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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design to raise your conversion rate. Conversion rates can vary widely depending on your industry and business model, but regardless, everybody wants a better one!
Naturally, even if your conversion rate is average for your vertical, a higher conversion rate is better for business. Conversion rate optimization requires time and resources and, if you're doing it right, testing.
When you start thinking about conversion rate optimization, it's tempting to fiddle around with buttons and forms and other low-in-the-funnel design elements that might make or break the sale. With search marketing, increasing your qualified traffic is a matter of bidding on and optimizing for the right keywords. Better keyword traffic data means you can make better decisions about your website and ad copy and better target the right customers. Effectively grouping and organizing your keywords can have powerful effects at every level of your search marketing results, from SEO to PPC to CRO.
The quality of your individual landing pages can also have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. Compelling headline – Create a striking headline that is relevant to your PPC keyword and compels prospective clients to remain on the page to fulfill your desired action. Eye-catching, clickable call-to-action (CTA) – Make sure your CTA button stands out visually, appears clickable and uses short, gain-focused text. User-friendly lead capture form – A good form includes all the fields needed to fulfill your offer, but not so many that prospective clients are visually overwhelmed. Attractive overall design – Landing pages should be clean and uncluttered, which conveys both trustworthiness and professionalism to prospective clients.  Design should also be consistent with your brand in order to prevent a disjointed browsing experience for visitors.
Adhering to these best practices will keep your landing pages relevant and high-quality, which will lead to a valuable boost in both CRO and Quality Score. The ultimate goal of every online marketing campaign is to convert prospects into customers. In this article, I want to share with you 7 effective best practices that you can use to optimize your landing pages and increase the ROI on your online marketing efforts.
If there's only one thing to remember about landing page optimization, this would be it. There are many elements within a landing page that can be tested to improve performance: headline, sub-headline, body copy, buttons (color, shape, and size), bullet points, design, images placement, just to name a few. Adding social proof to your landing pages can substantially increase conversions and sales. You can be sure of one thing: the number of mobile visitors is only going to grow, and fast, so take mobile users into consideration when building your landing pages.
In conclusion, landing page optimization should be a top priority for your online marketing efforts, and it is most definitely an aspect that can make or break your ROI. Whether your landing page bounce rate  is going high or else, your SEO and PPC campaigns have not delivered the number of users as you expected; you need to optimize your landing page at first before taking any other measure. With the changing search trends, impact of new algorithms and of course the variable user behaviours, you need to stay updated with authentic techniques. I’ve collected a bunch of authoritative, definitive, essential and ultimate guides on Landing Page Optimization from best marketing blogs.
While going through the guides above you will develop a better understanding and hands on landing page optimization basics.

And yes, do not forget my collection on Conversion Optimization Techniques, Tips & Tactics. Convert Website Visitors into CustomersYou have more website traffic, but low conversion rate!
Low quality pages – Low quality web pages are the pages which is very less useful for users.
12 Years experience in SEO and Web Development, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing consultant, Web Developer, Author, Blogger and Simple Person. After a few months of collecting conversion analytics, you might start to notice room for improvement. Social sharing icons – This simple little addition can have a big impact on creating a higher converting landing page. Progressive profiling – There is nothing more unattractive on a landing page than an obnoxiously long form.
Unique landing pages – A major benefit of separating landing pages is the ability to segment your traffic and optimize accordingly. As you can see, there are many tactics you can use to improve your landing page performance after its initial creation. What other landing page best practices – beyond the basics – would you share with marketers? In other words, the goal is for the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site to convert, or complete your desired action. Nonetheless, it's more than worth your while to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of website conversion optimization, so you can maximize the chances that a potential customer who arrives at your site from a search engine becomes a qualified lead or a paying customer. All the better if you're targeting high-intent mid-tail and long-tail keywords that indicate a searcher who is late in the buying cycle, as those consumers are more likely to convert.
Your landing page should deliver on the promise of your ad (the call to action) and make it easy for the searcher to complete that action, be it signing up for a newsletter, downloading a white paper or making a purchase.
They also have a positive impact on your Quality Score, which lowers your overall cost per action.
Think about it – a prospective client stumbles across your page as the result of a specific search query. Think carefully about what information is truly necessary to capture as you build your form. Try out WordStream’s free Landing Page Grader to see if your AdWords landing pages are optimized for conversions.
Without a doubt, one of the most important elements in determining the success of an online campaign is the landing page.
Landing page visitors want to know clearly what they have to do in order to complete an online activity, like making a purchase, so be sure to use a strong call to action to direct their attention toward the conversion action you want them to take. From the copy to the design, test everything, and of course, make sure you track every optimization test you run. Testimonials, reviews, case studies, endorsements, demonstrations, references (to print, news, and TV), social networks like Facebook or Twitter, all of the above will add social proof and credibility to your landing pages and will influence people to take action based on what they see. At least for your best performing campaigns, make sure to create a mobile-optimized, app-like version of your landing pages.
By following the 7 landing pages best practices I have outlined above, you will be able to create better performing campaigns and ultimately increase your return on investment for your online marketing efforts. Go through these guides and you will surely have success with your landing page optimization process.

Now I wanted to share some of the grey hat and black hat SEO practices which you should never implement on your website. Cloaking is the act of serving web page(s) to search engine spider different from human visible web page(s). This technique is calles as Automatically generated keyword pages and comes under black hat SEO activities. The comment which has no relation with the post content and context is called as spammy comment. I am an SEO consultant with more than 12 years of experience in SEO, PPC, website designing, development, wordpress development, social media marketing and online marketing. Simply put, it is to convert a website visitor into a lead by capturing contact information in a form. When it comes to landing page optimization, there’s no end in sight.
For example, prospective customers arriving via a 140 character tweet may require a lot more detail before they are convinced by your value proposition. Once you start gathering lead intelligence and analytics, you can start making minor tweaks based on your marketing and sales goals. CRO is quickly gaining in popularity because it's seen as a way to increase profits from sales without raising your advertising spend.
Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to analyze your website traffic, and it is simply a must if you're serious about online advertising. Remember that benefits make sales, not features, so make sure your copy is benefits driven. You have just a few seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your landing page, so make sure that they see what you want them to see right away.
Also skim through Jeremy Said’s guide on How to Analyze Landing Pages to Improve Conversions. If caught your website may face lots of trouble under Google’s panda, penguin or manual penalty.
I am an adwords and google analytics qualified individual, having expertise in digital marketing consultancy. You can practice this by printing out your landing page and passing it around to colleagues.
With progressive profiling, you have control which questions appear on a form based on what you already know about a lead. Alternatively, this is very different to someone who might have clicked through to your page from an email subscription. If they fail the test, perhaps you should cut down on some copy, add more bullet points, or re-word your value proposition so it is more clear. You should include all of the social platforms that are relevant to your target audience, and of course, don’t forget an email forwarding option.
That way, each time a lead fills out a form, you are collecting valuable new information while keeping your forms short and easy.
This enables your prospects to evangelize your content and offers and what’s better than free press in this case?

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