with? When optimizing forms for conversions, ask yourself this: What information do we absolutely have to have to complete this step? I know, I know… we want to tell visitors how wonderful we are and why they should choose us. So, after making a few alterations to the original page, what did the revised landing page look like? Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words, a full-service web copywriting agency specializing in conversion-oriented landing pages and SEO copywriting.
It’s nice to find deeper insights that can help you beat already high-performing controls, but simply applying best practices can help smaller businesses go a long way.
Regardless of how poor or high quality the original example might be (yes, it looks like 1999 Geocities), this post tackles something that I encounter every single day: marketers sending traffic to their website, rather than a landing page.
And even for marketers who *know* how to use landing pages, it can often be hard to convince clients or stakeholders that landing pages are needed.
Looks like VividBoard regressed and changed up the landing page to ask for more information from prospects.

Finally after reading your post, I learnt that landing should be simple and beautiful to attract and converts visitors into buyers. It is clear before I even analyse the landing page that it is going to be a click through page.
We shouldn't be "selling" things to one another, we should be sharing our passion for the idea, subject, product or service. I'm all about conversions, but looking at it from the perspective of marketing psychology, instead of quick fixes and easy outs.
Her company had been working on a lead-generation landing page project for some time without seeing the level of success they wanted.
Let me walk you through the simple changes we made to make the leap from 2% conversions to 27% (a 1250% lift!).
After you get the prospect on your list, you can continue to communicate and collect other data.
They are looking for a solution to their immediate problem, not to build a relationship with a company. If the primary purpose of the ad is to attract people who would benefit from the free ebook, the ebook should be mentioned in the headline. Many websites that could benefit from basic conversion optimization advice fall in the category of the site she analyzed : terribly designed websites with messy layouts, conflicting messaging that goes nowhere, bad usability, you name it. The attention ratio plummets when all focus should be on your singular call to action as proven here. Again, you will have heard it a million times before if you have read previous articles of mine. It’s objective is to notify the web user with as much information as possible about Lexus cars. The only way Sainbury’s can make money from this PPC campaign is through getting web users to click through the landing page and start shopping for groceries online. However, as soon as I entered onto Sport Pursuit’s landing page, I am greeted by a pop-up wanting my information. It’s nice to see different types of landing pages so any business can look at their own website and see what fits best for them.
It sometimes good to gain clarity in the type of landing page you are using in your campaign. The fact that the Talia created a landing page that very creatively (via a cute lil puppy and a basket of goodies) indicated the overall message of the website.
We sell dinner plans to one another, movie recommendations, recent art purchases, and travel destinations.
This passion translates into connections, which creates trust, instead of transactions and numbers.

VividBoard, which sells customized dry-erase whiteboard manufacturer, was using a standard web page as a landing page. The landing page copy needed to focus on solving the lead’s problem, not on VividBoard itself. And unless there’s a way for searchers to get the free ebook via telephone, I’d remove the phone number from this ad as well.
This is not just true for landing pages, but also true for any normal web page in my opinion (nav elements notwithstanding).
In this case, Lexus is trying to tell the web user about it’s car range from the wonderful looking concept cars to present day cars for sale.
Therefore, the information on the landing page is only what the web user needs to give them the incentive to click further into the page. Therefore, Sport Pursuit values the information of customers such as email addresses to make them members and provide email marketing to. Creativity in communication is an excellent sign to consumers – that the business is confident enough to be artful.
Although that number really doesn’t matter all that much, the cute lil doggy will basically make your neurons transmit the message smoother. The main picture is on an automatic slideshow helping to pump as much information to the web user as possible. If this was an infomercial, the web user will most likely click away because they will be put off with the amount of information they are receiving.
The majority of lead capture pages do ask for emails so they can email you for special offers etc.
This provides the tip that if you want to give as much information as possible to the web user from a landing page, use an automatic slideshow. With this landing page though, Sainbury’s have used a simple and plain design along with little  information.
Therefore, it will be very useful seeing the different types of landing pages different market leaders are using for their campaigns.
The information they do include is helpful in motivating the web user to progress to the next step and click through.
Below are descriptions of the different landing pages different businesses are using for their landing pages.

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