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Tiger House Films is a Los Angeles production company specializing in professional film production, television production, fashion video production, music video production and commercial production.
Sony offers groundbreaking 4K live production solutions which bring powerful benefits to HD live productions. Even if you have no near-term plans to distribute 4K material, Sony 4K brings powerful benefits to your current HD live productions. The Sony PMW-F55 has amazed cinematographers with 360 frames-per-second Super Slow Motion in HD. Imagine a pair of stitched high 50 yard line cameras with a combined horizontal resolution of 8K and fixed coverage from end zone to end zone. Sony 4K live production offers full compatibility with SMPTE fiber connections, full operability with familiar Sony camera control units, the full assortment of live camera connections, and full color shading with Sony RCP and MSU control panels. Lower costs, increase control and maximize uptime with Sony, a leader in Professional Services.
Since 1970, Sony Training Institute, the industry education leader, has trained thousands of video professionals like you on the latest service technologies and production techniques. Cameras - Production products are serviced in both our Eastern and Western Services Facilities. You competitors are using them, your SEO guy says “you need them” and the Marketing department are calling for them. Press Play to Watch Our Vlog on Landing Page Videos Landing Page Videos :The Most Powerful Video you can put on each of your webpages. Press Play to Watch Our Vlog on Video Content For Authority Why Video is One of the Best Ways To Build Your Authority G’day I’m Josh and welcome to RCM’s video production tips, hints and information. In this edition of RCM’s video production tips, hints and information, we’re looking at Logo animations.

You’ll discover why this is one of those features that you can add to your Video Marketing that is almost guaranteed to lift the perceived quality of your brand– to make it seem like a million bucks for a relatively small investment. This page aims to give you quick and accurate descriptions on some of the production equipment we use when creating our videos. In this edition you’re going to find out about the incredibly handy portable green screen studios…what they are, how they work and some of their cool benefits. Today, I’m going to answer a common production question I get asked, by many of my clients, plus open up the floor for you to send in any questions you might have and I’ll answer them in upcoming video blogs.
To help deliver a consistent high quality, we do all the design, print and finishing processes in-house. Don’t take our word for it - trust our list of long-term clients who are benefiting from our tailored, intelligent solutions every day. Imagine a pair of stitched high home plate cameras yielding 8K coverage from the left field corner to the right.
Hailed for its resolution, colorimetry, modularity and sensitivity, the Sony PMW-F55 is a landmark in camera technology. This effectively converts the PMW-F55 to a live production camera, with a SMPTE fiber interface and a full set of connections for audio, tally, prompter and more. With full 4098 x 2160 resolution, this monitor is ready to display your 4K signal with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. This vital link "debayers" the PMW-F55 image into 4K baseband video, downconverts 4K to HD, performs HD cutout (with the SCZ-2001 software, sold separately) and enables 360p Super Slow Motion (with the SCZ-2002 software, sold separately). Stand-out performers everywhere from news to sports to entertainment, these switchers support 4K cuts and fades when properly configured.
In addition to offering production and post production courses taught with entirely digital or a mixture of digital and analog equipment, Sony Training Institute provides workshops designed specifically to put you on the right track in your transition to digital.

You know you need to get videos made…for your website, for YouTube, for that next big launch.
You get gorgeous high-quality HD video with 4X slow motion using Sony's BPU-4000 baseband processor, SCZ-2002 software and PWS-4400 server. And our Sony PWS-4400 server can capture your production in full 4K glory, preserving all the excitement for generations to come. And we are working to enhance these switchers with a suite of 4K digital effects in the near future. Using the CA-4000 camera adaptor and BPU-4000 baseband processor, the PMW-F55 connects to Sony's principal HD camera control units, remote control panels and master setup units. The adaptor includes color correction and neutral density filters, a lens support bracket, plus a 12-pin connector for lens power and control. These videos convert more than any other you can place on a website and that’s simply because they are tailor made to the viewer and to the page. We can help you impress your customers with posters and banners, pop-up displays for indoor and outdoor use and POS advertising. Sony 4K also expands your creative options, with full-resolution HD cutout, pan and zoom from 4K; 360p Super Slow Motion in HD and even two-camera stitching for stadium-wide coverage.

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