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A clear and concise headline that leaves no doubt about the purpose of your page.  Headlines are the first, and sometimes the only, information potential customers see, so it is important to give them an immediate picture of your company and your purpose. It’s super simple, just a few points, and a form (and this even asks for your phone number.
Today let’s talk about the difference between squeeze pages (directed towards conversion) and ranking pages (that can also convert, but will do so at a lower conversion rate).
The middle third of the page seeks to build trust with the users and gives three important points for what makes KissMetrics different (aka the Unique Value Proposition).
Down at the bottom of the page, you see the clients (big names), as well as having strong calls-to-action again for both the demo, a free trial, and more information. If you’re looking for inspiration for landing pages, allow me to recommend that you look at the landing page examples page on Unbounce, where the guys over there have put together many posts about landing pages that you can take inspiration from.
The multiple user persona model is useful, but the biggest difference I see emerging is multiple device types.
The iphone use is going to have a very different experience, and that will influence how likely they are to take different actions.
They were actually instrumental in helping KISSmetrics convert at a much higher rate (though I’m not sure the current home page was designed by CRE). So it seems that, at least in many strong examples, there really is no dichotomy of SEO vs CRO.
You can have tons of optimized content on your homepage, and not sacrifice a sleek design if you incorporate stylized elements that are clearly marked as expandable (so your not cloaking), and then readers can get as much or as little info from the home page as they care too. For the quick conversion, it’s not distracting, but for the searchers and non believers (and the search bots) it makes for a richer interactive home page experience. I like that you pointed out not everyone is ready to jump right in and use a company’s product or service.
I think that one of the things people don’t understand about the Dropbox model is that they started out using their page as a Minimal Viable Product.
People then actually really liked the product and started to use it and write about it and link to it, which helped their site in SEO. To be fair, I am not sure how many people overall actually used their product because of this page, but because their friend wanted them to use it. You can build organic landing pages that rank, but I would not be sending paid traffic to these pages. Although, one point you didn’t make around squeeze pages, is although they may be great for conversions (those with little content), following your recommendations are best even for a paid strategy due to QS score. If you click the learn more link, you get the full information but the sign up CTA stays top horizontally anchored.
I agree with George that with jquery you can do all sorts of wonders that balance people and spider needs. Though I did enjoy the article, I was hoping for a little more detail on the SEO side of landing pages (more than just add content).
If you want to have a landing page, you need to decide, think and make a plan but before you get started, it is important when you check out examples online.
Bold: It is important to ‘bold’ the keyword and ensure it will appear in the body of text of your page.
Another heading: If you have another heading, it should act as your sub headings that include keywords that are completely related or similar with main keyword.

Links: In showing search engines how your landing page is related to some pages on the internet, placing few links or including references is important. Many companies have forgotten this basic business formula, especially those that deal in internet marketing.
A landing page is a document where your customers “land.” The simple question is, “what do your customers do when they get there?” If the answer is not “buy” or “enroll,” something is not right. When creating a landing page, your goal is to get the information your customer wants to him or her as quickly as possible.
There is an old story about a man in the desert who had been without water for several days. Is this the best ad and landing page based on the intent and buying stage for the key phrase? I would add No Risk to the 30 day Free-Trial on the right hand side of the landing page to continue the information scent from the PPC ad. I also would test whether words like Cancel or downgrade anytime move the conversion scale for Raven.
While that in itself might be the purpose of the campaign I would have bounced if it hadn’t been for your question. The only thing that interested me was that they are taking data from multiple sources and that is a bit more unusual.
When someone can up with a tool that will help me map a path to purchase, identify action points along that path, link pages to each action point and then allow me measure success or failure, then I will be happy to hand over the plastic fantastic. Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & John Quarto-vonTivadar are the inventors of Persuasion Architecture.
It is a page meant to convert someone coming into your site on very targeted traffic, such as through paid search, who is ready to convert. I’m sure they convert well, but when your business is one where customers return a few times to convert, this kind of page will not keep them coming back. Some of them are going to convert, others are going to browse, others are just looking for information. This page is geared towards conversion, to be sure, but it also provides so much value that it will and should rank for its terms. Their main competitors, Asana and Basecamp, both trap their users straight towards conversion without convincing them at all. This will show you whats working and not, and I believe will keep your bounce rate down even if they don’t convert on the first visit.
I think so many landing pages are designed with the minimalist of content, and expected to net tons of conversions without really offering the user more than a form or some quick facts about the company.
They used a video to demonstrate what their product purported to be and to see if people would sign up. I may not know much about CRO, but being a user of a lot of web services, I’m more likely to continually use a product I knew beforehand would benefit me right when I converted than those I vaguely understood. Adding more informative content may decrease conversions – but the decrease in CPC costs will balance this out and you will not be in danger of picking up an account penalty.
I am an entrepreneur and growth marketer in San Francisco, where I live with my wife and our very large black labrador. You can able to attract numerous traffic from search engines which means you have a higher conversion than before.

In addition, do not forget that you need to optimized it for a better results, higher conversions or traffic. No matter how many neat links, videos, and infographics you put up, if your customers leave without buying, your web page is essentially worthless.  This process is known as “conversion”—converting browsers into paying customers, and it is the lifeblood of any ad campaign, website relaunch or other SEO tactics you may use in promoting your business. This could be as simple as a phone number to call for more information or a testimonial by a satisfied customer.Convincing customers that they are doing the right thing by buying from you is the goal of all sales techniques, and this is your chance to shine by showing customers that they are making a good decision with your product or service. The question is, will the desire to see more of Raven outweigh the benefit of showing more of Raven upfront? My company sees offers for tools like this once a week and use other similar brands (SEOmoz, Crazy Frog etc) so this would be a tough sell anyway. The problem is most organizations aren’t built this way, they sit is silos, so it would have been hard for the tools vendors to sell it that way. Pre-mortem Eisenberga€™s Hierarchy of Optimization Scoring Priorities Of course, you cannot start the 3-step process without first creating actionable personas based on qualitative and quantitative data. And the reality is that it’s not going to rank for anything substantial because there is simply nothing useful on the page for the search engines to index and rank.
Historically, these pages have been quite simple, with a bit of content and a simple conversion form. It’s great for very targeted traffic, but you completely lose out on the casual browser, someone looking for some info and doing their research. Sure, they get those ready to convert, but they leave so many potential users on the table. I know CrazyEgg increased a huge number of conversions after they presented more information and lengthened their page.
I think for those who were new to cloud storage back then, Dropbox instantly became a necessity. If you want to have the best landing page for yourself, check out premise landing page examples. The first was a 46-page water-use study, and the second was a piece of paper that said, “Water located six feet down. Namely why would i wish to pay money for a management tool that does not help me manage the real task – which is developing landing pages that match user intent.
For the ones browsing, your challenge is to build enough trust with them to get them to convert. One good example is KissMetrics, run by Neil Patel who is a master of landing pages and conversions (and he builds great products).
It’s so important to design with the specific audience in mind, otherwise, like you said, you can be geared at conversion, but not at building a lot of trust. I am not sure if Podio do the same, but in general, i would never include my landing pages for paid traffic with my organic strategy.

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