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Large dating sites have become a popular target for phishing attacks, demonstrating how cybercriminals shift from bank accounts to other, new targets. Of the 862 PHP scripts Netcraft found, only 8 were designed to steal bank account information. Register in 10 seconds, pick a username, enter your mail address and proof you're human, that's all! At Myce most social media feature are done server side and impose no privacy risk to the visitor when not used.
Switch to the List layout for an index with chronologycally listed news items or Grid layout for a block based layout. The success of your website promotion and marketing initiatives is dependent upon your goals and your carefully planned strategy.
An element of campaign success often overlooked is the landing page your targeted respondents will arrive at by following the link in your ad. The home page of your website is typically designed as a general introduction to all that you offer.
An internal page of your website may contain the specific product or service information promised in your ad but does it speak directly to respondents in the same way that compelled them to click your ad?s link in the first place? It most likely provides a generic description of the product or service or addresses a typical need different from the one in your ad.
A targeted landing page offers you the ability to control, track and report on each element of your campaign. You know that athletes are interested in physical endurance and performance while college students are interested in mental endurance and performance. The content developed also takes into consideration the frame of mind of the person clicking on the link.

Use what you know now about your anticipated respondents, and what you learn throughout your campaign, to craft a targeted landing page that speaks directly to a specific group about why they clicked your link in the first place. Another great benefit of targeted landing pages is the ability to track both user interaction and conversion using tools like Google Analytics.
This is a landing page I designed as a place to drive health care professionals to a more focused message. The internet monitoring company Netcraft found hundreds of PHP scripts on a hacked server, many of them designed to steal passwords of dating site accounts. On most sites a paid subscription is required to make contact with other members and the cybercriminals hope paid accounts look more legitimate. It functions as your beautiful lobby where visitors learn more about reaching the department that interests them. You are able to present a marketing message that takes advantage of information you already know as well as the information you will learn from the campaign over time.
In order to specifically address the differing needs and interests of the two groups, a targeted landing page is developed to receive each one separately. The college student, for example, who wants to overcome his tiredness and do well on his exams, and not give up any time he spends playing games :), clicks on the ad for the energy drink that promises the solution. Solution to enhance physical endurance, solution to enhance wakefulness or mental endurance, etc?. Although not impossible, it is more difficult to conduct this type of comparative testing on the home page or internal pages of your website, particularly where there are CTA’s not specifically related to your ad. By tracking results on targeted landing pages (especially by setting up Goals in Google Analytics) the data you gather is specific to your campaign and not diluted in any way by visitor behavior outside of your campaign. This design incorporates graphic elements of the brand's campaign, but uses them in different ways.

By trying to establish a relationship they try to seduce the other member to pay all kinds of costs for them like for food,  flights or medical treatments.
Hopefully you have presented your content to welcome and guide your different audience groups effectively; however, it is still a general introduction that may not be addressing the specific concern raised in your latest targeted email, AdWords or banner ad campaign. You strategically place your ads on various content sites specifically geared to the different target groups: maybe healthy living and exercise sites for the athletes and popular video and gaming sites for the college students. Highly focused content is developed for each of the landing pages that clearly confirms to the user the reason why he responded to the ad and clicked on the link in the first place.
He arrives at a landing page that acknowledges how he feels, accepts his need to engage in these targeted activities, and demonstrates how the energy drink is the solution to his pain.
This concentrated data can be used to make adjustments to improve your overall results and increase your ?return on advertising spend? (ROAS). Pour couronner le tout, ce theme WordPress est livre avec un systeme de gestion de la page d’accueil. Email is the best way to get in touch with me and I'm always up for chatting over a cup of coffee. Once they are on the fake site, the scammers ask them to login and then steal the username and password.
The landing page speaks directly to the specific pain identified in your ad that prompted the user to respond.

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